Candida — how to prevent its development

Candida is a growing problem present in the world of today, as well as in the United States, because of the increased use of highly processed food and food items with sugar added.

This health issue most commonly is seen in those who have taken a lot of antibiotics or extremely strong antibiotics, those who have weak immunity, who are taking corticosteroids, have diabetes issues, women who are pregnant, and those who have consumed sweets or food items that contain lots of yeast.

Candida symptoms

Intestinal candida can be seen as an increase in gas production in the stomach nausea frequently bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea, a greater desire for sweets, and Itching on the tongue. Itching found in the mouth is identified by the white deposits that appear on the tongue, as well as changes in taste in the mouth. When vaginal candida is present and white, cheesy saliva and itching may be observed.

How do you avoid candida?

Below are some ways to avoid candida growth and candidiasis

  • Choose foods that aren’t suitable for the growth of candida. Many of the food items that we consume in our daily lives are loaded with sugar along with refined ingredients as well as additives. Beware of these food items and increase the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and foods high in fiber.
  • Consuming one or two fresh fruits per day(except for extremely sweet fruits such as mango, grapes, and watermelon) is permitted. Dry fruits, sweetened fruit juices, canned fruit and melons should be avoided.
  • Avoid eating food items made of white flour(white bread and cakes, pastries biscuits, cookies pasta) white rice and peeled potatoes. Whole wheat flour, when consumed in moderation, may be consumed along with potatoes that have the husk, brown or integrated rice, whole pasta (available at large and health food stores) grocery store ) and integral desserts.
  • Eliminate food items which contain fungi like yeasts for baking and brewing and baker’s products containing yeast, as well as mature cheeses and cheeses with mold. Also, peanuts and mushrooms must be eliminated.
  • Dairy products shouldn’t be avoided unless there’s an allergy to dairy products. Drinks containing acidophilus or yogurt with probiotic cultures are advantages over cheese and milk.
  • Beware of vinegar, mayonnaise mustard, salad dressings soy sauce, ketchup pickles and pickled foods.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and limit the use of strong teas and black coffee to an absolute minimum.
  • Intake more essential oils, particularly omega-3 acids(fish oils and sea fish like mackerel, salmon within oil, and sardines oil and so on.). If these foods aren’t being used up enough, then you must consider supplements, i.e., omega 3 acids in capsule form.
  • Make use of organic remedies instead of commercial ones to rid yourself of parasites and fungi. Utilizing some regular drugs can cause an increase in development of Candida.
  • Make sure you are in a dry area, since candida’s growth is influenced by moisture.
  • Learn to manage stress. Stress can have a negative impact in the system of immunity, and can be one of the primary reasons for weakening the immune system, which leads to the growth of candidiasis. Regular exercise can strengthen the body as well as the immune system, and is an excellent way to reduce anxiety.
  • Avoid birth control pills as well as the excessive use of antibiotics and corticosteroids.
  • Use antifungal supplements like aloe vera cloves and garlic that can stop the expansion of Candida.
  • See a doctor if notice any discomfort and think you might have a Candida infection.

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