Benefits of neroli oil 1

Benefits of neroli oil

Known for its characteristic floral, exotic scent, neroli oil is made by carefully picking and collecting bitter orange blossoms.

In the Far East, it is used for various health problems, as a perfume, as an addition to exotic dishes and as a fragrance that seduces.

These bitter wild citrus trees grow in the Far East, Southern Europe and America.

This precious liquid stands out with special separation and distillation techniques.

The incredible properties of neroli oil, the magical effect of fragrance and healing properties were used by other, ancient cultures, many years before us.

In addition to being used in the perfume industry as an extremely expensive, yet exotic and specific fragrance, neroli oil is used in cosmetics for baths, soaps, face creams, facial peels, face masks, shampoos, etc.

Aromatherapy with neroli oil is one of the most common therapies in the fight against stress, tension, anxiety, mental anxiety and panic.

Chemical composition of neroli oil

The following active ingredients can be found in neroli essential oil: linalool, linalyl acetate, limonene, beta-pinene, geranyl acetate, neryl acetate, alpha terpineol…

General properties of neroli oil

Neroli oil has a wide range of effects:

  • It relaxes the soul, the body, encourages a feeling of joy and romance
  • It has a beneficial effect on internal unrest and depression
  • An exceptional aphrodisiac
  • Reduces the feeling of beating and skipping heartbeat
  • For facial skin care
  • For damaged and dry skin with cracked capillaries and varicose veins
  • Against wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes – stimulates cellular regeneration of the skin
  • One of the most valued perfume oils

Neroli oil for facial care

Due to its specific characteristics, neroli oil has found wide application in cosmetology. It is used for facial and body skin care, for hair care, for making perfumes, soap baths, creams and balms.

Beauticians also call it a “cosmetic treasure” because it is extremely expensive and very effective.

It can be used for the care of children and young skin, however, the effect is more visible and is more often used for the care of mature and old skin.

It reduces the visibility of wrinkles and protects the skin from external harmful influences. It makes the skin shine and soft, hydrates and refreshes it.

Neroli oil is characterized by the fact that it accelerates the regeneration of the skin, while it can alleviate the visibility of scars caused by acne and pimples. Neroli oil can be used to prevent the appearance of cracked capillaries on the skin, as well as in treatments where such changes already exist.

Neroli oil can be used in various ways when caring for facial skin. We can apply it with a light massage, but by mixing it with cold-pressed oils, such as olive oil,
coconut, almond or some other base oil. Two, three drops of essential neroli oil can be added to a cream, tonic or natural face mask.

Neroli oil for hair care

We can also use neroli oil for hair care in different ways.

It is most effective to add it to certain shampoos, conditioners, conditioners or hair masks.

Neroli oil removes dandruff and protects hair from external negative influences.

It hydrates dry, brittle and cracked hair, and hair that is prone to excessive oiling, it will keep it clean and fresh for a long time.

In addition to restoring the healthy look of the hair, the hair will also receive the natural smell of oil.

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