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Bursitis Treatment

Bursae are sacks filled with fluid and scattered all over the locomotor system. Their function is to reduce the friction between tendons and bones, between tendons and tendons, as well as between the bones and the skin itself. In reality, they look like a balloon filled with a little fluid, flattened, among other issues. Bursitis most commonly occurs in the shoulder area. The pain is strongest during sleep and occurs most along the upper shoulder. Elbows, hips, and knees are other places where bursitis occurs.

Several types of bursitis occur through different mechanisms — friction, chemical agent, or septic. Friction occurs with repeated tendon movements, which is often combined with the involvement of external pressure. This occurs with those individuals or athletes who repeat the same movements frequently, such as with tennis players, runners, pitchers (discs or javelins), with cleaners, masons and other professions.

Avoiding physical activity is recommended. Then refrigeration to calm the inflammation. For this purpose, many physical therapy methods are used, from electrotherapy, magnets, lasers, to ultrasound. Medications are sometimes necessary, especially non-steroidal antirheumatics.

Below, learn more about natural bursitis treatment options.

Burdock for bursitis treatment

Burdock is a two-year-old plant that has a long and gray-brown and spindle-shaped root. In the first year, large ground leaves appear with heart-shaped petioles.

Recent findings on the nutrition and healing properties of burdock say that it is an excellent natural remedy for treating and relieving bursitis symptoms.

Medicinal is every part of the plant, root, leaves, and seeds. Two-year-old roots are harvested in spring and fall, leaves when young and seeds as they mature. Medicinal ingredients are found in ripe seeds and roots, and less in the leaf. The most important ingredients are silymarin, tyramine, and histamine.

Burdock tea

Spoon the finely chopped root and the leaves of the thistle for 5 minutes in half a liter of water, cover, let stand for 10-15 minutes, process and drink two large spoons daily, in the morning and evening. Tea can also be prepared from the seeds of burdock.

Precautions and side effects — the human body can become accustomed to silymarin, so it is necessary to take a break for 2 weeks after consuming it. Therapy may then be resumed.

Comfrey for bursitis treatment

Comfrey is very valuable in herbal medicine. From its creams, tinctures, balms are prepared…and in the first place, it is used to treat various types of injuries, inflammations, and as a natural remedy for bursitis treatment.

The active ingredients of the root of the comfrey have a beneficial effect on epithelialization and microcirculation, and also have anti-inflammatory effects and stimulate bone tissue repair, so use is recommended for the treatment of bursitis, alleviation of sports injuries and post-traumatic conditions, fractures, sprains, as well as joint inflammation, tendons…

Comfrey tincture

Put 100 g of the root in a plastic bottle and cover with 700 ml of alcohol, then lay horizontally to darken for 14 days. Shake every third day. After 14 days, process, pour into a dark glass bottle and store in a cool place. Massage the sore spot three times a day with this tincture.

Juniper as a natural remedy for bursitis treatment

Juniper is a perennial, evergreen, resistant, branched shrub or tree. Fruits are what is most important in juniper because they are the most healing, so they are given more attention. The fruits are dark, blackberries that ripen only in the second year. During the first year, the berries are green, and after ripening in the second year they turn purple with an ash coating. This herb has a characteristic aroma.

Numerous medicinal properties make this herb indispensable in alternative medicine. Needles and berries are medicinal. Thus, for example, large amounts of vitamin C are found in young shoots. Of other substances, it is extremely rich in wax, resins, tannins, vitamins, minerals, organic acids.

Knee wraps — in severe pain

Grind three tablespoons of the juniper, then boil in half a liter of natural apple cider vinegar and mix with yellow clay to give a thick mass. Apply the warmed mixture to your knee, then wrap it with a wet, then dry cloth. Change the lining every 4 hours.

Lemon juice and other citrus fruits

Consuming lemons regularly reduces joint swelling and relieves pain, so it is advisable to drink sugar-free lemonade daily. Lemon is extremely alkaline, reduces the acidity of the body, and thus alleviates all inflammatory processes in the body.

Celery as a natural remedy

Celery is a two-year-old herbaceous plant. The root is fleshy and thick. Its stem is branched, reaching a height of 40 to 80 cm. The dark green and glossy leaves are large and finely divided, while the leaves are wedge-shaped, incised and serrated above.

Contains a large amount of potassium and sodium salts, purines, essential oil, vitamins (A, B, C, E).

Celery substances relax the arteries, allowing them to expand, thus contributing to the elasticity of blood vessels, and acting anti-inflammatory.

Celery tea

Boil 40 grams of celery leaves in a liter of water for a few minutes, cover well, let cool, then process and drink several times a day. Bursitis treatment lasts for three weeks.

Willow as a natural remedy

White willow is a tree that grows mainly in southern and Central Europe but also North America. In traditional medicine, the willow bark is most commonly used as a medicine for pain and fever.

The white willow bark contains a specific compound called salicin which has been used in modern medicine as a prototype for acetylsalicylic acid. It is a herb that has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a natural analgesic and antipyretic, so it is successful in combating bursitis.

Willow tea

Put a full teaspoon of willow bark in 2.2 DL of cold water, cook for a maximum of 5 minutes, then allow it to stand for another ten minutes, then drain well. Drink two cups during the day, sweeten with homemade honey.

Final words on natural bursitis treatments

Natural treatment with herbs and preparations derived from nature has a positive effect on health and helps in the treatment of the most serious diseases, which has been scientifically proven and proven numerous times in practice. Natural remedies may not replace all synthetic remedies, but in many cases, they cure or help treat various ailments as a supplement. Phytotherapy is nowadays an irreplaceable complement to official medicine and greatly improves its therapeutic effect.

Natural preparations made from herbs do not create dependence and habit, but naturally, restore harmony and balance of the organism and keep the organism vital.

You must be patient when performing natural healing because the action of natural remedies takes longer and results are not shown immediately but after a long time.

The goal of natural healing is to enable the body to cope with the disease. It is most useful in the prevention of disease.

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