Natural Remedies For Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are a specific kind of wart which can trigger a great deal of discomfort for the person.

This is especially so because the wart can be found on the feet where the pressure is continuously applied while walking or doing everyday tasks.

There are many kinds of warts, in this post we will concentrate on those that appear on our feet.

Learn more to learn more about how to learn the most effective NATURAL remedies (YES you can use any scalpel needs to be used to scrub your skin to get rid of this wart) to get rid of these tiny marks on our feet.

Additionally, you will learn the reasons behind plantar warts.

Let’s get started!

In the beginning What is plantar warts?

Well, warts are round bumps that can be found on areas such as the nose and hands.

They are rough to skin because they are skin inflammations caused by an infection.

In particular, they are transmitted via the human papillomavirus. They are also transferred through contact.

One thing to note it that, although they can be signs of an infection however, they are not a threat to healthand typically disappear after a short time.

But, many decide to get rid of them since they find them irritating and embarrassing, particularly when they have warts on prominent areas like the nose or neck.

A plantar wart could be any lump of granularity that is visible in the vicinity of the soles of your feet.

The type of warts may be result of being in public bathrooms, pools and even during using the same footwear.

Additionally, the virus which causes these warts (human papilloma) can get into the foot via cracks, cuts or weak points within the lower portion of the foot.

As stated a few lines the article warts are not an health risk, unless instances such as:

  • The growths are extremely painful
  • They alter their appearance or color frequently.
  • You’ve tried treating warts, but they’re still there. them.
  • Warts’ growths can be very irritating and affect your daily activities
  • It is not clear whether the growths are warts
  • When you turn an adult, you begin to experience a number of warts. This could mean that you have an issue with your immune system.

What can I do to remove warts on my plantar at home?

There’s a wide range of very efficient home remedies We’ll begin with

Apple vinegar

It can be laborious to produce, because you will require organic apple cider vinegar directly derived from the fruit.

This is due to the fact that the apple cider vinegar that has been through a chemical process won’t keep its therapeutic properties and are required for treating warts.

Apple cider vinegar has malic acid which is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. This makes it extremely efficient in treating human papillomavirus.

The steps to be followed are:

  1. After drying and washing your feet completely, apply a cotton swab dampened with apple cider vinegar to the wart on your plantar.
  2. Let it remain covered and allow it to sit for around 20 minutes.
  3. You have to apply this method for a minimum of two weeks.


Both apple cider and lemon vinegar are both highly effective elements to get rid of warts.

The reason for this is the acidic ingredients of lemon, which are antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial.

After moistening the warts with vinegar, apply an elongated slice of lemon to the area affected.

Give it 5 minutes and then let the sole dry.

The treatment is completed by applying the tea tree oil.

It is also recommended applying treatments for at least two weeks.


Garlic can be used in a variety of home remedies, as it has numerous properties, including cleansing and inflating.

In this instance it can aid in the fight against the virus that causes wart.

The best thing to apply is a clove of garlic into the wart for a couple of minutes.

After that, you’ll bandage your foot, aiming to show that the properties of garlic work throughout the day.

After a night’s sleep, you can remove the bandage, then take your foot off and wash it thoroughly.

The next day, repeat the process for a minimum of one to two weeks.

Enhance your immune system

Although it isn’t an entirely physical cure, but we should not forget that the reason for warts is due to a virus.

One thing we can conclude is that our body wasn’t strong enough to eradicate this virus instantly, and it is fighting it.

Thus, looking for ways to improve your body is a rational and effective method to remove the appearance of a plantar wart.

Take vitamin C and D that are found in both fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D is also widely absorption if you get 15 minutes of sunlight each day.

Consume foods like eggs and red meat that are rich in vitamins like Zinc and Magnesium. These are nutrients that are what we normally do not have.

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