Home Remedies for Chigger Bites

Home Remedies for Chigger Bites

Life is surprisingly precious and most belief living as much as possible every day is one way of sucking all the juice to the fullest.

We all love different vicinities, either with your family on the fields on a lazy Sunday afternoon, at the golf course, or perhaps catching a breeze over the bridge to clear out your mind.

All these good things, though, come with a cost, and a common one to pay is the stubborn rash from chigger bites. Tiny bugs that are invisible with necked eyes.

Sometimes called harvest bugs, red bugs, they’ve picked up different nicknames, and that depends on where you come from; but scientist refers them as trombiculid mites or simply creatures.

They are not as dangerous, but their bites course an irritational rush too itchy to shy from scratching. Although they don’t frequent homesteads, you could pick them from the fields, or your very own lawn right outside your doorstep.

However, knowing how to deal with the results of such incidences is way better than worrying. Whilst over the counter treatments work well; you might not need to stock your meds cabinet, as home remedies come in handy to fill the gap when the need arises.

Here are the best self-made treatments to neutralize chigger bites.

Hot Steamy Showers

Well, you could be wondering what a hot shower got to do with a bite from these critters, but the fact is they don’t bite at all. They find a latch on the skin, then drill tiny holes, before depositing enzyme composed saliva that would cause the skin to break, and that’s how the itchy part sets in.

Taking a hot shower is definitely a game-changer on how you might have viewed chiggers before. So, if you suspect to have picked some from the fields or your child, a hot shower in the first two hours should wipe them off before they start to fill your body with the spit.

Additionally, shower gel would go down just well for dry skin. Use this remedy as a first-hand defense mechanism against chiggers.

Baking Soda Paste Rub

You’ve never heard anything sting like this remedy, so consider this a fair use warning, but the results are promisingly worth it. Two parts of bicarbonate are mixed with same amount of water to make a paste.

It’s super simple, and it could be mixed on the broad palm and then rub gently on the exposed area and allow a few minutes before washing off.

It’s ideal for all cases, whether you’ve just been exposed or the extreme itching began already. However, it’s only recommended to adults as minors may not bare the affliction that comes with the cure.

Basil Paste Rub Home Remedy

Torn basil leaves are sprinkled over salads, pesto, and tomato sauce to infuse the aroma of the herbs into the dish; however, basil can be ground into a paste to calm down skin itching from chigger bites.

In the motor, throw in a few leaves and grind to a pulp, rub gently over chigger bites, and experience relief. Alternatively, basil tea too works effectively.

To prepare the concoction, drop a handful leaves of the herb to a pint of steamy boiling water and simmer while covered and allow to cool down after a few minutes. Then gently with a cotton ball apply over the chigger bites.

Castor Oil Home Rub

If you keep castor oil around for other purposes, you may need to explore its full potential to heal health conditions. It is pressed from vegetables and has been used since ancient times to moisturize dry skin.

However, when applied to the bumps and rush over chigger bites, it is said to release a relieving effect. Although not as active as other remedies, entomologists have, in numerous counts shown strong faith over its effectiveness to these bites.

Kosher Salt Rub on The Bumps

Kosher salt, also known as flake salt, is tradition Jewish region’s favorite. It is also the chef’s choice over its course particles and natural state lacking additives.

Just like in the baking soda rub, the ideal method is to mix the salt into a vapor rub. This prep can get itchy, and its to be applied directly to the chigger bites. The menthol vapor rub content is basically to soothe the itching, while the salt neutralizes the enzyme saliva injected by the red bugs.

As to stay clear from chigger bite and other potential rushes caused by critters, taking precautionary measures would be a good start. Since prevention is better than cure,wear long pants during field strolls and camping to keep chiggers from crawling into the body.

You may find it helpful to spray shoes and boots with diatomaceous earth, but taking hot showers after stays on the field and lawn is both preventing and refreshing.

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