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Home Remedies To Melt Ice – Simple Ways To Melt Ice

Snowfall is always exciting to look at, but when it forms ice, cleaning it is no real fun. It is indeed a daunting task to do so. Ice formation during the winters is a natural process, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Of course, it’s a matter of concern for everyone and especially to the homeowners and motorists.

Ice, which is formed surrounding the house, pavements, and roads, can cause a slip or an accident. To avoid accidents, you’ve to ensure keeping these areas clean. Next Up: Get into work with your shovels and picks for removing these ice, which is indeed a laborious work. Otherwise, the alternate option is applying Simple Home techniques to melt ice.

Don’t you think the second one is a cool idea! In this exciting blog, we’ll learn about Home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hacks to try. The ingredients you need to do that are mostly available with homeowners. Let’s see what those are and find out how to do that easily.

NB: In blog, we speak about unique ways to find solutions for various problems naturally. The reason is that home techniques and home remedies are simple, effective, and budget-friendly. Furthermore, ingredients required for applying home remedies are readily available in most of the household. Let’s learn about the Home Remedies DIY hacks to try.

But, do you know that by applying Rock Salt, you can melt ice quickly? However, it is one of the most common techniques used to melt ice. Over here, we’ll learn about the top five Ice Melting alternative DIY Hacks to try. These are quick and simple home remedies that’ll help you to keep your driveway and sidewalk clean from ice.

Top five Home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hacks to try.

Use Table Salt

Ice and salt forms an excellent combination and is one of the best Home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hacks to try. However, if you sprinkle some spices randomly over the ice, it’ll not melt. You’ve to ensure that the salt properly pervades the ice without merely resting on its top. Here the hack is to pour hot water while you’re spreading the salt. Of course, the ice will melt as you pour in hot water, and the salt will find its way inside, preventing the water from re-freezing. Ordinary table salt is good enough for it. It is an excellent technique that even works well to unstick tires.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizers are commonly available in every household. To melt ice, you need ammonium sulfate, which is an essential ingredient found in any fertilizer. When you put fertilizer on ice, it lowers the melting point temperature of ice. Thus, it increases the speed at which ice should melt. It is a proven home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hacks to try. Scan areas around your home where you’ll find ice and apply this simple Home technique to melt ice. However, you’ve to take care of certain things when you apply fertilizers to melt ice. Use this home remedy to melt accumulated ice in the surrounding areas of your house like gardens, lawns, etc. But, avoid using it to melt ice from the driveways. The melted ice water containing traces of fertilizers will cause environmental concerns.

Use Alcohol to melt ice.

The freezing point of rubbing Alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is lower than that of water. So, it is widely used for commercial ice melts. Generally, rubbing Alcohol is available in almost all households for fulfilling the sanitary needs. Use its potential to melt ice and apply a simple home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hack. Either pour the Alcohol directly on top of the ice or combine it with water and make a home-made spray to melt ice. Carry this bottle along with you when you drive through the snow. In case you’re stuck somewhere, and you need immediate assistance to melt the ice, use this spray.


A common ingredient available in every household is sugar. You need sugar for your daily needs. But do you know, sugar can help you de-ice your surrounding areas easily? It functions similarly to the salt, as both lower the water freezing point. However, the cost implication is more if you use sugar over salt. The best solution is, use sugar as a home remedy to melt ice from smaller areas, so the quantity used will be less.

Beet juice

Beetroots are one of the most common vegetables available throughout the year. Of course, it’s available in every household. People eat beetroot as it has various health benefits. But do you know, raw beetroot juice or beet juice is a powerful ingredient that you can use to melt ice? You’ll get the benefit of its ice melting property by mixing it with salt brine. Prepare this mixture by mixing the juice and salt brine in an 80-20 ratio. What happens here is, this mixture lowers the freezing temperature of the water and prevents ice formation. It is one of the proven home Remedies Ice Melting DIY Hacks to try.

Final Verdict

Although winters are exciting and fun with so many activities around, remember, you’ve to deal with ice equally. Over here, we’ve discussed hassle-free and straightforward home techniques to melt ice. Apply these home remedy techniques and keep your surroundings free from ice. To learn more about other home remedies and DIY hacks, visit

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