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The Best Asthma Treatment and Remedies At Home

Have you ever wondered if there’s a cure for asthma?

Well, this thought in question has attracted intriguing arguments from various quarters in recent years.

“Asma itself is a fascinating condition”, argues Ann Schuchat, the deputy director at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Asthma is one of those conditions that cause swelling, inflammation, narrowing down and increased mucus in the air path.

Unfortunately, the disease has no cure, but there is medication that could be used alongside other remedies to contain the condition and provide relief for ailing patients of asthma.

In fact, some therapists say that there are advance remedies that may even work better than over the counter treatments.

Although there is no enough research to support those claims, people who have used them before have reported a positive response in conjunction with their effects to relieve symptoms.

Here are some complementary remedies you may find helpful towards your symptom relief.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been in existence since time immemorial. Yoga details in stretching and body flexibility towards the overall body relaxation. But did you know that yoga is a perfect remedy to ease up stress which may flare-up asthmatic conditions? Further, yoga which encourages rhythmic breathing is also beneficial and may help reduce the frequency in which asthma attacks occur.

Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness, which at times works in conjunction with yoga, is a meditation session that helps the body, mind and soul relax through the mind focusing entirely on the present moment.

Mindfulness can be practised anywhere, whether at work, in your apartment, or at the funfair just before cliff diving. All you need is a quiet environment. Close your eyes, and let the mind instincts focus on the thoughts and body sensation.

The therapy is purely stress-relieving, and asthma persons could find it more beneficial to ease up asthma-related symptoms triggered by stress.

Turmeric Home Treatment

The yellowish color of turmeric comes from one of it’s compounds- curcumin. And it turns out that curcumin can help relieve the air paths of our bodies.

There have been lots of studies of curcumin effects on lung diseases, and they also indicate the positive effect on airway obstruction. While it may not be enough to cure the asthma completely, it is considered as safe and effective add-on therapy for bronchial asthma.

More studies needs to happen, but it’s clear that there are many turmeric benefits.

Mustard Oil Remedy

Mustard oil, which is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids has countless benefits. Despite its ability to promote heart health, blood circulation, mustard oil can also instantly relief cough and colds that may trigger asthma attacks.

Mustard is sparingly mixed with camphor to become quite potent, and generously rubbed on the chest to ease the symptoms. The oil may be warmed to unleash its healing power.

Eucalyptus Oil Remedy

Eucalyptus oil is much available as an essential oil. The oil comes in handy with a variety of medicinal benefits. Countless times, this oil has been used as a tick repellent and is also a perfect match to treat most skin conditions and arthritis as well.

However, when applied to relieve asthma-related symptoms it works like a charm. To effectively use it, add few drops to a jug of hot steamy water and comfortably inhale the vapour. Also, an oil diffuser may be used to administer the remedy.

Buteyko Therapy

Among therapies, Buteyko therapy is quite outstanding. The breathing control program which was authored by Konstantin Buteyko is complimentary for physical therapies and focuses primarily on breathing techniques to control asthma-related attacks.

The ideology behind the technique dictates that people reduce the breathing rate. To rip the most from this remedy, sit upright and relax the chest muscles and belly.

Focusing, breath through the nose with the mouth shut, breathing gently and slowly, exhale out until all air clears from the lungs and hold breath for as long as possible before reverting to normal rhythmic breathing.

It is similar to the Papworth therapy which explicitly domains in diaphragmatic breathing by using the nose to control breathing depending on the current activity.

Upright Sitting Therapy

Complimenting asthma treatment doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact this remedy is as simple as winking.

Whilst asthma medication can be helpful, incorporating sitting postures to ease and open-air passageways can assist one in relieving asthma symptoms.

For instant benefits, sit upright, as lying down is discourage due to further complication in the breathing patterns. Some people, and especially the aged prefer sits with lean backs to help them with the posture.

Acupuncture Therapy

This ancient Chinese therapy has been in use for quite some time. Although the remedy has been used in conjunction with other medications to ease arthritis symptoms, those who have tried it primarily for asthmas have reported a positive feed as having the ability to relieve asthma symptoms.

Thin needles are inserted in specific points on the skin, mostly the back. As there is no particular research backing up these facts, critics have labelled it as a pseudo science.

There are numerous triggers for asthmatic attacks, and some are food-related allergies and, in this case, asthmatic diets should be sought.

The idea is to starve the body from asthmatic attacks, so these remedies should work in line with prescribed medication.

It is also recommended to engage the doctor and assist you establish which works best.

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