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Scentsy warmers are amazing – how to make them at home?

Scentsy warmers are the scents that will calm you down. They can relax you to the point where you won’t want to have a conversation with anyone, clear your mind of any worries and eliminate the stress that you might be experiencing.

Scentsy warmers are products that have different scents that are marketed to help you relax, focus, unwind, or get rid of some stress.

If you are not having an enjoyable time and are having problems getting through your day, it might be time to consider these products.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on them either. There are many options out there that you can choose from. You can purchase them online or at your local store. This will allow you to find the right products for you without any restrictions.

Instead of purchasing the same product over again, it makes sense to use one that has a different scent every once in a while. You can try many different scents and choose one that is a better fit for you.

What’s even better, is that you can make your very own scentsy warmers at home.

Can you make Scentsy warmers at home?

The answer is: yes, you can, but it may not be the easiest process in the world.

What most people do is use a double boiler to melt down the coconut oil and then simply whisk that mixture together with a little extra liquid.

They then just pour that concoction into the applicator pan of the Scentsy bottle, and presto, there’s your scented coconut spray!

However, using scented products yourself is a lot less complicated than this. What you’ll need is a double boiler, some large spray bottles, and some scented oils.

How to make Scentsy warmers at home?

You can create your own scent, by combining different scented oils together. This will give you a unique scent, that you can call your own.

After you have got everything set up, simply heat the bottom of the double boiler to a temperature that suits you – it needs to be well above the boiling point of water, and have no chance of boiling over.

Once it’s at this temperature, pour in a few drops of your chosen scented oil into the hot steam. Keep stirring it, and it should begin to foam quite quickly.

The fact that you’re adding water to the top of the oil means that you can force the foaming out of the bottle without ruining the product.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can now spray the oil right out of the bottle, so keep stirring!

Once the oil begins to foam, you’ll need to turn off the double boiler, and then place the bottle in the cupboard for a few minutes. This is so that the steam from the bottom of the cupboard can reduce the temperature of the bottle to the boiling point of water, and so that the scent is released all the way through the bottle.

When using scented oils and liquid soap, it’s always best to pour in about half a cup of the soap base into each container, to make sure that the liquid base is mixed in properly.

It’s a good idea to try and mix in one part palm oil and two parts vegetable oil – that way, your soap will contain very little saturated fat, and therefore very little fragrance.

Always pour the oil-to-soap ratio at about the same time as you pour the liquid soap, and be sure to pour the oil-to-soap ratio about a third of the way through the ratio.

While you’re mixing the oils and liquid soap, you can also make yourself a good batch of scented lotion, which you can use to create an organic body wash.

We strongly advise against using an oil-based lotion to create body wash, since it’s often difficult to determine exactly which oils will be suitable.

This scentsy warmers at home plan really is a great project to try if you’re looking for a fun, easy project to do, and you get to create a ton of different items, plus your body will love it!

If you don’t like the traditional scents, you can create your own scent with some essential oils. The products include tea tree oil, lavender, vanilla, and clove, which come in different types of oils.

However, a small investment in a double boiler and the equipment to heat up the liquid soap is going to be worth it to ensure that you are using only fresh ingredients when making the bars because your finished product will be guaranteed to smell amazing!

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