Bladder Infection Remedy

Bladder Infection Remedy

Bladder infection is also referred to as urinary tract infection. This infection is more common in women than men. However we have natural ways to prevent and cure it.

Bladder infection remedies include:

Marshmallow– this is known for its effect of reducing bladder infection. It lines the urinary tract to prevent growth of bacteria.

Ginger– apart from its sweet aroma, ginger is a medicine for bladder infection. It is said to have anti-microbial properties that hinder the growth of bacteria. It is not that you will directly apply its extract, you orally take its extract just like any other medicine.

Other natural ways to prevent bladder infection:


Drinking a lot of water helps to clean the bladder and the urinary tract.

You must have heard about stories of drinking eight glasses of water a day.

I can proudly say that you are not limited to eight glasses, you can drinking even five liters if you can.

Water has no harm to our bodies, in fact the more amount of water you drink, the more you are fighting and staying away from bladder infection.

Hanging underwear in the sun

You will find that most people after cleaning their underwear, they hang them on a pant holder in the bathroom.

Let me tell you, by doing this you are encouraging bacteria build up which is going to cause bladder infection.

Hanging them outside where there is enough sun will help your clothe dry completely without living any dumbness. It might look like a stupid remedy but trust me, it’s going to work.

Urinating after sex

Using the bathroom immediately after sex helps prevent entry of any bacteria. Toys and other things that people use to help in their sexual activities might connect bacteria to your body. To flush them out before they become parasites and start eating on your body, it is good to have a moment in the bathroom immediately.

Wiping from front to the back

Ladies are beautiful creatures but prone to infections. After using the toilet it is advisable that you wipe yourself from the front to the back. This helps to prevent spreading the bacteria if the opposite was to be done.

Always use the bathroom immediately you feel the urge

Holding on to urine for a long time will lead to bacteria build up and cause bladder infection. Do not assume or postpone the urge because the bladder needs to clean itself up.

Some people may feel ashamed explaining this problem to the doctor as it is related to your private parts. Also you might be afraid that the doctor might think of you as a dirty person who cannot take care of herself.

Well, you do not have to go through the emotional torture. Make your own bladder infection remedy and treat yourself in the privacy of your house.

Causes of bladder infection

Having multiple sexual partners

Not only does this cause sexually transmitted infections you know of, but bladder infection is part of them. For men, it is not easy to realize that they have this infection, and it’s not their fault.

Their bodies and women bodies are so different. Signs might take a long time to show in a man but a few days in a lady. Therefore, the more sex partners you have, the more chances you have of contacting bladder infection.

Failure to urinate after sex

On preventive measures above, I mentioned that it is good to urinate immediately after sex in order to flush any bacteria from getting to your urinary tract. If you do not use the bathroom every time after intercourse, then this can lead to a bacteria build up in your tract. Surprisingly, ladies usually feel the urge to urinate after sex.

If you have had a similar infection within a span of one year, then it is possible for it to recur. Treating bacterial infection completely is not easy even with antibiotics. It keeps on coming back and that is why you need to know some of the bladder infection remedies you can use at home.

Signs and symptoms of bladder infection

Before making your home made bladder infection remedies, it is good to know what triggers you to realize that you have bladder infection.

Pain when urinating

Urinating is meant to relieve your bladder in an easy way to give you comfort. If all of a sudden this disappears and you start experiencing pain in the bathroom, then you should know that you might be having a bladder infection.

Odor smell in urine

You are taking in enough water for your body but your urine stinks so bad that you have to hold your nose?

Don’t scream, it is an infection. The bacteria build up in your tract is what is making your urine smell.

Blood in urine

This is not a good sign especially in pregnant mothers because they are afraid it might be a miscarriage.

However, if you are not pregnant yet you have urine in your blood, this is a sign of bladder infection and the bacteria are eating up the lining of your tract.

That is the reason why urine is coming out with blood.

It is always good to stay calm and figure things out instead of panicking and giving yourself a heart attack.

Stay clear of this infection by following the above tips or visit the doctor if things don’t improve soon.

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