Top 5 Home Remedies for Fruit Flies

In the autumn and summer it is best to have a few of the natural remedies for fruit flies in your arsenal. If they do decide to enter your home, they could cause a lot of trouble.

Fruit flies
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Of course, anyone is susceptible to one or two flies. Fruit flies aren’t often observed in such small quantities is it?

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The reason is easy to understand – female Flies are able to lay as much as 500 eggs per day! Then, after hatching, it will take only two days for larvae to develop into fully-formed adults.

It’s enough to be a problem however, it gets more serious – in just 2 days after getting to the adult stage Fruit flies are capable to reproduce and mating.

That’s why it’s crucial to do everything you can to not attract fruit flies to your house. If you do find yourself infested, you can try some of the natural remedies for fruit flies that are listed in the following list immediately you spot the first.

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Prevention and 5 Home Treatments for Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies, as the name suggests, love fruit, especially those that are over-ripe. This is due to the fact that females typically lay eggs on top of ripe fruits. The larvae of fruit fly feed on fruit until they reach adults.

Apart from fruit, fly larvae can also be drawn by the scent of anything sweet or unclean. This is why you will frequently find them in the areas of spilled juice, spirits or in the vicinity of garbage disposals.

To avoid a fruit flies invasion within your home One of the most important measures you can take is to keep your kitchen spotless. If you wash all leftover food that has spilled immediately, wash the dishes right after you’ve finished eating and frequently eliminate the garbage There will be nothing for fruit flies and ants to feed on. Therefore, there will be nothing to draw them to your home at all.

However, if your kitchen is clean and you are still noticing these bothersome pests that are swarming around, test the home remedies listed below for fruit flies

Apple cider vinegar

It’s easy to eliminate all insects within your home by constructing an easy trap using Apple cider vinegar. You’ll require:

  • Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of water that is warm
  • a jar
  • Rubber band and plastic wrap

Begin by mixing the vinegar and sugar until sugar begins to dissolving. Add the water and mix it well. Transfer the mixture to the glass jar.

Cover the jar in plastic wrap, and secure it with the help of a rubber band to ensure it is secure. Then you can poke the wrap using the toothpick to make many tiny holes.

The way it works is that the scent of sugar and vinegar attracts the flies and assists them navigate through the holes of the plastic wrap, and then into the container. Once they’re inside the jar they’re unable to find their way out.

Set the jar in the area where you normally notice fruit insects. Be sure to keep it in a window that is open as you’ll attract more flies that come from the outside.

Rotten fruit

You can apply a similar approach to the one mentioned above, but substitute that apple cider vinegar with other item that attracts fruit insects. It is possible to use rotten bananas as well as apple, pear tomatoes, grapes, peach or any other vegetables or fruits.

Instead of the plastic wrap, you could simply create a funnel out of a piece of paper. Then , place the narrow side into the jar with the wide one sticking out.

You’ll get the idea. There must be a small opening that allows fly to enter the glass or jar, however, it is difficult for them to exit. Also, there is something sweet in the jar to entice them.

Juice and alcohol-based drinks

You can make use of leftover of fruit juices as well as alcohol-based drinks such as beer or wine, like the traps in jars mentioned above. The narrow opening on bottles makes it easy for fly to get in however it is difficult for them to climb out from the bottle.

There is only one tablespoon of the liquid left at top of your bottle. You can add approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar to make it more appealing to insects. You can then leave your trap in the vicinity in which the fruit flies typically congregate.

Essential oil spray

This spray is superior in keeping fruit flies out of entering your home and can assist in eliminating the pests if they already are present. In addition, unlike other remedies at home for fruit flies, this spray can make your home smell fresh and clean.

For the spray of essential oils you’ll need just few drops of essential oil per 1 Cup of water. The most effective essential oils to repel fruit flies are basil lavender, rosemary lemongrass, peppermint and basil.

Mix the ingredients in an aerosol bottle. Spray it around your home, paying particular especially to the areas you are most likely to see insects.

If you have pets at your home, be aware of the oils you’re using – certain essential oils could be harmful to animals, especially small ones.

Fresh basil

It’s not necessary to make use of essential oils – in fact, fresh basil has a strong enough scent that you could make use of it to repel flies. It’s a fact that fruit flies aren’t a fan of strong scents.

Then, plant the herb and cultivate inside your cooking area. Set the pot in the spot that is most appealing for fruit flies, such as close to the sink or in the place in the place where you normally keep the bowl filled with fruits.

Keep in mind that basil isn’t a magic fly repellent. You can spill some juice in your kitchen, and bugs will continue to come.

Basil is, however, an effective, safe and non-toxic method to keep most flies and insects out, particularly when there’s nothing appealing to the insects. In addition you’ll always have fresh herbs in your kitchen.

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