How to get perfect Kendall Jenner Lips naturally?

Beautiful Lips are a major contributing factor in your looks

Do you want to get perfect Kendall Jenner lips?

Kendall Jenner is a really successful Model, businesswomen

You can make your lips as beautiful as Kendall Jenner Lips, if you follow proper guide and tips

Drink plenty of water every day to boost moisture in your skin

Water helps you in retaining the moisture in your skin

Use rose water on your lips in the morning to moisturize them

Rose water has major healing properties and helps in natural color of lips

Always remove makeup and lipcolor before going to bed

Cosmetics if left for a whole night can reduce the glow of your skin. So it's better to remove makeup before sleeping.

Always use moisturizer after bath and do not let your lips dry

First thing you need to do after taking a bath is to moisturize your lips and body.

Do not eat or drink too acidic or too basic content to prevent your lips

Too much chemical in food or drinks can affect your lisp health.

Use a mixture of almond milk and rose water once a week on your lips

Almond and Rose water are really good for your skin, can help your lips look like Kendall Jenner Lips