Claustrophobia and Opposite of Claustrophobia

This blog post will have knowledge of claustrophobia, what is the condition of claustrophobia, what causes claustrophobia, claustrophobia symptoms, claustrophobia treatments, and the opposite of claustrophobia. Introduction Claustrophobia is a common phobia and a health disorder. About 12.5% of the world’s population is suffering from claustrophobia. Here are the most common symptoms of claustrophobia. Read … Read more

What is Water Fasting? Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is gaining a lot of popularity around the world as the number of people who are benefitting from fasting is growing rapidly. Fasting and waster fasting is a popular belief among Indians for more than 5000 years. For them, fasting is a way to connect to god, and they consider this spiritual. But this … Read more

How to Make Sea Moss Gel + Benefits

Sea moss is a natural ingredient renowned for its ability to detoxify, protect, and rejuvenate the body. Read on to discover the amazing benefits of sea moss and how to make sea moss gel? Introduction Sea moss gel is an essential household and natural ingredient that is frequently used around the world in cosmetics, skincare, … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms At Home

Dark underarm is a symptom of acanthosis nigricans. This skin disorder typically occurs in people who have an underlying medical condition, like diabetes or obesity. The darkness itself is not usually a cause for concern or related to any medical condition. Women are more serious about the dark skin areas that develop in their underarms … Read more