Top 7 Rabbit Repellent Ideas That are Safe for Pets

Your garden is well-planned, and you are now seeing the fruits of your labor. But, rabbits have invaded your garden. It can be frustrating. Although rabbits aren’t as destructive as other animals like deer, they can cause serious damage. Chemical rabbit repellent can be poisonous for your lovely grass or your fruits and flowers in the garden. So avoiding it is a better idea, but still, you need a rabbit deterrent to keep rabbits out of your yards.

Rabbits love small shrubs and bushes, so a garden with beans, peas, and other vegetables will be their favorite place. To discourage rabbits from entering your garden, you will need natural rabbit repellent. We can help you in making a rabbit repellent spray which will help you get rid of the problem as well as a rabbit repellent safe for dogs and cats. A chemical that can affect rabbits can also affect your pets.

two rabbits in the garden
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These are the best homemade repellents for rabbits that you can use to discourage them from coming into your garden.

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The best way to keep rabbits away from your farm is by fencing. To discourage rabbits from your garden, a 3-foot chicken wire fence is recommended. To stop rabbits from crawling to the farm, you will need to place a 6-inch wire in the ground. This is an affordable option for small gardens. It is important to keep the perimeter clean and free of rabbits.

Natural rabbit repellents

To repel rabbits from your garden, natural repellents like blood meal, hot pepper, capsaicin, and tobacco dust can be effective. The bad smells that tobacco dust and blood meal create are repellents. You can spray them on your crops to discourage them from coming to your farm. Capsaicin, on the contrary, creates a burning sensation that scares off rabbits. These ingredients can be easily found in nearby shops, so you can quickly find them to repel rabbits away from your farm.

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Rabbits are very particular about what they eat. Rabbits have preferences and will only eat plants with attractive smells. Planting trees or other plants around the garden’s perimeter or alongside other crops can help to keep them away. You should consider plants that have strong odors, such as tomatoes, onions, lemon balm, and tomatoes. These plants are easy to find and can be used to repel rabbits from your garden.

rabbit repellent safe for dogs

Trapping at home

Some wire traps can be made and placed at strategic locations where the rabbits are likely to encroach on the farm. Rabbit droppings can be an indicator of frequent routes. If the rabbits have altered their routes, you will need to move the traps once a week. You should check the traps every 12 hours. The best baits for trapping rabbits are apples, carrots, and corns.

The traps can be used to catch one rabbit, and then they will all run away from the farm. Because they fear being trapped, they will be discouraged from entering the garden. If you do trap them, it is important to not touch the rabbits. They can transmit dangerous diseases. Instead, you could use gloves. You should not use poisonous baits to trap the rabbits. Although killing rabbits is against the law, it can pose a risk to your livestock. Avoid poisonous baits if you must kill them.

Scare them away from your garden

Some farmers use aluminum pie pans and pretend to be owls in order to keep the rabbits away from their farms. This strategy might work for a few days, but the rabbits will soon discover that they cannot be hurt by the structures. You could consider a permanent solution that will completely repel rabbits from your farm. Your yard can be protected by cats and dogs. Cat and Dogs can be used as repellents against rabbits by themselves.

Clear your garden

Rabbits prefer to eat in areas that have bushes and vegetation. These pests can quickly decimate your crops if your farm is overgrown. Remove all unnecessary plants from the farm, and make sure the yard is clear so that you can quickly identify the rabbits when they enter.

You can make your own rabbit repellent at home. This is a cost-effective way to keep your rabbits away from the garden. You can choose to use any one of the above rabbit deterrent methods depending on how you want to discourage rabbits from coming into your farm.

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