Home Remedies For Blackheads

Home Remedies For Blackheads

Pimples are never easy to get rid of. The worst type that you will try to get rid of is blackheads. Regardless of what you do to get rid of blackheads, they always seem to come back when you thought you had gotten rid of them.

The good news is you don’t have to go to your local drug store because there are a few different things that will work you probably already have in your kitchen. Blackheads usually appear on a person’s chin or nose.

The cause of blackheads is a person’s hair follicles being blocked from the chemical sebum. While you might want to squeeze the chemical out, you could end up giving yourself a scar.

The following home remedies for blackheads will not only get rid of blackheads but it will also stop them from coming back.

1: Mix Vinegar And Cornstarch

First, you will need one tablespoon of cornstarch. Then you want to combine vinegar until you get a mixture that resembles a glue-like substance. Place the glue-like substance where blackheads appear and you have to leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes. After that, wash off the mixture using warm water but afterward, you will need to use water at freezing temperature to close up the pore so nothing else can grow in there. Some people do use ice instead of water when they reach this step.

How this mixture works is that the oil is soaked up by the cornstarch and the vinegar will help hide the blemish that appeared because of the blackhead. This isn’t a one-time process, however. If you want to achieve an excellent outcome, it is recommended that you do this about three times a week.

2: Use Honey

Not only has this item gotten rid of blackheads, but honey will also soak the skin and get rid of any irritation. Just like the previous remedy, you spread it all over the face (after making sure your face is dry and clean) and then just wait 20 minutes. When it’s time to wash it off, use warm water and if you choose, you can do this treatment every day if you want to do so.

3: Honey Mask With Egg Whites

Just like the previous remedy where the only ingredient was honey, you can also spread this over the entire surface of your face. Rather than waiting a certain amount of time, you keep this on until your face feels tight. Once you have that feeling, you wash it off with warm water. In addition to getting rid of blackheads, this combination will have other benefits to your skin.

4: Lemon Juice

This will get rid of dead skin cells and it happens to remove blackheads also. It’s recommended that you put lemon juice on cotton wool and apply lemon juice to the area that has blackheads. You can apply this before you go to sleep and wash it off the next morning. If you are going to try this remedy, you will have to it for around seven days. Every morning that you wash it off, you want to use something that will moisten your skin because lemon juice will dry your skin out if you use it to get rid of blackheads.

5: Baking Soda

If you try this remedy, make sure you’re not using baking powder. A lot of people seem to think both are just as good as one another. You will want to mix baking soda with water and then gently rub the mixture into the area of your face that has blackheads. After you have rubbed the baking soda and water mixture into blackheads then you will want to wash the mixture off with warm water. Just like the honey mask mixed with egg whites, using this on the skin will benefit it in other ways as well.

So the next time you look in the mirror and notice blackheads, don’t risk giving yourself a scar by trying to squeeze the sebum out. Pick the home remedy for blackheads based on what you have in your kitchen. Why would you want to spend money on something from your local drug store if you already have the ingredients for different home remedies in your kitchen?

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