Effective Home Remedies for Ear Mites

In recent years the presence of ear mites in humans is quite rare. They typically target domestic cats and dogs however, there is a small amount of evidence for owners who have caught ear mites of their pets. There is a possibility of addressing it with home remedy for ear mites.

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When this type of human disease is discovered, even though it’s a rare occurrence and can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. The removal of ear mites is a challenge, and it can take months before finding the solution. At present those who have been infected are advised to remain isolated from society since these mites can cause irritation. Here are some home remedy for ear mites.


With each technological advancement today medical science continues to be awed by the practices of ancient civilizations. Garlic is used by a lot of people to enhance the flavor of meals, however, recently, people from the Western world has discovered its therapeutic properties.

It was found to possess antibacterial properties. It was surprising to learn that it could help with ears mites. The experts suggest it be put in a small clove of garlic in the cup of olive oil and let it simmer for the whole night. The next day, it is necessary to put the substance on the cotton swab that will be used to clean your ear. The process can last every day for 30 days.

Olive oil is a cleansing agent that works with olive oil.

Olive oil has become a most popular product used that is used in Southern Europe and Middle East with a variety of culinary uses as well as important medicinal qualities. It is possible to use olive oil along with garlic cloves to make the cleaning fluid to use as the natural remedy for the ear mites.

. Utilizing the dropper, put a few drops of olive oil into ears that are infested and wash them off with the cotton swab.

Corn oil

Corn oil is an essential ingredient for human beings in the kitchen. However, for ear mites, it becomes pure poison. It is necessary to wash out your ears using the cotton swabs that are coated with the oil from the coin, and then ensure that the oil is reaching each ear’s ear hole. Repeat this procedure every day for a few weeks to ensure the absolute safety removal of the ears mites.

Green Tea

Healthy living people require tiny amounts of the green tea that is a natural remedy to can stop the range of ailments caused by the ear mites. Most people are unaware that green tea could be used to stop the problem of Ear Mites, however it can works. Consuming green tea has some benefits as well, because it could provide healing properties. The most effective results are achieved when it is applied topically.

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White vinegar

Acidic qualities of vinegar make it safe, appropriate and efficient for the treatment of ear mites. However, it is recommended to stay clear of using the white vinegar solution when there’s an open wound or open sore in the ear region as vinegar can sting many open wounds. For the preparation of the solution you should mix the vinegar with water and then apply it to eliminate the ear mites through cleansing the ear.

Yellow dock root

It becomes more obscure and tried cleansing techniques of the ears mites. Anyone who is interested in healing herbs know that there are things such as yellow dock roots that are able to heal ear mite and ear ailments.

The experts at home recommend to mix the nine drops of yellow dock root extract as well as one teaspoon water. Utilize the dropper to place this liquid into the ear. It is typical for this to require a month to eliminate the ear mites completely.


Sulfur is a different mineral that has properties of a medicinal one that has attracted an enormous amount of attention. Numerous researchers have advocated for the treatment of sulfur with diverse ailments with the primary problem is ear mites. Because it helps fight against the bacteria, it has can use to get rid of ear mites that can be very irritating to ears.

Hopefully, these remedies for ear mites can help you in relieving the infection caused by ear mites. If, however, your ears is suffering from repeated infection, it’s recommended to see a doctor or the vet if it occurs to pets in order to receive the proper diagnostic and therapy. The reason for this is that ear mites can cause secondary ear infections, which home remedies are not able to treat.

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