Permanent Hair Removal Using a Medical Laser 1

Permanent Hair Removal Using a Medical Laser

Hairiness and aesthetics

Unwanted hair has long been given medical, social and cultural significance. Defined as an aesthetic problem, they have led to the development of numerous methods for their removal. Cleopatra’s mixture based on honey and lemon was known, and numerous techniques followed that are still used today(plucking, waxing, electro epilation, shaving, enzymatic depilation and others). All methods lead to temporary hair removal and have a number of side effects, such as pain, irritation, skin discoloration and insufficient aesthetic result, and the need for more frequent repetition of the procedure.

Lasers offer a permanent solution

Discoveries in medicine and aesthetics have made it possible to treat problems that were once considered unsolvable. This includes laser treatments, which have been used for medical purposes for many years, and now they have found their place among the aesthetic treatments for the face and body.

Free of unwanted hair, ingrown hairs and inflammatory processes

Laser treatment in the hands of certified staff provides safety and efficiency. The results are visible after the first treatment, and in addition to removing unwanted hair, the problem of ingrown hairs and inflammatory processes is also solved.

Advantages of lasers over cosmetic IPL devices

The advantage of medical laser over cosmetic IPL devices lies in its power, efficiency and lasting results. Laser and IPL devices use optical energy and work on a similar principle, but it is important to know that IPL devices are not lasers.

The difference is in the technical characteristics of the devices themselves. The laser beam is controlled and aimed at the hair follicle, and provides high precision. It can selectively target darker and thicker hairs without damaging the surrounding tissue.

With IPL devices, the rays are scattered, which does not allow precise treatment of hair follicles. Light energy penetrates shallower under the skin and does not destroy deeper roots. The laser is aimed directly at the root, which makes it more efficient and requires fewer treatments.

Lasers are safe for all skin types, can treat lighter hair, while IPL is not effective for lighter hair and can cause burns on darker skin types. It is possible to be sunburned and do laser hair removal, while with IPL treatment burns can occur on dark skin and lower legs, especially in the hands of non-professionals.

The biggest difference between a laser and an IPL device is that the laser is much safer, gives better results, with fewer treatments. The laser completely removes hair, while IPL-treated hair grows more slowly and is present again after a short period.

How laser hair removal works

The light energy of the laser beam is converted into thermal energy that permanently removes the hair along with its DNA record, which is why it will no longer grow.

To achieve the desired effect, 3-6 laser hair removal treatments are needed with an interval of 2-3 months, depending on the region being treated.

Before laser hair removal, it is necessary to stop pulling the hair with tweezers or wax. Laser hair removal can be done 4 weeks after the last sun exposure.

Certain drugs and antibiotics belong to the group of photosensitive drugs, so it is necessary to harmonize the time of laser epilation and their application.

During the treatment, transient redness occurs, which stops after 1-2 hours. The skin is soothed by cooling and applying a cream. You can sunbathe for two weeks after the laser hair removal treatment.

Some diseases and conditions do not allow the use of laser hair removal, which is why it is important to find an expert, as well as not to perform hair removal on sensitive parts of the body, such as the area around the eyes, earlobe and nose.

Laser hair removal is used for therapeutic purposes to eliminate inflammatory processes of the hair roots, which occur after waxing. The solution to this painful, unpleasant and very persistent problem is to remove the hair roots as a source of infection. Only by permanent removal of hair follicles, the problem of painful inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the hair roots, and the consequent dark spots and scars, is eliminated.

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