Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice

As we enter the 21 century, it’s possible that you might believe that lice are a something of the past. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be worried if your children show up with an engorged head of lice.

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They can pick them up from anyplace they want; it could be at a friend’s house or even from the summer camp. However, it is not in any way connected with unhygienic procedures.

Lice are typically classified as parasites. They consume a tiny amount of blood from humans as they have no wings and aren’t able to crow meaning they only depend on their hosts, and in this case , the human scalp.

The greatest thing about them is that they don’t have any illnesses that could be transmitted to them.

Recent findings released from the Center for Disease elimination and control (CDC) indicate that children who are younger than 11 years as being the top carriers of head lice, either by hair-to-hair contact with a head infested or through lice eggs, also known as nits.

The research also estimates that there are an average of six million affected children each year. Though there are various opinions regarding lice cures and treatments, scientists and physicians, especially, are of the opinion that there are some practices which can drastically starve and decrease growth of lice.

Here are the top remedies at-home for head lice.

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Louse Combing

Before you contemplate any other solutions making use of a louse comb to eliminate lice or nits can be far better than other methods.

The process can be tedious, however, if it is done properly it will yield results that are pleasing. For hair that is wet spray conditioner and sprinkle lightly by using baking soda.

Split the hair into small sections. Then, comb to get rid of the lice, nits and other flies beginning at the scalp.

Sometimes, a magnifier is employed to look at the scalp in a more precise manner.

For each section of hair that is scanned apply a gentle pat with a paper towels to remove conditioner. Repeat the process for several times until lice have gone.

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Electric Combing

In addition to wet combing, lice also are sensitive to electro-currents. Utilizing an electric lice combing to eliminate nits and live lice is an effective method. This solution is similar to louse combing in that it is the electric tool.

It kills and clears of nits completely. However its effectiveness is dependent on your patience and thoroughness of the procedure as it is very demanding.

Always blow-dry the hair following each treatment and regularly wash the hair each day to ensure that you get the best results.

It is the Tea Tree Oil, Lice Treatment

In addition to its natural antiseptic and deodorant properties Tea tree oil is also an insect repellent.

The primary characteristics of this product may as well eliminate parasites.

There aren’t any specific guidelines for how many times to use it parents can mix the shampoo using a couple of drops the oil that is natural and apply it to the desired areas.

For maximum effectiveness, a consistent application, a few times per week is the best option for children.

Olive Oil Remedy

Contrary to many other oils that is easily found in many shops, offers numerous medicinal benefits and can be utilized in conjunction with anise oil to treat skin issues.

The oil, described as monounsaturated fat contains antioxidants and is thought of as a natural remedy because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

To ensure efficiency to be effective, at a ratio of 1:1 mix olive oil and anise oil, and apply it to the hair , and then apply deep onto the scalp. Studies have shown that the combination is able to shed, suffocate and kill live lice and nits within one week of usage.

Coconut Oil Head Lice Remedy

Coconut oil, widely used to speed up the hair growth also nourishes scalp. This is the reason what is the reason why Brazilian long hair technique continues to grow in popularity.

In a study in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro by a group of specialists studying natural remedies versus commercial treatment that is used to eliminate head lice found that the coconut oil that is popular along the coast of Brazil eliminated more than 80 percent of the head lice. It also itching was observed for six hours following application.

In the study, medicated shampoos were more effective during the same time. To ensure effectiveness apply coconut oil two times each day. Followed by straight combing. Coconut oil can be used for conditioning during the louse combing treatment.

Head lice onion remedy

In a food processor, blend the slices of an onion and apply directly on the scalp. secure the hair with a cap to bathe for 4 hours.

With a nit comb remove dead lice as well as nits, then wash with shampoo in order to eliminate any smell.

Similar to that, other products such as mayonnaise, mashes apples as well as petroleum jelly could be substituted in place of onions.

If a child is suffering by lice, it’s best to treat them and then expose all of the remedies to decrease the chance of re-infestation and then reinfestation.

All bedding, clothing and other objects that are frequently touched must be cleaned to eliminate the dreaded bacterium for good.

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