Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Table of Contents Why do hemorrhoids appear?How can I get rid of hemorrhoids?Garlic, excellent fighting hemorrhoidsMake a spinach pasteIce, instant reliefConsume more fibreApply a potato compressUse the “sitz baths”Tomato, another anti-inflammatoryTIPS TO AVOID HEMORRHOIDSAvoid constipationWalk a lot and very oftenDrink a lot of water One of the taboo diseases, but at the same time one […]


Table of Contents CAUSES OF URINARY INFECTIONSYoung womenYoung menMen over 50 years oldHOME REMEDIES FOR URINARY ROUTE INFECTIONSTake drinks with blueberries and blackberriesSodium BicarbonateDrink more water than normalTry oregano essential oilAvoid drinks that can irritate the bladderElevates the consumption of vitamin CConsume diuretics Each year, visits to the doctor due to urinary tract infections are […]

home remedy for anti aging

Table of Contents HOW ARE WE GETTING OLDER?HOME REMEDIES TO ELIMINATE WRINKLES AND LOOK YOUNGERTHE OLIVE OILTHE EGG WHITESHONEY, A MAGICAL FOODPINEAPPLEAVOCADOTIPS TO PREVENT AGING It doesn’t matter that ageing is a natural process of the body! Nobody, I repeat, nobody likes to have wrinkles, grey hair and children start calling you “sir.” But the […]