body wraps

Body Wraps

Body wraps are meant to give you a glossy, whimsical appearance by nourishing your skin and reducing some body parts that make you feel uncomfortable.

They are divided into different categories and they require different ingredients to make.

You might find yourself getting addicted to them because they give you a good relaxation period you have missed in a long time.

Now let’s dig in to see what they are all about.

What to consider before using body wraps

In order for the body wrap to have a quick and effective result, it is good to do the following before using them,

Hydrate yourself. Drink lots and lots of water before getting in that little spa you are about to make in your own house.

By now you should be knowing that water serves a great purpose in metabolism, and since this activity is mostly aimed at reducing some skin, water cannot miss out.

Take a good bathe. Perhaps you are doing it in the evening after work and you are thinking of wrapping yourself up and then taking a shower later.

That is a bad idea. Taking a shower before using body wraps helps to cleanse the pores of your skin so that the ingredients you are going to use can easily be absorbed by the body, otherwise applying a layer of ingredients on top of a layer of dirt and sweat will have no or less effect.

Choose a comfortable spot in your house and put on some relaxing music to soothe yourself, you might find yourself dozing off because of the relaxation that comes with the process.

Do it regularly– if you want to experience extreme results, then it is not going to happen in just a day or irregular use.

Be consistent and the results will be mesmerizing.

Now let us look at some natural homemade remedies for body wraps

There are different body wraps for different purposes, and to begin with, its for detoxification.

Epsom salt, natural clay, almond oil, and warm water are the ingredients needed for detoxification. You can mix these ingredients by yourself and the mixture is applied to your body

Another one is for melting fat. Maybe you feel bad and ashamed by fat build up in some parts of your body like the waist.

Don’t stress yourself darling, let me help you out. Take a mixture of white clay, apple cider vinegar, neem powder, grapefruit essential oil and apply it to the areas you wish to target.

For reawakening your skin is very important. Every day you are up and around trying to make ends meet, and you forget to treat the body that is enabling you to go about your daily activities.

To refresh your skin, you will need a mixture of strawberries, grapes, pawpaw and lemon essential oil. Your body will absorb the nutrients from this mixture and feel young again.

Lastly, we have for skin tightening. You might be having some loose skin that is making you lose your confidence and feel secluded in open areas.

You cannot go swimming because of the look of your body? Relax, there is a natural remedy to help without having to go through the struggle of surgery.

Take a mixture of white clay, Bengal gram flour, yogurt, water and orange essential oil and apply it to the areas you feel are uncomfortable.

Advantages of natural body wraps

They help in cutting weight– hello to the lazy bones who want to lose some weight but cannot hit the gym, this might be just perfect for you.

Although the effects on losing weight through this process are minimal, body wraps help cut on some weight inches and give you a smaller waist if that is what you wanted, or small parts like the arms and thighs.

It is cheap– doing it at your own house is much cheaper than visiting a spa where you have to pay hundreds of dollars just for an hour process.

They help to replenish your skin– walking through the hot and cold seasons make your skin appear old and as much as you try to keep it glossy with your beauty products, you cannot help it fully.

There is that one more thing you need to do. The nutrients absorbed in the body help to rejuvenate your skin and make it appear young again. Our skin need to eat like we do for our general body.

They do not have extreme side effects as compared to chemically made wraps. They are healthier because you are using natural food substances to prepare the mask.

Again, they are freshly made and have not released any toxic substances as compared to those prepared and used after a long time.

All the ingredients required are readily available in the market. It is not possible to lack supplies from our stores embedding us.

All these ingredients are sold at affordable prices and broken into small quantities.

Always remember you do not have to do this for the whole body in one day. You can break it down and do half a body and the rest to be done the following day.

This makes the procedure less cumbersome and gives your body much time to relax.

Also, you do not have to do it on a daily basis. As much as you need to be consistent it doesn’t mean that you wrap yourself daily.

At least twice a week is better.

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