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8 Best Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Our breath constitutes an important part of our hygiene. People are suffering from the problem of bad breath. Some of them accept it, and a few of them ignore it. However, bad breath is something that should never be left ignored. There are people whose breath is hard to smell. At times they can’t even smell their breath because of the terrible bad odour.

If you have bad breath, it is not only unhygienic but at times it is embarrassing too. In addition to it, bad breath is an indication of several health concerns. It can be with regards to your gum and teeth health. Liver problems also result in bad breath. Eventually, it leads to severe problems like bleeding gums, tooth decay, etc.

We all know, in case of such severe issue we need to rush to doctors. However, there are natural treatments and remedies available to take care of your oral hygiene. There are effective home remedies available for getting rid of bad breath. We have prepared a list of eight best home remedy for getting rid of bad breath naturally. Let’s explore each one of them in details.

NB: only speaks about natural treatment and remedies. We work in philosophy to keep you away from the harmful effects of cosmetic medicines. We write blogs and practical tips about natural treatments keeping this philosophy in mind.

But before we dive into the solution list, let’s understand the reason behind the cause of bad breath.

What causes bad breath?

Unhygienic oral health primarily causes bad breath. A bad odour comes out from your mouth when there are bacteria inside. Bacteria feed on the bits of food particles caught between your teeth. They keep growing and eventually releases foul smells what we say as bad breath. It means the primary cause of bad breath is improper dental hygiene. If you floss and brush your teeth regularly after each meal, you can easily stop this bacteria growth. Alternatively, infections, diabetes or renal failures are other probable reasons for bad breath.

So, now we know the reasons for bad breath, let’s discuss the solutions to get rid of this problem naturally.

Listing the best home remedies for getting rid of bad breath

Pro Tip: Ensure you are maintaining good oral hygiene and do teeth cleaning regularly. Brush teeth after each meal, at least thrice daily. Don’t forget to floss and clean the food particles stuck in your teeth. Also, ensure to scrap your tongue using a tongue scraper. Take this simple step to keep bad breath away.

Chew Parsley.

Chewing of Parsley leaves is an effective way to tackle the bad breath problem naturally. Thus, it is one of the recommended home remedies for getting rid of bad breath. Parsley leaves are easily available in the market. After each meal, chew a bunch of fresh parsley leaves. Its natural scent and chlorophyll content keep the bad breath away.

Eat Pineapple

Pineapple is the most common among fruits, and we all know it. It is also used as a home remedy technique for getting rid of bad breath naturally. You can either drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice or chew a slice just after a meal for a few minutes. This helps to get rid of your bad breath. However, ensure to rinse your mouth to keep it clean from the natural sugar present in this fruit.

Drink Water

Drinking adequate water is extremely important for our health. There are tons of health benefits when you keep your body hydrated by drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily. From weight management to heart health, the span of benefits is massive. In addition to it, water plays an important role in keeping bad breath away by preventing your mouth from getting dry. The reason is, it facilitates an increase in saliva production. This further helps to keep away the bad breath. So, it acts as a proven home remedy for bad breath.


Yogurt is a common dietary product. Eating it regularly helps you to fight with bad breath problem naturally. It contains lactobacillus that is a healthy bacteria fighting with the bacterias that cause bad breath. Yogurt also has probiotics that help in controlling bad breath.

Drink Orange Juice

Deficiency of Vitamin C in your body is a prime reason for bad breath. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. If you increase intaking more of Vitamin C, there will be increased saliva production. Saliva helps to keep the bad breath away. Therefore, drink orange juice as one of the best home remedies for getting rid of bad breath.

Increase intake of Zinc

The importance of Zinc as a mineral is known to all of us. Zinc, in particular, is a home remedy for getting rid of bad breath. As you increase intaking more Zinc, it will reduce the sulfurous compounds present in your breath. This eventually helps in reducing bad breath naturally. Eat fruits, vegetables and fishes rich in Zinc. Thus, it is an effective natural treatment to cure the bad breath.

Drink Green tea

Drinking Green Tea has tons of health benefits as it’s rich with antioxidants. It also has a strong disinfectant and deodorizing property that keeps your breath fresh. So, drink this low-calorie beverage and get rid of your bad breath naturally.

Eat Apples

Eating apples every day has lots of health benefits. This powerful fruit has the power to neutralize the foul smell in our breath. So, eat an apple a day as one of the best home remedies for getting rid of bad breath.

Wrapping it up…

Bad breath is annoying and it can embrace you at times. In addition to it, it affects your teeth and could be the primary reason for tooth decay. Take proactive steps and follow these simple eight best home remedy for getting rid of bad breath. These are simple natural remedies with a maximum positive outcome.

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