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In the time of mosquitoes, the following home remedies to rid yourself of mosquitoes is the most effective protection against these irritating pests that are tiny and insidious…

They may be tiny but that doesn’t mean that they can’t keep them from causing annoyance to the point of exhaustion.

The idea of being bitten as it suckers your blood could be a pleasant thought. The constant buzzing in the late at night, that keeps you awake and makes you scratch , even before you get bites… Then you consider that mosquitoes aren’t dangerous to humans for the majority of time!

You could buy any insecticide available on the market and eliminate mosquitoes within minutes. However, there’s an reason these products are extremely efficient. They’re full of toxic substances and chemicals that get rid of insects. However they could also be harmful to your as well as the health of your loved ones’ health.

There are obviously home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes, which are equally effective in repelling them however, they also ensure that your home secure and healthy for your family while doing so.

The Top Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mosquitoes:

Cloves and lemons

Grandmas’ favorite natural mosquito repellent! This repellent works since mosquitoes dislike the smell of cloves along with the scent of citrus. This combination helps keep them out, and makes your space smell clean and inviting while at the same while.

All you need be able to cut the lemon in half and squeeze 5-6 cloves into each half. Place it on a platter and put the plate wherever in the area you wish to prevent mosquitoes from.

Essential oils

The smells that repel mosquitoes are enjoyable for humans. Essential oils are an excellent option to repel insects (and other bugs) away without spending a lot or harming your health.

The essential oils that mosquitoes especially dislike are lemon eucalyptus, basil clove and thyme. lavender, peppermint, neem and citronella. They also dislike cedar, lemongrass, and the mixture of sage and rosemary.

You can place some of the essential oils (or the combination of several oils) in an oil diffuser and take pleasure in some scent while keeping mosquitoes at bay. If you don’t own the essential oils diffuser there are other ways to apply essential oils to repel mosquitoes:

An essential oil spray

Put 1 cup water into an aerosol bottle. Add some drops of each essential oil listed above. Shake it well, and spray the areas around your home a few times per day.

A mosquito-proof body oil

You can avoid being bitten, and also nourish your skin while you do it by applying essential oils on your skin. However, it is not recommended to apply only pure essential oils. Always dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, and sweet almond oils.

Create your own scented candles

Scented candles can be a fantastic option in order to get free of bugs but they can be expensive. However, there is a way to save some cash and create your own candles. this is how to do it:

In a double boiler create enough melt of soy to fill the mold (like glass or a container). You can also use beeswax or paraffin wax in place, but you’ll get the most effective results using soy wax.

When the wax is liquid, take it off the flame and add any essential oil, or a mixture of three or two oils from the above list. You’ll need about three drops of oil for every teaspoon of wax.

Put a wick into the mold, and then add the melting wax. Perform this step quickly prior to the wax has an opportunity to cool and become solid.

Here are a couple more details regarding making your own aroma candles.

Make use of plants instead of oil

If you don’t want to use essential oils you can make use of the plants from which we get essential oils by. Plant basil, catnip mint, rosemary or lavender in the plants you have in your yard or plant potted plants on the windowsills.

Apple cider vinegar spray

The apple cider vinegar can be one of the most natural methods in order to get rid of mosquitoes. This is especially because it does not only deter mosquitoes but be able to kill larvae of mosquitoes. To make this treatment, it is recommended that you could make use of white or red vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.

Witch hazel also has shown some repellent properties to mosquitoes as well as its effectiveness in soothing skin in the event that you’ve been infected.

You’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup witch hazel
  • 4 – 5 drops citronella essential oil

Place the apple cider vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Include the witch hazel as well as citronella oil (you could replace citronella oil with additional essential oils that mosquitoes do not like).

Shake the bottle thoroughly before each use. It is possible to spray this mix over the areas you’d like to keep mosquitoes away however, you could as well apply directly to your skin.

Garlic spray

Like humans everywhere mosquitoes, mosquitoes also dislike garlic’s scent. It is possible to use this in your favor, however the unpleasant smell makes this spray ineffective to use in the home. But, it’s great to guard your garden against the tiny insects.

To make the mosquito-repelling spray, place 2 cups water along with 15 cloves garlic into the blender and blend it thoroughly. The mixture should be strained by using a clean, dry cotton cloth before pouring the mixture into the spray bottle. Spray the area that you are likely to encounter mosquitoes.

The spray can be one of the most effective home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes in your backyard and in your garden. But, it’s potent enough to damage some plants. Be cautious when you use it. Always try it on a few leaves of the plant you would like to protect.

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