Deer Repellent

Deer Repellent – Safe Ways to Keep the Deer Away From Your Garden

Deer are beautiful world life creatures and they are less dangerous to human beings. The sociable life of deer and humans can mostly bring them to your garden and start destroying it.

To some, this is a source of wild meat, but to others, these are beautiful animals that need to live. It being a source of tasty meat, is also a source of beauty that we would like to maintain.

Therefore the latter category of people know this very well and will look for natural ways to keep the deer away from the garden without hurting them. These deer repellent I am going to give you works like magic.

Dogs– dogs are always entrusted by their owners to alert them in case of an intruder. It is no different when it comes to deer. The barking and chasing by dogs is a natural way to keep deer away from your garden. This is the best and most efficient deer repellent you can use for your garden.

Chili powder– to human beings, this is a flavoring ingredient in food, but to deer, it is an enemy. Sprinkling chili powder on your plants will keep the deer away because of the strong smell that comes out of it.

Introduce deer repellent plants– some plants like garlic and onions are not friends to deer. If deer keeps on coming across these crops in your garden, they will go away forever.

Eggs– not only deer but some people, like me, don’t like the smell of eggs whether in good condition or rotten. Now think about that smell in your garden. Deer hate this smell and will definitely not come back after the experience with eggs.

Put up a fence– this is one of the best solutions to keep deer away from your garden. Deer can jump, but the can only jump anything below 10 feet tall fences and cannot keep a long distance. Therefore, when building a fence, let it be high and slightly slant towards the outside. This way deer won’t be able to break into your garden. An electric fence will be an added advantage if you can.

Human hair and urine– surprise, surprise the next time you get a haircut, do not just throw the cut hair into a dustbin. If you have a garden, sprinkle the hair all over. Also sprinkle your urine around the garden. How does this work? Human have been hunting deer for a long time, and this is well known to them. Therefore, when a deer smells a human scent, it disappears from the serenity immediately. This applies to a garden sprinkled with hair and urine.

Advantages of using homemade deer repellent

They are safe– these natural ways are not going to have any side effects on you. Since they do not consist any chemicals from the industries, these deer repellents are safe to your health. You do not want to save money by using homemade repellents, and spend it in the hospital treating yourself from the side effects experienced.

They do not affect your crops– whatever crops you might have planted in your garden will not be affected by these homemade repellents. They are not like pesticides or such, but it is always good to wash your crops thoroughly before using them. Your crops will grow healthy and even healthier because they are not destroyed by deer.

It is a permanent solution. These methods offer a permanent solution to your deer invasion problem. Once they go away, they will never come back. However, you have to keep it consistent for some time until the deer remember them.

They are cheap– nothing here digs into your pocket. Whether you are financially stable or not, this methods will not eat up your money. It is a bad economy and perhaps you are struggling to put food on the table. Do not allow extra activities to interfere with your strict budget, do it yourself instead, and keep away deer.

Factors that may attract deer to your garden.

It is the only good source of food for them– during the dry period, your garden is still green because you are taking very good care of it. What you do not know is that deer on the outside are craving for something with chlorophyll to go into their stomach. Your garden will look attractive from a distance and that will bring them in.

It is easily accessible– humans have the thought of not trespassing even if a piece of land is not protected, but deer don’t. If deer can get in and out of your garden freely, then you are set to have a huge war with them. Leaving your garden open for any visitor will definitely welcome them all.

Your garden have some plants that attract deer– don’t be scared or worried that you might have to uproot them in order to protect your garden, not really. You can plant them together with deer repellent discussed above. Deer have a very strong sense of smell and can smell things from a far distance. If you do not combine this plants, then deer will be attracted to your garden.

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