Constipation Remedy

Constipation Remedy

Constipation is a bowel disease which causes difficulty in passing stools. There are many constipation remedy and medicines which are given. Constipation affects both physically and mentally and it is caused because of less water in stools so the stools become hard.

The person who suffers from constipation have to tolerate the following:

  • Abdominal pain, it may be severe or mild.
  • Difficulty in passing stools.
  • Stools which look hard, dry.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Swollen belly.
  • Sometimes, stiffness on the belly.
  • May be blood if constipation stays about or more than 2 weeks

These things can be disappeared by using appropriate constipation remedy.

Remedies for Constipation:

This disease can easily be treated with home remedies. Here are some things you can do:

1. Be Hydrated:

Water is everything for living organisms. Water plays an important role in the digestive system. It absorbs in body but it also makes stools soft so it can easily pass from the body(stools are unwanted substances or waste). If you are facing constipation, you should drink 15 to 17 glasses of water in a day. It will soften your stool to pass.

2. Consume Fiber Diet:

If the water is essential than fibre is also very essential in constipation. There are many types of food which are full of fibre.


Constipation is treated with fibre. Fibre also makes stool soft. You can eat pulses like peas, lentils, chickpeas etc, they are full of fibre and beneficial for constipation and digestive system. In a study, it was revealed that 100 grams of pulses can provide 25% of the fibre in a day.


Cereals which contain fibres like the wheat bra are the best option for constipation. They help in softening the stools.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Consume those vegetables and fruits which are full of fibre. You can eat Brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots, beets, turnips, beet greens, swiss chard and green mustard vegetables. They are high fibre vegetables. In fruits, mangoes, apples, bananas, raspberries and strawberries are called high fibre fruits.

Bread and Grains:

You can eat bread and grains like whole-grain bread, brown rice, bulger wheat, barley and cereals. They are all full of fibres and help in making stool soft to pass.


Pistachios, sunflower seed, almond etc are also included in the list of fibre, they contain not much fibre but they will help in constipation.

3. Probiotics:

Probiotics mean “good bacteria”. Probiotic is not only good option for constipation. It is good for all digestive diseases. You can get probiotics by consuming kefir and yogurt. They are full of probiotics and will help in making stools soft and help to expel out.

4. Soups:

Soups are another best option in constipation remedy. They moist stools to pass from the body. Another point is that it is hot that’s why it is more beneficial.

5. Laxative Stimulant:

It stimulates bowel movement and squeezes the intestine to pass out the stools. It makes stools softer and moist. You can try senna-sennosides and ducodyl which are the best option in laxative stimulants.

6. Mineral Oil:

You should try mineral oil which softens the walls of intestine and stools and helps you to pass stools.

7. Massage:

Massage can relieve you from constipation. Massage your colon area on belly.

8. Exercise:

Exercise also helps in the movement of bowel. But do only light exercise like jogging and walking.

9. Stool Softer:

Colac and Surfak are stool softer. They will add water in the intestine and moist the stools and push force on stools to pass out from the body.

Use this constipation remedy as soon after diagnosing constipation. Because as time goes, constipation also becomes worse. And it can cause physical problems and mental problems. These remedies will help you. It’s my guarantee.

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