Oxygen Concentrator for Patient with Low Blood Oxygen

One of the most common chemical element in the crust of the Earth is oxygen(chemical name O). It is also a significant part of 21 percent of earth’s atmosphere. Its appearance has influenced the evolution of multicellular organisms, and humans too. Even with abundance of oxygen, sometimes patient face a low blood oxygen situation, in such cases use of Oxygen concentrator become a necessity.

Oxygen concentrator- oxygen mask
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The elemental chemical oxygen can be described as a colorless flavorless, and odorless gas that is vital to the existence of all living things living on earth. It’s 20.94 percent in air that is clean, and the percentage drops in a pollution-laden environment, which can have negative effects on all living organisms, since its greater concentration is risky, meaning it could cause poisoning.

Valuable role of oxygen

The function of oxygen in the metabolic process, as an element that is essential to carry out the process of cell metabolism and respiration, plays the most significant role in the life of an animal. By forming proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, cells produce energy that is required for the other processes of life. Human bodies consume during sitting down, 250ml of oxygen within one minute, and during exercise, this amount increases according to the level of stress.

Oxygen plays an essential and unquestionable role in the fight against microorganisms and in the healing process of wounded tissues and wounds and for the preservation of essential functions.

It is important to note that in order to keep regular levels of oxygen in blood and to prevent illnesses It is vital to breathe in air for as long and for as long as is possible. This, in conjunction with the consumption of foods that are rich in antioxidants, and a balanced diet consisting of several smaller meals along by taking regular walks, moderate exercise and learning to breathe correctly helps to ensure that the blood supply being filled with oxygen. In turn, it helps maintain the vitality of the entire body.

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Hypoxia and anoxia

The lack of oxygen in the muscles, organs or blood don’t get enough oxygen, is known as anoxia. Insufficient levels of oxygen within the blood or tissues is known as hypoxia.

If there is a deficiency of oxygen within tissues, there is an increase in the absorption of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. This results in a general weakness, infections and various ailments such as fatigue, palpitations muscles headaches, aches, and poor concentration and difficulties learning because of it. Insomnia, confusion dizziness, sweating, breathing problems…

If oxygen intake ceases and brain damage occurs, the brain and liver as well as other organs takes place within the span of a few minutes.


We have pointed to the fact that the increase in the amount of oxygen in the body can pose an extremely risk to the human health and the life of our species, as it could lead to hyperoxia, which is a form of poisoning. Because of the increase in oxygen levels there are changes that occur throughout the body, including the central nervous systems, the eye, and the lungs.

Oxygen poisoning is not commonplace today However, it is crucial to highlight the importance of safe use of oxygen-based devices as well as appropriate training for all who use oxygen: pilots, astronauts divers, medical personnel and others who use oxygen.

The most frequently used medication in times of emergency

Oxygen has been one among the more frequently utilized drugs for conditions that are classified as urgent. Hospitalization is often taken for granted and the speed or necessity of introducing oxygen into the body is crucial.

If you are suffering from a lack in oxygen levels, the primary method is to allow the maximum amount of this substance into the body using nasal masks which just cover the nose, or mouth and nose, through which oxygen is breathed. To administer oxygen devices, those in the shape of a bottle containing gas or oxygen or liquid oxygen, and an oxygen concentrator a gadget known as a mobile tank are utilized, as it can be utilized outside of the home.

Hyperbaric medicine

There’s a wide range of medicine that deals with oxygen therapy which is known as hyperbaric medicine. Equipment that allows patients to breathe pure oxygen, at an atmosphere of pressure that is higher than the norm and are referred to as hyperbaric chambers.

The level of oxygen in blood plasma rises when the pressure inside these devices is greater than 2.8 bar. This allows for faster delivery of oxygen to injured tissues and cells. This procedure is utilized to treat a variety of ailments, ranging from diabetes, vein injuries, angina pectoris, and burns to heart attacks and strokes. The treatment within the hyperbaric chamber that is also suggested to children is performed with the guidance of a physician and medical personnel. The treatment takes about 20 days, 60-90 minutes per day for adults and around sixty minutes in children.

Concentrators to improve oxygen levels and facilitate breathing – gadgets that offer an unlimitable amount of gas vital to life

In order to provide oxygen to patients for whom there is a deficiency of oxygen in the body, for instance in circulation, the device, commonly known as a home oxygen concentrator also known as a generator, is employed. A highly effective medical device that operates on batteries or electricity and functions in as to remove oxygen out of the air, and then separates it from air and retains it by compressing it and provides an unlimited quantity of oxygen in the time that it’s turned on. Thus, the patient can have the entire quantity of oxygen at his disposal, and without the fear of “consuming” it.

The procedure of making use of or concentration oxygen concentrators is easy. It’s all it takes for the person who requires oxygen to wear an nasal catheter mask and inhale the oxygen purified directly and the rest is performed via the instrument itself. It is taken into consideration that it is crucial for this treatment to be approved by a specialist doctor to diagnose oxygen deficiency in blood.

An oxygen concentrator that improves the quality of air by the highest concentration in this element. It is utilized to treat lung diseases (oxygen therapy) to address the issue of a irregular oxygen levels in the lung. It assists patients who have difficulty breathing problems and insomnia and people who are unable to eliminate Sputum. The device increases the quality of air inside the room, enhances the defense mechanisms of the lungs, enhances kidney function, and reduces the swelling of the esophagus…

In light of the mentioned fact that any condition that results in a decrease in the quantity (or reduction in the pressure on oxygen in its partial form) as a result causes a disruption in the overall functioning of the organism, it is stated that an oxygen concentrator is required. A few studies show that oxygen oxygen therapy is utilized in approximately 34% of the cases when transporting patients, and in around 15 percent of patients in bed.

Newer generations of oxygen concentrators have been quiet and lightweight devices. They also have their low energy consumption. They are equipped with sensors to measure oxygen purity and their maintenance and handling is straightforward. They are compact in size, sleek in design, durable and affordable.

The history of oxygen concentrators

The original inventor of the oxygen concentrator can be believed as John Scott Jaldane who developed the precursor of the modern oxygen concentrators throughout the First World War in the treatment of soldiers who were poisoned by gas. After the conclusion of the war the concentrator was initially utilized in English hospitals. It was administered to patients using small cylinders that could be carried around.

Based on some theories that oxygen therapy was a popular treatment as early as the late 18th century. It is connected with the notion that oxygen therapy could be beneficial in certain lung conditions when there isn’t enough normal air to effectively eliminate the smoke of purulent inflammation. However, oxygen was swiftly declared to be harmful and was not utilized until after the First World War.

Through the years the device has endured technological advances, and in the 70s of the last century, it was employed for treating patients at home. Nowadays, there are oxygen concentrators available in a broad variety of sizes and styles. The most popular type in the field of modern medical practice is the portable oxygen concentrator, which is especially ideal to be utilized for people who are elderly and whose levels of oxygen are naturally declining in their bodies with age. It is also important that technology has improved enough that oxygen concentrators can also be made which can be utilized on airplanes.

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