Effective Home Remedies for Ear Mites

In the current years, ear mites infestation to human being is greatly uncommon. These mites normally attack domestic dogs and cats, but rare evidence exists to owners who catch the ear mites from those pets. There are possible solution of it in the form of home remedy for ear mites.

Whenever this cause of the human infestation happens, though it is a rare condition, it may lead to embarrassment and cause discomfort. To get rid of ear mites becomes very difficult and this can take many months to get the solution. For the moment, those infested are supposed to be isolated socially because these mites cause irritation. Here are some home remedy for ear mites.


With every technological advance today, modern medicine remain to have more to learn from practices of the ancient societies. Garlic is used by many people to add flavor in the meal but recently the Western world have rediscovered its medicinal properties.

This was discovered to have the antibacterial properties which was a surprise to find that it can remedy the ear mites. The experts recommend it to be placed in some few cloves of the garlic in the olive oil’s cup and then leave it to stew in the entire night. In the morning, you need to place its substance on the cotton swab to be used to clean the ear. This can be done for 30 days.

Olive oil like cleansing agent

The olive oil is the favorite product in Southern Europe and Middle East with different culinary uses, and which also has the valuable medicinal qualities. You can use olive oil with the cloves of garlic as a way of making the cleaning fluid for the home remedy for ear mites

. With the help of the dropper, insert some drops of the olive oil into infested ears, and then clean them with the cotton swab.

Corn oil

Corn oil is the useful product to human beings in the kitchen, but to ear mites it become purely poisonous. You are required to clean out the ears with the cotton swab which is soaked in the coin oil, and ensure the oil has reached to every gap of the ear. This can be done repeatedly daily for some weeks for the completely safe, and this will remove the infestation of the ear mites.

Green Tea

The healthy living enthusiasts require small quantity of the green tea which is the natural remedy that prevent the wide range of the ailment caused by ear mites. Many people do not realize that the green tea can be used to end the infestation of the ear mites but it really work. Drinking tea with this green tea have some effect too, as it can have the healing properties. The effective results come when being used topically.

White vinegar

Acidic qualities of the vinegar make it safe, suitable, and effective for ear mites’ remedy. However, you are supposed to avoid the white vinegar solution if there is an open sore or wound in your ear area, because vinegar stings a lot the open wounds. To make the solution, you are supposed to dilute this vinegar together with water, and then use it to get rid of the ear mites by cleansing the ears.

Yellow dock root

This becomes more obscure and well-tried cleansing methods of the ear mites. Those interested with the healing herbs knows that there are such things like yellow dock roots which can heal the ear mites’ infections.

Home remedy expert recommend one to use the mixture of the nine drops of the yellow dock roots extract and the teaspoon of water. Use the dropper to put this fluid into the ear. Typically, this method will take a month to remove the ear mites totally.


Sulfur is also another natural mineral which has the medicinal properties that have attracted the considerable interest. Many scientists have recommended for the use of sulfur to treat different diseases and the main disease being the ear mites. Since it assist to fight off the bacteria, it become the best weapon to be used to get rid of the ear mites which is much irritating to the ears.

Hopefully, these home remedy for ear mites will assist you to relieve the infection this problem caused by ear mites. However, if your ear get the recurring infections, it is advisable to consult the doctor of the vet if it happens to the pets to get the right diagnosis and treatment. The reason is, the ear mites may cause the secondary ear infections which the home remedies cannot cure.

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