Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice

In the 21st century, you may think that lice are a thing of the past. If that’s the case, then don’t panic when your kids show up with a head full of pesky lice infestation.

They could pick them from anywhere; it could be from a friend’s place of even the already concluded summer camp. But it is in no way associated with poor hygiene practices.

Lice are generally classified as parasites and primarily feed on a minuscule portion of the human blood since they are wingless, and may not crow, which means they solely depend on a host and in this case the human scalp.

The best thing is they don’t carry any diseases with them.

Recent data published by the center for disease control and prevention (CDC) place children under the age of 11 years as high contractors of head lice either through hair to hair contact with an infested head or one with the lice eggs called nits.

The data further estimates an average of six million affected children annually. Although there are varying opinions on lice remedies and treatment, researchers, and doctors, in particular, agree there are certain practices that can massively starve and reduce the spread of lice.

Here are the best home remedies for head lice.

Louse Combing

Before you even think of any other far fetched remedies, using a louse comb to treat lice and nits is way too effective than most recommended strategies.

The process is tedious but if done correctly, the results are appealing. On wet strands of hair, spray conditioner, and dust sparingly with baking soda.

Portion the hair into handful size sections and comb out the lice and nits starting from the scalp.

Sometimes a magnifier may be used to examine the scalp closer.

On every scanned hair section, pat gently with paper towel to wipe out conditioner and carry the process repeatedly for a week until lice clear out.

Electric Combing

Apart from wet combing, lice are also sensitive to electrode currents. By using a electric lice comb to eradicate nits and live lice is a beneficial practice. This remedy works similar to the louse combing, for except it uses an electric comb.

It kills and gets rid of nits completely, however, its success depends on the patience and thoroughness as the process is quite demanding.

Be sure to blow-dry the hair after every procedure and routinely wash the hair every morning for all-embracing results.

The Tea Tree Oil Lice Remedy

Apart from its natural deodorant and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is an anti-insect repellent.

The fundamental properties of this product can as well kill parasites.

Although there are no set rules as to how many times it should be used, parents can cocktail shampoo with a few drops of the natural oil and apply to the desired area.

For effectiveness, regular application a couple times a week is best suited for children.

Olive Oil Remedy

Unlike other oils, olive oil, which is readily available in most stores has countless medicinal benefits that can be used alongside anise oil to remedy skin conditions.

The oil, which is classified as monounsaturated fat, contains anti-oxidants and is widely considered a natural medicinal reliever due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

For effectiveness, in a ratio of 1:1 mix olive oil together with anise oil and apply to the hair and touching deeply to the scalp. Studies show that the duo has the ability to sheath, suffocate and kill live lice and nits after a week in use.

Coconut Oil Head Lice Remedy

Coconut oil, which is widely used for faster thicker growth of the hair, nourishes the scalp as well. This explains why the Brazilian long hair strategy continues to flourish.

In a 2010 study conducted at Rio de Janeiro by a team of experts comparing natural remedies with the over the counter treatment to shed head lice, concluded that the natural coconut oil popular in the coastal of Brazil killed 80 percent of head lice and nit six hours after application.

In the research, medicated shampoos performed better over the same period. For effectiveness, apply coconut oil twice a day followed by a straight combing. The oil can also be used as a substitute for conditioning in the louse combing remedy.

Onion Juice Remedy For Head Lice

In a food processor, liquidize a few onion slices and apply directly to the scalp and hold the hair firmly in a bathing cap for 4 hours.

In a nit comb, wipe off dead lice and nits and rinse appropriately with shampoo to clear any odor.

Similarly, other commodities like mashes apple, mayonnaise, and petroleum jelly can also be used in place of onions.

If one child is infested with lice, it is better to treat and subject all to the remedy to reduce the chances of passing them back and further re-infestation.

Any used clothes, bedding, and frequently touched objects should be sanitized to clear the pesky infestation once and for all.

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