Cough Home Remedies

Cough Home Remedies

Coughs are important when clearing out throat, but some coughs are so persistent that you need to seek medication.

What you may not know is that you do not have to go to the hospital every time you get a cough.

Some may require you seek medical attention but why not give a trial to your natural remedies first, and as they say, if symptoms persist that is when you seek proper medication.

You can make you own cough home remedies to treat yourself.

Here are some examples of insane remedies you never knew have medicinal components and yet you use them on a daily basis:

Honey tea

Is widely known for its medicinal feature. You always know that medicines are bitter, but now we have a sweet medicine.

However, for it to have its medicinal impact on a cough, you have to mix it in either warm water or a cup of tea.

Honey is a multi-functional substance we have in our homes because we can use it even in food, ladies use it for their skin, and many other advantages it has.


Keeping hydrated is very important and it helps suppress coughs.

Fluids have more impact when used warm.

Water is the most renown hydrator and one that we all need in our daily endeavors.

The largest part of our bodies, scientist say is made up of water molecules.

When the water in our body is used up, we feel thirsty and dehydrated.

Taking in a lot of water especially warm, or other edible liquid substances helps keep our bodies healthy and suppress the effect of a cough.


This is a natural root used to add flavor to our food, however, we can use it as a medicine for some minor coughs that are not resulting from an infection.

Ginger soothes and relaxes your throat. Since it is really bitter to chew even a small piece of ginger, it is advisable that you put it in hot water and allow it release its juice, and then you can add honey or lemon for some flavor.

I have tried this myself and it really worked.

Gargling salted water

Don’t be surprised, I was too but I do not want you to go the same.

This remedy reduces phlegm thus reducing the urge to cough.

It works with warm water instead of cold.

Phlegm is produced if you have a wet cough and it is really irritating because of its tenderness.

Salted water will help cut through it and suppress the heaviness of your cough.


Inhaling vapor to your nostrils will help curb or subsidize a wet cough.

This is done by pouring hot water in a bowl and then bending over towards the bowl in order to inhale the steam coming from the water.

Placing a piece of cloth on your forehead will help trap some steam that might be disappearing to atmosphere.

Advantages of making cough home remedies

Cough home remedies are easy to make and you also watch your personal hygiene

Consuming something that you have made by yourself gives you no worries of contacting stomach infections.

In some chemists when repackaging, they manually count medicine with their bare hands or gloves that have been used in attending to other areas.

This will pass infection to your body. Watching your own hygiene and being sure of what goes in your body is really good.

They are cheap since you use the same ingredients you use in your food

You do not need hundreds of dollars to purchase the requirements. Some like water and salt cost almost nothing and you actually use them on a daily basis.

You do not have to dig deep into your pockets in order to treat a cough.

They are not bitter because you can add some sweeteners

One thing that makes me hate taking medicine is the bitterness that comes with them.

Some make you want to throw up after swallowing them.

Can you imagine throwing up and you have a cough? Worst experience ever.

Everything in your kitchen is used in food and that is what we are using in this remedy.

Honey is the most popular natural sweetener recommended and you can use it to cut through any bitter remedy like ginger.

There are no or less side effects as compared to scientifically made remedies

You will find some people allergic to some medicinal components. But if you can eat something it means you are not allergic to it.

I don’t think there is anybody in this world allergic to water. Water has no side effects to your body, and all it does is minimize cough or completely heal the mild ones.

They are easily accessible

Even if you woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning with a cough, you do not have to go through the trouble of driving, walking, or catching a bus to the nearest chemist.

The trouble you have to go through is getting out of your blanket. Your kitchen is right next to you. So any time a cough catches you as long as you are in your house, you can access medical attention immediately.

Even if it caught you outside, if you didn’t have a bottle of water, buy one and that will help until you get to your house.

Just like any other medication given by a doctor, cough home remedies should be taken regularly on a daily basis in order to speed up the recovery process.

Because of the storage requirements that you may not be aware off, making cough home remedies for storage is not a good idea because you do not know about the temperatures or other storage routine required.

Since everything is easily accessible, you can make them during and after an attack. Be kind to your pocket and tough on your health.

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