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The smell of your body is something that many people are worried about due to the fact that it causes numerous discomforts and can hinder the ability to communicate and perform. This issue isn’t only caused by sweat glands. Sometimes it can also be a sign of a variety of health issues. Body odor can be a signal from your body for a particular weakness or lack of a particular compound in your body.

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The smell of your body can originate from any body part The most common areas are the respiratory tract armpits, the mouth, or the the genital region. If you awake with an unpleasant smell or a smelly underarm after exercising it’s perfectly normal.

However, the smell emanating from your body could be a sign that you are experiencing problems with your health. In this case, you must never ignore it and should be monitoring the situation more carefully.

There are a variety of ailments can create body odor from liver, skin and kidney problems, the genital area and sinus infections, hyperthyroidism digestion problems and stress for prolonged periods of period of time.

In the event that the smell in your body is the result of health issues, it will be completely eliminated by thorough treatment. But, some natural solutions can help eliminate the smell in certain situations. In other situations this can be a great way to eliminate the unpleasant smell of your body.

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Here are five easy solutions to eliminate body odor that can remove body odor:

Lemon helps to reduce body smell

This substance is commonly employed to treat body odor caused by increased sweating. Citric acid found in lemons is able to block and limit the activities of fungi and bacteria that live on your skin.

Particularly lemon works extremely well with body odor that emanates from the skin folds. The most common area to notice includes the armpits, groin, or cleft of toes and fingers.


  • Shower and cleanse the body using fresh soap and water.
  • Cut a lemon the lemon in half. Rub lightly on the skin.
  • Pay particular attention to areas of skin that have folds
  • Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes then wash using water, and then dry it with a soft towel

Do not use this technique on skin that is hurt and open wounds as well as the skin that is inflamed. Since the acid contained in lemons may cause lesions to become more severe.


If the body smell is a result of the breath and mouth and breath, then using peppermint to eliminate the smell is the best solution. Peppermint is a great amount of essential oil methol and has a great deodorizing capabilities. Additionally the micronutrients found contained in this product also help fight off bacteria and are anti-inflammatory powerfully.

Peppermint can be used by itself or along with different ingredients in order to increase its efficacy. Peppermint by itself is the most straightforward and frequently used method.


  • Make some peppermint leaves ready to clean with salt water.
  • Do not take it in right away. Stir in your mouth for around 5 minutes.
  • Inhale it and then swallow it to eliminate the smell inside the throat.

Fenugreek seeds

The ingredients found in fenugreek seed are antioxidants. It is effective to eliminate toxins from your body, as well as preventing infection and prevent the spread of odors.


  • Make 1 teaspoon. of fenugreek seeds , diluted in boiling water.
  • Allow for approximately 6 – 7 hours, then drink the tea every day.


It is also a simple method to aid in reducing body odors that are caused by numerous ailments. Sage is made up of a variety of flavonoids, including diosmetin, apigenin, luteolin as well as others.

Sage is believed to possess many beneficial properties, including diuretic, detoxification, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is a rich source of phytoncides, vitamin compounds and others.

The leaves and flowers of sage can be used to make a decoction or mix into bath water to eliminate sweat odor. However, drinking is more commonly utilized.


  • Do you need a few the sage leaves or some flowers
  • Rinse and decoction with 33.8 Oz. in water till the liquid has receded by half.
  • Divide into 3 doses / day.

If you are using sage to make a drink it is recommended to consult your physician and pay attentively to the body’s reactions. Because of the large amount of bioactive ingredients in it, it could cause negative side negative effects.

Green tea

Green tea has high amounts of tannins and organic acids that are similar to sage. Because of this, it is the result of slowing sweating and also preventing the development of bacteria. It is possible to make green tea juice on a regular basis to get the most effective outcomes.

Additionally to women with an odor of the area of the genitals, this is the best solution. Green tea is a powerful antibacterial properties that can aid in preventing and eliminate pathogenic bacteria within the genital region.


  • A few green tea leaves
  • Rinse thoroughly with salt water, then boil in 33.8 Oz. of water.
  • Make use of it to wash the genital area each day.

I hope that the five simple body odor solutions are helpful for you and can help you and your loved ones eliminate the smell.

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