Home Remedy for Stretch Marks in Body

A majority of women suffer from this issue at some time in their lives. It can happen to males too. This is because of the growing of the flesh within your body, which grows at a rapid rate. Stretch marks in pregnancy are quite common in women. We present to you effective home remedy s for stretch marks at home.

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I’ve learned from my personal experiences about how painful and unattractive it is to have the spots of purple that appear upon the body.

A while ago, I was suffering from stretch marks on the areas of my shoulders and legs. There was a point at which I felt uncomfortable to remove my dress to go out in public.

Contrary to what the majority of people believe, males aren’t the only ones who suffer from stretch marks. They are only visible in areas such as the shoulders and lower back.

The most troubling part is that, regardless of the age of an individual, stretch marks can appear at any time.

It has led to the majority of patients seeking medical treatments and not recognizing that while they can eliminate stretch marks, they also contain a range of chemicals that can affect more than just your overall health.

In this article, we’ll look at the causes of stretch marks and also natural solutions to rid yourself of them.

Let’s start!

Causes of stretch mark

The most important reason is a sudden increase in volume.

The skin is very flexible and is able to adapt to the burden of our bodies.

But, if the stretch is extensive and takes only one or two minutes, the outer layers of the skin will break.

The crack is visible in the outer layer , revealing visible stretch lines.

This is the most likely reason, but there are different possibilities for the cause, for example:

Family Tree

The elasticity and resilience of skin is controlled in large measure by genes.

Hormonal changes

For example, it is the rate of growth that accelerates that occurs in puberty.

Ethnic group

Black people tend to have fewer stretch marks.


Stretch marks are evident in the sub-umbilical region as and the umbilical region with a 50 percent rate and 90 percent in 90% of women who are pregnant..

Physical exercise

In some cases, muscles may be built up through intense training and stretched skin can result in stretch marks.


The deficiency of hydration in the skin leads to a reduction in the flexibility.


Personal circumstances may alter the level of oxygenation in cells and cause negative manifestations on the skin.

Once we’ve identified the cause, We can then determine the most efficient ways to remove those stretching marks.

Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks

Aloe vera

This plant is well-known for its extraordinary properties!

Aloe vera helps regenerate your skin tissue. The only thing you need to do is pull the gel from the leaf, then rub the affected area, and then allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes. After that, wash it away with warm water.

It will be apparent that after just a few weeks, the marks will appear less noticeable!

Apricot Mask, as well as Oil

This is among the absolute finest!

Apricot is a great exfoliating fruit that help fight areas with the most issues.

Take 2 apricots out of the fruit along with the seeds.

Then, you can grind the fruit until it becomes a smooth paste, then put it in the areas that are marked with stretch marks for 15 minutes.

Then, wash it off using warm water. Repeat the procedure for the next 30 days.

Also, there is Apricot oil. It is applied on your stretch marks. It’s done!

Lemon and Cucumber Juice

It’s a fantastic alternative to apply directly on stretch marks as well as marks and cuts, but without affecting the appearance. It is believed that the huge quantity of vitamin C can be used to aid in the process of creating collagen and, this, improve the appearance of skin when there are stretch marks already.

Simply mix your juices of lime and the juice of a cucumber. Apply it on the areas that are affected over a period of 10 mins. Then rinse it off with warm water.

The cucumber, because of its freshness, will aid in moisturizing your skin, while vitamin C contained in lemons can remove stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter can also assist to get rid of these.

The best method to use these are to do it in the evening and allow it to do the job.

Rinse it off using warm water.

Linseed oil

It is one of the oils which has been proven to be efficient in preventing stretch marks because of its high concentration of omega-3 acidic fatty acids and its ability to assist the skin in the formation of collagen. Keep the oil in your fridge. It’s a fantastic option to use for an ingredient in your food or even as an oil for massage should you choose. Massage oils are used in many significant areas.

Coconut oil

Due to its soothing qualities Its softening properties, it’s an excellent oil for massages, and also to prevent and the removal of stretching marks. It is a great oil to use as a liquid during summer months, or in the form that is a solid or creamy form in winter. Simply let the coil sit for a short time in the warm bowl to ease the application of it to massage.

Marigold oil

The oil must be produced by sitting it in a jar , and then storing it in a cool location for three weeks. Additionally, 50 grams of the flowers will need to be mixed with 250 milliliters olive oil. In 21 days, remove the filter, and store it in a dark glass jar to protect it from heat and light. In this way, you’ll have the calendula oil you’ve been looking for! It’s next to spread it frequently on the areas that are affected.

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