Permanent Hair Removal Using a Medical Laser

Beauty and hairiness

Unwanted hair has been recognized as having the medical, social and even cultural significance. As a cosmetic issue and a cause of hair loss, they have been the basis for the creation of a variety of ways to get rid of them. Cleopatra’s recipe based on lemon and honey was famous and a variety of techniques were developed which are still in use today(plucking waxing, removing hair, electron epilation shaving, enzymatic despilation and many others). All of these methods result in temporary hair removal. They also have several negative adverse effects, including irritation, pain, skin discoloration and insufficient aesthetic results, as well as it is a need to have more frequent repeats for the process. Laser hair removal can be an option if you are struggling with hairiness.

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Lasers provide a long-term solution

Modern advances in aesthetics and medicine have allowed us to address issues that were once thought to be impossible to solve. Laser treatments are one of them which have been used to treat medical issues for a long time, and recently, they have found their place in the cosmetic treatments used for treating treatments for the face as well as the body.

Free of hair, ingrown hairs and inflammation processes

The treatment with lasers in the hands of trained professionals ensures safety and efficacy. The results can be seen following the first treatment and aside from removing unwelcome hair, issue of ingrown hairs and inflammation processes can also be addressed.

Benefits of lasers over cosmetic IPL devices

The benefit of medical laser as opposed to IPL devices is its effectiveness, power and the long-lasting effects. Lasers and IPL devices make use of optical energy and operate in a similar way however it is crucial to understand the difference between them. IPL devices are not lasers.

The main difference lies in the technical aspects of the devices. Laser beams are controlled, and directed towards the hair follicle and it provides high-precision. It is able to selectively target darker and thicker hairs while not damaging the tissue surrounding it.

With IPL devices the rays are scattered and do not permit an exact control of hair follicles. The light energy is absorbed by the skin. The skin and doesn’t damage the deeper roots. Lasers are directed towards the roots, making the procedure more efficient and fewer treatments.

The lasers that are used for treatment can be safe to all skin types and are able to be used to treat hair with lighter hues, however IPL is not efficient for lighter hair, and may cause burned skin on more dark skin types. You can get burned by sun and undergo laser hair removal. However, when using IPL treatments, burns are possible in skin that is dark skin or lower legs in particular for non-professionals.

The most significant difference between lasers and IPL gadget is that the latter is more secure, and provides superior results, and requires fewer treatments. The laser eliminates hair completely, however IPL-treated hair is growing more slow and appears in a short time.

How do lasers work for hair removal?

The energy from the laser beam transforms into heat energy, which permanently takes out the hair, along with its DNA file, this is the reason why hair will stop growing.

To get the desired result To achieve the desired effect, 3 procedures to remove hair lasers is required over a period of 2 months, based on the location being treated.

Before laser hair removal, it is important to stop pulling hair by using wax or tweezers. Laser hair removal is performed 4 weeks after the last exposure to sunlight.

Certain antibiotics and drugs are part of the category of photosensitive drugs. Therefore, it is important to align the timing of epilation with lasers and their use.

In the course of treatment, a temporary redness may occur, but it will subside within a couple of hours. The skin is calmed by cooling and applying an oil. It is possible to sunbathe for two weeks following the treatment with lasers to remove hair.

Certain conditions and diseases are not suitable for the use of lasers for hair removal. That is why it is crucial to consult a professional and not remove hair on sensitive areas of the body, like the eye area the earlobe, nose, and eyes.

The laser hair removal procedure is utilized to treat ailments and eliminate inflammation processes in the hair roots, which happen following waxing. The remedy to this painful, uncomfortable and persistent issue is to eliminate hair roots as a cause of inflammation. If you remove permanently, hair follicles can the issue of painful inflammation processes within the region of hair roots, and the subsequent marks and dark spots is completely eliminated.

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