How to get rid of acne naturally at home?

Acne is a major problem in people of all ages, but it is more common in young people. Teens who just stepped into puberty are at the most risk of acne. Acne is painful and can dull the charm of your face. In this article, we will teach you about how to get rid of acne naturally? This article will help you find out ways with which you can gain back your charms as well as your confidence.

How acne are formed?

Acne occurs when the openings of hair follicles become clogged. These small holes get blocked with oil and dead skin cells sometimes even with the fine dust particles. If these pores get infected by bacteria, then they will be filled with a yellow kind of liquid. It forms a pimple, which is a small red bump with pus at its tip.

People of all ages get acne, but it’s most common in teenagers and young adults. Acne is more common in young males as compared to females. Acne can continue into adulthood. Acne remains largely a curse of adolescence, but about 20% of all cases occur in adults acne commonly starts during puberty between the age of 10 and 13 and tends to be worse in people with oily skin. Teenage acne usually lasts for 5 years to 10 years.

Most people have acne on and off for several years, their symptom starts to improve as they get older. Acne often disappears when a person is in their mid-20s. Acne can also be considered a condition that has been driven by the androgen hormones, which typically become active during the teenage and young adult years.

Reasons for Acne

There are many myths about the cause of acne, but there are only three main reasons for acne.


Puberty is a stage where a body goes through lots of changes. The androgen gland triggers the oil glands on the face, back, shoulders, and upper chest to begin producing oil. This can also be the cause of acne in some people. Some girls get more pimples before and during their periods. This is caused by the changes in the levels of hormones.


Acne can also be formed through heredity. If your Mom or dad had severe acne as a teen, there may be a chance that you will get it too. Sadly you can’t do anything about hereditary acne. If your parents had acne and you didn’t consider yourself very lucky.

Plugged oil ducts

Small whiteheads or blackheads can form when the ducts in your skin get plucked with oil and skin cells. They can also turn into hard and bumpy pimples of acne.

Also, acne scars are something that cannot be reduced in one single day. So you have to use these remedies on daily basis.

How to get rid of acne naturally?

Now let us see some home remedies to get rid of acne.

Baking Soda for acne

Baking soda, in fact, is very beneficial for our skin For acne, purpose mix baking soda and water in equal parts. Take a small amount of it and make a paste so that you can apply it to your face.

Don’t put it all over your face, put it where you have a pimple You’ll only have to put it on the individual acne spot so that it can show its value. It’s usually easier to use a Q-Tip and dab on it. Leave it on your face for around 10 minutes. This takes around 10 minutes. Wash it off in water that is very cold so that it starts showing its value. This helps to close pores. Generally, doing this twice a day can give you a acne free face.

Lemon Juice to get rid of acne

Lemons contain citric acid, which fights the bacteria that causes acne. It is considered to be an easy and effective acne treatment. Simply cut a lemon in half. Then rub the open side of the lemon on your face. You will feel like it has started its work, which means it is working. Leave it on for a few minutes. Be sure that you wash the lemon juice off. When you use lemon juice for your acne, you will probably not need use sunscreen when going outdoors. The citric acid present in lemon sometimes bleaches the skin. And this will can make your skin more sensitive and makes it a lower risk for sun damage.

So lemon will help you in getting a acne free face as well as lemon will protect your face from harmful rays of sun.

Toothpaste on acne

This is considered to be a quick remedy for pimples. If you have one or two acne, and you want to get rid of it quickly, simply apply the toothpaste to the affected area. Toothpaste contains silica, which dries out and reduces the size of the pimple as we apply it. Toothpaste contains silica but not sodium lauryl sulfate, which works best for pimples. Most big-name brand toothpaste has sodium Laurel sulfate, so stick with the simple, natural ones when you use them to treat your acne.

Do not try to use special toothpastes on acne like toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, toothpaste for gum disease. These toothpastes might contain some special elements for the issue. Hence, try to use simple common toothpaste on acne.

Ice to get rid of acne

It has been used for years to treat inflammation in the body. It is believed that or we can say that swelling from any kind of injury, ice is applied to the affected area. For acne scars, ice is used because it closes pores as well as it helps in reducing the inflammation of acne, it also does not apply pus to form If you have big pores, you can take ice cubes and rub them gently over the problem spots, rubbing with a softer hand will also give you relief from acne. Ice or even a cold pack starts as soon as we apply it works to avoid pus, its work is to constrict blood vessels beneath the skin. This causes irritation or inflammation to be less noticeable.

Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates from your diet

Things like bread, pasta, etc. can make your acne even worst. If not treated, their acne can take a severe risk with pus and dead skin cells. You should also try to cut back on sugar so that the remedy starts working faster. You may want to use a little natural sugar, but eating a lot of sweets will negatively affect your acne, so better not to eat. When you are looking for something instead of candy bars, go for things that are healthier, such as fruits and vegetables.  

Aloe vera on acne scars

In aloe vera, vitamin B and folic acid are found in high quantities. Its smell may not like by many, but no one can deprive of its benefits. Take some aloe vera, and peel it off. Put it in a grinder now you have the paste. Apply it to the acne scars and leave it off for 20 minutes. Applying it daily will help you to get rid of scars.

Points to remember

 Be patient. Give each remedy enough time to work. It may take 3 to 6 weeks or longer before you see a change and 12, it could be short or long, it all depends upon your skin weeks for maximum improvement.

Be faithful. Follow your program every day. Don’t stop and start each time your skin changes. You will definitely see the result, not using any remedy regularly is the most common reason why treatments fail.

Follow directions. Not using it correctly can result in treatment, it will make your skin even duller.

Only use your natural remedies. If you use chemicals, they can also harm your skin.

Don’t overdo it. Too much scrubbing makes skin worse, and sometimes blood also comes. So try to avoid it. Too many creams can make your face red and scaly.

Don’t worry about what other people think. It’s no fun having acne, and some people may say hurtful things about it. It’s common to try that people do not bother you. You just follow your home remedy, Most teenagers get some acne at some point. Also remember that acne is temporary, and there are a lot of treatment options to keep it under control.

Try to reduce your stress level with some games and activities that you like. Too much stress about your looks will only promote acne and you will find it even harder for remedies for acne to work.

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