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Top 7 Homemade Rabbit Repellent

You have taken time to set up your garden, and now your peas and other crops are beginning to sprout only to get invaded by rabbits. It is quite frustrating. Though rabbits are not as destructive as other animals such as deer, their damages can be quite significant. Rabbits prefer feeding on the small bushes and shrubs, and therefore a garden where beans, peas, and some vegetables are sprouting will definitely be their favorite place. You, therefore, need to find efficient rabbit repellents to discourage them from invading your garden.

Below are some of the top homemade rabbit repellents you may consider to discourage rabbits from your garden.


Fencing is one of the most appropriate methods to repel rabbits from your farm. A 3 feet high chicken wire fence should be effective to discourage rabbits from the garden. You also need to bury about a 6 inches wire deep in the ground to prevent rabbits from crawling unto the farm. This is a relatively cheaper option for small gardens. You also need to maintain a regular check on the entire perimeter to ensure that the wire is in good condition and no spaces where rabbits can crawl through.

Natural repellents

Natural repellents such as tobacco dust, hot pepper, capsaicin, and blood meal can be efficient to repel rabbits from the garden. Tobacco dust and the blood meal produce bad odors, and spraying them on the crops would discourage these pests from your farm. Applying capsaicin on the plants, on the other hand, provides a burning sensation which scares rabbits away from the garden. These ingredients are easily accessible from the nearby stores and you can quickly reach out for them to repel rabbits from your farm.


Rabbits are very specific on what they feed on. They have tastes and will only feed on plants that have attractive smells. Therefore planting trees or other plants along the garden perimeter or beside the other crops can be an effective way to repel them from your garden. Consider plants with strong odors such as onions, asparagus, bee balm, tomatoes, thyme, lemon balm, and oak, among other plants. Such plants are easily accessible and you can effectively repel rabbits from your garden without spending huge costs.

Homemade trapping

You can make some wire traps and place them in strategic points from which the rabbits encroaches the farm. The rabbits droppings could be a good sign of the frequent routes. You also need to move the traps every week if the rabbits have changed their routes. Remember to check the traps after every 12 hours. Apples, carrots, corns, and cabbages can be ideal baits to trap the rabbits. If one rabbit is caught in the traps, then the rest would be scared to invade in the farm. They will ultimately be discouraged from the garden due to the fear that they could also be trapped. Remember not to handle the rabbits with bare hands in case you trap them. They are likely to transmit some dangerous infections. You could use gloves instead. Do not also use any poisonous baits while trapping the rabbits. While killing rabbits is prohibited, it could also be a great risk to your livestock as well. If you have to kill them, then avoid any poisonous baits.

Scare them from the garden

Sometimes farmers place aluminum pie pans, and some pretend owls to scare away rabbits from the farm. While this strategy may work out for a few days, the rabbits will eventually discover that the structures cannot harm them. Therefore you could think of a permanent solution to completely scare rabbits from your farm. Let cats and dogs help you guard your yard.

Clear the garden

Rabbits will always prefer feeding in areas with some bushes and vegetation where they can conceal themselves. If your farm is bushy, then it is likely that these pests will quickly destroy your crops. Clear out any unnecessary vegetation in the farm and leave the yard clear to quickly identify rabbits as they invade.

Homemade rabbit repellents are not only effective means to keep rabbits away from your garden but also inexpensive methods to consider, especially if your budget is restrained. Consider any of the above repellents based on your preferences to discourage rabbits from your farm.

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