Mastitis Treatment

8 Great Home Remedies For Mastitis

Mastitis is the condition in which the breast tissue becomes inflamed and painful because of the milk accumulation or infection after an injury of the breast.

Typically, mastitis often happens in the first three months once the women have given birth. Sometimes, this disease occurs in postmenopausal women or in women whose immune system has weakened or suffer from the chronic illness.

It is why there is a need for the home remedies. If you notice symptoms early, home remedies for mastitis will be the excellent option. If you’re breastfeeding, continue to breastfeed or squeeze the milk out. Here are some of the home remedies for mastitis.

Use a cold compress

A cold compress is one of the home remedies for mastitis, which helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Also, it helps in the natural flow of milk flow. The ice pack will help to alleviate pain. However, be careful not to apply the ice directly to the skin, because this can burn ice. Apply to the chest for about ten minutes. Do this several in a day, and also you can use a washcloth.

Apply juice of neem leaves

Women with the periductal mastitis can use this. Neem leaves typically have anti-inflammatory properties which act against some bacteria, which can cause mastitis. It is recommended that you grind the leaves with some water and apply the juice to treat this condition. Also, you can use the antibacterial neem ointments. Because neem is a more effective remedy, do not use it if you’re breastfeeding.

Breast massage

Breast massage helps to relax and relieve discomfort. Also, it facilitates blood circulation and eliminates milk stasis. You may use an oil like olive or coconut oil to massage. There is the need to take a few drops of oil to massage gently in a circular motion around the chest. You must clean the oil after the massage.


Garlic is another home remedy to mastitis, for it has antibacterial, which contains antibiotics with no side effects. Garlic helps in the treatment of mastitis and strengthens the immune system. Garlic can be eaten in the food. Also, if you have a genital infection, then garlic is useful.

Use honey

Honey is very common in the kitchen. It is used for skin care because of its anti-inflammatory and vitamin properties. Therefore, honey is useful in the treatment of mastitis. Just a spoonful of honey a day will improve your condition. Also, you can mix lemon with honey, for it has vitamin C.

Drink apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar has the anti-inflammatory substance, which increases the probiotics in the gut. Also, you may drink it like the home remedy for mastitis. It helps to increase the elimination of waste from the body.

You can mix the apple cider vinegar together with honey to create a great drink. Another option is to apply the mixture on the breast with a cotton ball and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off with the lukewarm water.

This is supposed to be done daily to get the paramount result.

Apply the cabbage leaves

For centuries, women have used cabbage leaves to ease engorgement in the breast. Although it’s not open why the remedy works, also women who use cabbage leaves have less engorgement compared to those who receive regular treatment.

You are required to thoroughly wash the cabbage leaves and crush or remove the veins. Wrap with them around the breast with nipple uncovered for some hours or until the leaves wilt. You can continue until the swelling subsides.

Also, some women recommend using cold cabbage leaves to relieve pain. Then let the leaves cool in the refrigerator just before you want to use them.

Aloe vera

This is the popular herb that can be used as home remedies for mastitis. Aloe vera increases the healing process. You need to make yogurt with the aloe vera, for it will improve your health as a whole.

You can also cut the leaf of the aloe vera and then apply a gel to the breast and let it dry. The skin will become smooth and shiny. Remember to clean the nipple, as aloe vera gel is not suitable for the baby.

In conclusion, with the above home remedies for mastitis, women at home should not worry when faced with this condition. Even before seeking the medical treatment, you can try these home remedies to solve your problem because they don’t have side effects.

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