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Six Advanced Self Help Methods for Tinnitus Treatment

The perception of noise or constant ringing in ears is known as Tinnitus.  As per statistics, nearly 50 million US residents are the patients of Tinnitus.  This disorder makes one experience chronic ringing, constant buzzing or un-stoppable humming in the head and ears. Different kinds of Tinnitus treatment are the point of the discussion in this post.

What Causes Tinnitus?

This very common symptom is not actually a condition itself. It is an indication of any underlying condition like age-related hearing loss, ear injury or circulatory system disorder.

Some other causes of Tinnitus are head and neck trauma, wax build-up in the ear, exposure to noise pollution, and Lyme disease.

An Effective Tinnitus Treatment

Medical science is today, advanced enough to conduct direct tinnitus treatment. Many experts, though suggest operating the underlying condition rather than direct tinnitus treatment.

Research has shown that in many cases, stress and anxiety lead to Tinnitus. In those cases, anxiety treatment would yield the results of Tinnitus treatment.

Every Tinnitus patient should seek professional help, which is beyond the scope of this article. Our intention is to guide you about self-help methods of Tinnitus treatment. Let us go for it, without more wait.

Tinnitus Treatment 1: Meditation & Relaxation

Anxiety is the natural outcome of the very first Tinnitus experience. Meditate to beat the stress, and blur the pain of Tinnitus. Try different relaxation techniques like yoga, tai-chi, and meditation. Stick to the one that delivers the best results.

Different people may prefer different meditation techniques as well. Find the class that teaches the type you like. Daily practice will gradually help you cope up with Tinnitus and improve your mental health, too.

Tinnitus Treatment 2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The very first step of this great treatment is to find a peaceful stop. The ideal is the one where chances of interruption are minimum and opportunities of you getting comfortable are maximum.

Secondly, pick up the best time of the day. You may find an early morning or early evening better.

Select the time duration. Please, do not be too hard on yourself. 30 minutes is good but 15 minutes is also not bad.

Absolutely zero volume may not be suitable for Tinnitus treatment. Try adding any gentle background sound.

Now you are ready to start the muscle relaxation exercise called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. You may sit in a comfortable chair or rest your back on a supportive surface. Do not cross your arms, legs or ankles, no matter what is position.

Ponder your breathing pattern and observe its natural rhythm. Attempt breathing in even and steady rhythm. This way, you can breathe in your nose, hold your breath for a moment and then exhale through your mouth. Wait a moment before the next breath in.

Every time you exhale, seek to release a little portion of your tension. Keep doing this for some minutes, until you feel ready for the next step.

Now tighten your toes as much as possible. Stay like this for a moment or two and then let them relax. Hereafter, you have to treat your ankles, calf muscles and thighs in the same way.

Work all the way up to your head. Ensure that you repeat the cycle. Go tense, hold for a moment and then relax.

When you are finished with this, notice your breathing patterns once again. The rhythm that resides within them must be more even and calm.

Tinnitus Treatment 3: Exercise

Your body can achieve a higher level of well-being with the help of regular exercise. In many cases, people reported Tinnitus cure with the help of physical exercise.

The gentle beginning like swimming or walk can smooth the way for Tinnitus treatment. Try the range of exercise as that also helps you sleep better.

Tinnitus Treatment 4: Visualization Exercise

This exercise stretches the muscles of your mind. You will have to imagine yourself in another place. Use all your five senses to know the place. You should know how it looks like and how it smells like. Grasp the sounds resonating in the whereabouts of that imaginary location.

Give yourself time and do not rush through it. Keep the duration to bearable limits.

You may not necessarily imagine the same place every time. The forest of round 1 may change into the ocean in round 2. In round 3, you may imagine the garden and then end up at the beach in round 4.

There is no room for interruption at the location, where you reside in reality.

Imagine yourself walking out of the door of the room. You follow a path and end up at another door. Open this door and set your foot on the warm sand of the beach.

The sound of waves soothes your senses. See the deep blue ocean with your mind’s eyes and enjoy the serene nature. Listen to the gossip of children playing nearby and take delight in their innocent talk.  The romantic couple holding hands faraway must revive the love and peace beneath your soul.

Then imagine going back to the pathway between two doors. When you return to reality, you will feel much lighter.

Tinnitus Treatment 5: Stay Busy

Tinnitus may become easily forgettable if your mind is occupied elsewhere. Find other areas that are worth your attention. Try work, leisure pursuits or other interests.

Do you have no hobby? Well, perhaps it is time to find and adopt one. Although, stay away from any activity that increases stress by adding to the workload.

Tinnitus Treatment 6: Sound

Sound therapy is a common practice in many countries, these days. A background sound may turn out helpful in reducing the intrusiveness of Tinnitus. Play music or listen to the radio.

If you prefer natural sounds, find tracks on YouTube that play the sounds of waterfall, forest or rain.


All members of the human race are different from each other. They never look the same, they never feel the same and they never behave the same way.

Similarly, their problems differ in nature and intensity. When problems are different, there is zero probability of resemblance in solutions.

A certain method may cure the Tinnitus problem of one patient, but it may not help the other one.

For different people, different techniques work. Do not try all the treatments we discussed at once. However, make sure to try all, one by one. Traverse the list and find out the method that works best for you.

We hope that these treatment methods help you fight your Tinnitus.

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