How to Toothbrush Effectively? Must to Know

How can it be that I, an adult, do not have the knowledge to utilize my toothbrush properly? Before I knew the facts below I thought exactly the same! Nowadays, there are many ways to use the toothbrush, which even without realizing it could affect your teeth. For instance, I have met many people who … Read more

Oxygen Concentrator for Patient with Low Blood Oxygen

One of the most common chemical element in the crust of the Earth is oxygen(chemical name O). It is also a significant part of 21 percent of earth’s atmosphere. Its appearance has influenced the evolution of multicellular organisms, and humans too. Even with abundance of oxygen, sometimes patient face a low blood oxygen situation, in … Read more

Why is hand hygiene important?

Proper and regular hand washing is a good, simple and correct way to stop the spread of many infectious diseases that can be transmitted by unclean hands. These can be the classic cold, flu, contagious jaundice or infections that are caused by ingesting unclean food or water. The merit of dirty hands in the spread … Read more