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Motion Sickness Remedies at Home: Simple tips!

Humm, you love going out on a long drive, that’s great! But do you sometimes feel jittery? Do you also feel tired, dizzy, and exhausted while traveling? People are suffering from nausea or vomiting a lot after moving at a stretch for some time. Also, you’ll see many people feel nervous if they travel by plane, bus, car or train.

Did you ever notice any such symptoms in you? Please don’t ignore it! You might be suffering from Motion Sickness. However, you’ll see that this symptom doesn’t last long, but it affects you severely as long as it lasts. After hearing this, are you afraid?

Don’t be, as in this blog, and we’ll be discussing the proven home remedies hacks for motion sickness. We’re about to tell you simple tips that’ll bring effective results curing this problem. Let’s read the below tips and combat Motion Sickness together.

But, before that, let’s learn how doctors define motion sickness?

How doctors define motion sickness?

Doctors from around the world are on the openion that someone suffers from motion sickness when the brain reacts to certain environmental changes. It is the time when our brain receives a variety of mixed messages from the different sense organs in our body. People get a feeling of wooziness after a prolonged movement in a car, plane, or train. They’ll feel like vomiting or keep vomiting throughout the journey. You’ll see some people feel sick when they travel in water, a typical condition called seasickness. Although doctors will prescribe drugs to cure it, natural treatments are always better to cure it of the root.

What happens when a person suffers from motion sickness?

The majority of the people suffering from motion sickness don’t realize it to be a severe concern. However, once identified at an initial stage, it’s easy to cure. During a prolonged trip, if you get a feeling of dizziness, or suddenly break out in a sweat, it could be a possible symptom. There’re people losing appetite, having a breathing problem, and even get severe headaches are also probable symptoms indicating that it’s motion sickness.

Why people suffer from motion sickness?

People suffer from motion sickness when your brain gets confused after receiving conflicting signals from your sense organs. For example, your eyes register movement, but your body muscles don’t show response to those movements. There’re various reasons for which people suffer from motion sickness. However, the major ones are sleep deficiency, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, or it could come in a person with a migraine history.

NB: It is essential to mention, our blogs focus and provides homemade treatment tips. Our DIY tips are examples backed by scientific research, and we share data taken from authentic sources.

We’ll now discuss the proven natural remedies to cure motion sickness. Let’s start!

Five proven home remedies to cure motion sickness

Utilize the power of Raw Ginger

Ginger is the most common spice that we use daily and is almost available with every household. It’s a well-known herb with high medicinal values and used to treat many ailments naturally. We use Ginger to cure someone suffering from a sore throat or during cough. Do you know, Ginger is an important herb that helps to cure motion sickness naturally? So, what exactly you’ve to do? Carry an inch long piece of raw Ginger with you while you are traveling. Put a small part in your mouth and keep sucking while you’re on the move. There’s enough scientific evidence proving that it helps to alleviate the motion sickness symptom. Gingerol, the natural oil in Ginger and it’s a strong flavor, helps in easing nausea. It is, therefore, a valuable home remedy to cure motion sickness.

Carry Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil is another common ingredient readily available in the market. You can find it in any departmental store. Using Peppermint Oil while traveling is an excellent Home Remedies hacks for Motion sickness. All you need is to pour a little over three drops of oil on your handkerchief and carry along. Keep smelling it while traveling. It is one of the best home remedies to cure motion sickness. The scientific reason is, it contains menthol, which has a strong aroma. Once you keep smelling it, you’ll feel fresh while traveling and control the motion sickness problem.


Lemon also has several medicinal properties and widely used in every household. Its juice is acidic, which has the power to neutralize acids produced by our stomach. It is scientifically proven that lemon can alleviate nausea. The citrusy smell in lemons further helps in relieving motion sickness symptoms. So, what exactly you’ve to do? Take it and cut it into two halves. Carry it along and suck it while traveling. You can also smell it, and the strong smell will keep you refreshed.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Drinking a cup of Chamomile Tea is a great option to overcome the motion sickness problem naturally. The medicinal property present in this tea keeps you relaxed and stress-free. People drinking Chamomile Tea can easily overcome themselves from nausea and vomiting symptoms. Make sure to drink a cup of Chamomile Tea before you travel to keep you away from the motion sickness problem.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. It’ll keep you away from many health issues, including motion sickness. So, the simple home remedy to combat motion sickness is to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. Make this a habit, and you can easily avoid problems like nausea and vomiting.

Summing it up

There are plenty of natural ingredients available around us with medicinal properties to cure several ailments. Also, there are proven home remedy DIY hacks to apply every day. Once you know and start using them, you’ll get proven results. Overcoming motion sickness is not a challenge if you follow these home remedies tips. So, start applying them and combat the motion sickness problem resolutely.

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