Thrush Treatment Remedies at Home

Oral thrush, as is commonly referred to, is a yeast-shaped fungal infection that appears in the mouth. The disease is propelled by a fungal infection candida Albicans or yeast on the lining of the mouth and throat.

This infection is quite common in children and toddlers and to a lesser degree in adults who mostly have an altered PH level or otherwise, their immune system is getting weaker. It could also be an origin of foul smell.

It is characterised by white patches in the lining of the mouth and tongue, and more often a doctor would prescribe antifungal drugs to wipe out the infections.

Alternatively, for mild symptoms, there is a number of home-made remedies that can work in conjunction with over the counter prescriptions to scrap out the oropharyngeal candidiasis for good.

Here are some excellent remedies to whip out the stubborn symptoms.

Oregano Oil

Oregano is a frequent used perfumed spice in modern kitchens for flavouring savoury dishes. Besides, oregano also has medicinal elements and in particular the antifungal and microbial capabilities to fight fungal infections.

To draw the most out of this remedy, mix one teaspoon oregano oil to a highball glass full of water. Gaggle the concoction through the mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

The white blood cells are responsible for a stronger immune system and help fight harmful pathogens against the body.

On the other hand, vitamin C or popularly known as ascorbic acid, encourages high production of these blood cells.

The presence of oral yeast infection may be an indication of a weakening immune system and increasing the vitamin intake will help do away with thrush.

Generally, vegetables are a source of this vitamin; however, they should be minimally cooked as the essential vitamin gets destroyed by excess heat.

Salt Water Rinse

Salt as a seasoning in very essential in both traditional and modern cookeries. Beyond its ability to turn flavours into happy moments, it also has some medicinal advantages.

Salt has the antiseptic, soothing and cleansing properties and is widely used to clear most oral infections like oral candidiasis.

A saltwater mouth rinse can assist in clearing common thrush from the mouth.

To effectively benefit from this remedy, dissolve a half spoon full of kosher salt into a glass of Luke warm water. Use the solution to gaggle the mouth a few times a day until the symptoms disappear.

Diet Adjustment

Apart from practising oral health habits, knowing what to eat and when to eat is a key helpful piece of knowledge.

Yeast thrives in sugary zones, and reducing the sugar content in your diet helps keep these infections away.

Light snacks such as candies, cookies and generally pastries are a big deal when it comes to sugar in the food.

So, doctors suggest that reducing the sugar element in diets will help in dealing with a mouth rush and avoid further infections.

In additions, you may consider increasing the intake of vitamin C related rich foods as a vital aspect of getting rid of oral thrush.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a popular ingredient in most pastries. However, clinicians say that frequent swabbing of baking soda solution will help create a toxic environment for yeast growth.

For exactness, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda into a highball glass of water and swab three to four times a day. As a precaution, the remedy is only limited to adults as it is a potential trigger in changing the electrolyte sequence in the young ones.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used in salad dressing and is not only used to add flavour, but also has some potent biological effects.

Not withstanding its wide range of use, the vinegar has strong anti-fungal properties and could be a perfect fit home remedy for oral candida as well as those with denture stomatitis.

For effective results, dissolve one tablespoon of raw vinegar to a highball glass water and gaggle for 20 minutes. Alternatively, raw apple cider vinegar can be used; however, as a precaution, this practice may cause extreme mouth irritations.

Probiotics and Yogurt

Probiotics and yogurt contain beneficial good ‘live’ bacteria cultures helpful in treating some diseases.

Consuming such foods fermented with these probiotics is in the rise, and recently probiotic drinks have become quite common in the market.

These cultures don’t destroy candida; instead, they suppress the infection from growing further. To benefit from this soothing remedy, consume natural yogurt frequently on a daily basis. Sweetened and flavoured ones are highly discouraged as candida thrives in sugary environments.

A point to take home is that these suggested remedies may not completely cure candida but may only work in conjunction with other practices and medication to entirely get rid of the infections. As prevention is always better than cure, keeping general oral health is vital, and you may consider frequently brushing your teeth and change brushes regularly to avoid spreading of such infections.

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