Natural Remedies for Cat Allergy

Animals can be family members to us, and it’s very common to have a cat and dog, especially in the United States of America. So where animals and human beings will stay together, then there will be some diseases and allergies related to them. Pasteurella, salmonella, Bordetella are diseases to humans whereas there are some allergies too.  The cat allergy gets stored on the membrane of the eyes and nose. Due to this membrane becoming swollen, red, water starts coming from our eyes. Also, these allergies can be of two types, first where a person has an allergy from only one breed and the other is where the person has an allergy from all types of pet.

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The allergy from a cat depends upon the immune system of the person. A person who has a cat allergy has very sensitive skin. The people who have these types of skin get difficulties in breathing also their lungs get infected from the allergies. Asthma patients can face more difficulty from allergies. Some people may get rashes on their skin as well as their throat.

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Allergies can be from the dandruff of cats, when their hair stays onto your skin for a long time, if they sneeze on you then you have a high chance of getting infected. Some allergists also suggest that a dog that tends to keep its ko throughout the year may be better off allergy sufferers. Factors suggest better position might make frequent bathing more feasible.

Being in regular contact with cats can directly affect your immune system. The symptoms of cat allergies are:-

  • Discharge of nose
  • Swelling in eyes, nose
  • Cough and cold
  • Itchiness in nose, eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

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Home remedies for cat allergy are

  1. As we read above that the immune system plays an important role in cat allergies. Immune system is a large network of organs, white blood and chemicals. This system works together to protect you from foreign invaders such as bacteria virus parasites and fungi that cause infection illness and disease. Foods like blueberry, dark chocolate, oily fish, broccoli, sweet potato, papaya gives more immune to your body. This will make you fight from the allergies of cats and dogs.
  2. Wash your hands frequently because many people touches your pet, so sanitize your hands and wash it regularly.
  3. Give cat allergy vaccination regularly to your pet.
  4. Use extra moisturizing eye drop.
  5. Restrict cats from rooms where reduced exposure is desired.
  6. Whenever possible, replace carpet with smooth flooring is example wood, tile. As carpet is the primary reservoir of allergens in the home. It has been found as carpet contains 13 times more cat allergens than smooth floors.
  7. Allergic individual should avoid cleaning and vacuuming themselves or wear a disposable dust mask to prevent the pet allergens. After cleaning, it will take a few hours, virgins released into the air to settle back onto the surface.
  8. Vacuum regularly at least once a week with a good vacuum cleaner that has a high content of hepa filter to prevent the outflow of the contents including that have been swept up.
  9. Even laundering, bedding, and other possible items use high temperature and detergents, they also help in removing more allergens.

Following these simple steps, you can definitely get relief from cat allergy.

There is no guarantee that someone who is truly allergic to pets will tell it living with a dog or cat if you are thinking about getting a pet but are concerned about allergies, consider trying it out on a trial basis you can also begin allergy treatment before getting a pet, including allergy short such as for cats.  

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