Arthritis remedies

7 Must-Try Arthritis Remedies at Home

The philosophy that arthritis is only associated with the old folks alone is entirely misleading.

Facts backed up by recent data from studies indicate the ratio of adults verses children is on the rise.

In the survey, 50 million adult Americans, as compared to 300 thousand children are said to be affected by the condition.

But what is arthritis? The disease is generally made up of a couple of conditions that cause inflammation of the joints and cause pain as well.

The condition is further subcategorized into an exhaustive list of over 100 types with common ones being Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA) caused by inadvertent attacks of the joints and other body parts by the immune system.

Osteoarthritis is also common, a degenerative type that increases the friction between joints causing extreme pain and swelling.

Both the two may lead to uncontrollable severe inflammation. Although arthritis of any kind can cause severe pain, there are some lifestyle adjustments and homemade remedies that may work in hand with medication to counter symptoms.

Here are the best you can get:

Iyengar Yoga

This specific yoga practice which become popular in the 1960’s primaries in anatomic alignments through prop body support, and good practice for those willing to relieve body tensions and reduce joint inflammation.

A study that lasted 30 days shows that those who participate in the Iyengar yoga have a massive improvement in general body health, moods and the ability to cope with pain.

For effective results, people living with arthritis are encouraged to take part at least twice a week.

Massage Based Therapy

Body massage is a prevalent yet available practice for people with arthritis. Data pulled from the arthritis foundation suggest that frequent massaging and body relaxation can help reduce arthritis-related pain.

When massage is conducted two things take place. The nervous system responds positively to massage therapy, causing the body to relax, which is an emotional benefit and at the same time, reacting mechanically due to the physical effects of pressure applied to the body’s soft tissues.

Both effects bring about the relaxation of muscles and body joints and have the capability to sooth pain. So, frequent massage has both emotional and physical benefits for arthritis persons.

Calciferol (Vitamin D) Remedy

A pilot study conducted in 2016 shows that People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) tend to have lower levels of vitamin D and frequently become vulnerable to disease activity and grow weaker than those without the condition.

As a result, taking diets rich in vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium would better their health. Although the studies were brief, it was concluded that taking vitamin D supplements alongside other treatments helps to combat the severe symptom of arthritis.

Foods rich in the vitamin include; egg York, beef liver, fatty fish like salmon and cheese.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice where small needles are inserted in the skin at a particular acupoint of the human body.

The aim is to stimulate the connective tissue, nerves and the body muscle in general by improving the rhythmic blood flow, a therapy that triggers the body to release natural painkillers.

The practice is beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Ti-Chi Therapy

The benefits of the gentle flowless movement generated by the ti-chi practice have led to the arthritis foundation releasing a Tai-chi DVD specifically for people with arthritis.

The remedy, which not only increases the motion functionality of the body but also eases pain is an efficient way that can be practiced in your living ensemble with the aid of the DVD production.

Meditation and deep breathing are also a significant part of the practice which promotes the general well-being of the body.

Weight Loss Remedy

Excess body weight exerts more pressure on the already painful and swollen joints of people with arthritis.

To maintain a healthy body, you will need to choose healthful diets and combine them with regular physical exercises.

Diets derived from lean proteins, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains and fruits tent to be effective when losing weight.

A low-pressure combo exercise per day works better when losing weight in arthritis-related situations.

Arthritis Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can be much resourceful than you may think. They provide numerous ways and suggestions on the best body positions, to reduce body strains and pressures over swollen joints. They are also knowledgeable on the best assistive devices such as orthotics, splints and braces which make everyday movements more comfortable.

Arthritis is a progressive disease, and for a long time without treatment it can cause severe damages to the body and joints to be specific. It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor if you experience the symptoms in any of the joints. It is also more advisable to talk with the doctor on the best remedies to choose alongside medication.

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