Homemade Dog Repellent Remedies That Work

Apart from being your best domestic friend, they can be a real pain for homeowners. They damage the lawn, feed from anywhere, dig holes around and have the potential to destroy property.

We are not referring to wild raccoons and jitters; this time is the dogs. Whether lost or strolling around for new scenery, property owners ought to be vigilant as dogs can become a great concern.

Apart from digging holes and uprooting your entire vegetable garden, the dog’s urine can turn a well-kept lawn into an unsightly dry spotty patches playground.

This is due to the nitrogen component in it. So, using dog repellent can save you a big mess. But before you make a choice, it’s essential to understand that conventional commercial dog repellents can have effects on the vegetation in your property.

So, an alternative option would be to switch to self-made repellents at home. However, a careful selection is advised as some could turn to a welcoming party for other jitters and crawlers like rodents.

However, here are some excellent dog repellents and a thorough examination is required to choose what works better:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Numerous commercial dog repellents have apple cider vinegar as a component of their being. Canines dislike the strong smell of apple cider vinegar. While you could use the same to come up with a self-made dog repellent at a moderate cost.

To use this remedy, mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of apple cider vinegar. The strong concoction should be placed in a spray bottle and mist-spray in the area of concern.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus has a strong repel to canines as well could be a bonus to keep aphids and ants away from your vegetation. Apparently, there are numerous ways you could use this remedy to keep dogs at bay.

  • Mix fresh citrus juice with lemon zest and spray it to the designated area.
  • Using citrus essential oils, you can easily keep canines away by spraying on the furniture, sits, and stray routes.
  • Cutting into pieces a variety of citrus fruits like lime, oranges, and tangerine, then placing them pervadingly on the garden. Alternatively, this remedy could work on both sides. You could blend a sweet home juice with the fruits and spread the peels to the garden as well. Citrus peels work wonders for dog repellents.

Chili Pepper Remedy

Like in most animals, chilli is irritating. This is no different when used as a repellent for dogs. In fact, a greater percentage of organic doc repellents in the market use chillies as a component; this is a common one and can be made at home.

Dogs find chilli irritating mostly in sensitive areas like the inner lining of the nose. Ground chilli pepper powder, when sprinkled in the desired area, will deter canines from visiting again. As a precautionary measure, chilli can irritate sensitive areas of the human body, and handling it with care is strongly recommended.

Ammonia Repellent Remedy

Ammonia has a strong scent for humans, as for dogs, it’s a sharp blow on their nostrils. This is why certain types of dog repellents contain ammonia.

For effective results, place a cotton ball soaked in ammonia on a container around the area of concern. Also, as a precaution, ammonia may damage your lawn and vegetation if directly poured on the ground.

Ground Coffee Granules

Dogs, in particular, tend to have a repel to the aroma of coffee. You might have noticed that during one of your coffee brewing sessions.

This is a favorable one to try.Instead of throwing up your used coffee granules after brewing, dry them up, and generously spread them into the area of concern. This remedy works like a charm when sprinkled on the open garden.

Cayenne Pepper Spray

Cayenne pepper is an ingredient from the Afro-Asian cuisines and its probably available in your next-door storefront.

Cayenne pepper is no ordinary spice- to double up the heat enough to keep pesky dogs at bay, use the ratio 1:10 as in cayenne to water.

Then half fill a spray bottle and spray to the desired area. It is also essential to know that cayenne can be quite irritative and especially to the throat, eyes, and nose of humans. So, inappropriate ratios could potentially hurt your dogs.

Cayenne pepper is also popular in potpourri dog repellents, and quickly you can come up with yours at home.

A quick wild recipe for the assortment would include crushed cayenne pepper, mixed herbs, and an assortment of flower petals.

In a decorative salad bowl, place the mixture and settle it at the area of concern. The melange will not hurt your dog, but rest assured they won’t wander around either.

The choices are endless, and it’s really up to you to choose what works best with your home setup.

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