Quick Voice loss Remedies that are effective from Day 1

Voice loss is not a seasonal thing and can happen due to several factors and is pretty common. Today, we will learn about voice loss and remedies for voice loss that can help us recover our voice in a natural and healthy way.

The condition of voice loss develops when a vocal cord gets affected or is overused and causing the loss of voice. In some instances, the voice could be difficult to recognize or even deformed. It can start with a little change in voice or hoarseness and may range to complete voice loss for a few days. Voice loss mostly occurs due to strain in vocal muscles, but it can be a sign of disease as well.

While the loss of voice can be an indication of a more serious disease, such as the flu, It can be caused by excessive usage such as concert chanting or talking. Sometimes the causes of voice loss can be cough or sore throat as well.

Voice loss during cheering in a baseball game
Public Shouting Causes Voice Loss

If there is an inflammation that affects the vocal cords, without being linked to a medical condition it is not necessary to visit a doctor, since there are home remedies for voice loss that can surely help you. But let’s first understand the problem.

What causes Voice Loss?

Loss of voice can be caused because of several reasons. These causes can tell you a lot about the time that you are going to face this issue.

  • Viral infection is one of the major causes of loss of voice. Viral infections can also lead to colds and coughs, and this condition might stay from one day to three days. However, you will see a slightly improving state of your voice with every given day.
  • Strain from overusing your voice or shouting or cheering. This is a fun, exciting cause for voice. It is observed that when we do a lot of cheering for our favorite baseball, soccer, and football teams. We experience voice loss for a few days. But sometimes this voice loss is worth it.
  • Bacterial infections can be another reason for voice loss, but these are very less common.

Above stated causes give you voice loss for a very short period of time. This can stay from one day to ten days maximum and can easily be cured with a voice loss remedy.

Voice loss due to singing
Pic Credits: Cottonbro

Below stated the reasons that can give prolonged voice loss and might affect your throat. These causes should be handled carefully and should work on causes on a daily basis.

  • Unknowingly inhaling irritants, allergens, or toxic fumes. This cause can create problems in your throat muscles and might become a reason for a lost voice. You should be very careful in this scenario about what you are going to eat or drink. Any acidic or basic food can make your issue even bigger. You should only try those home remedies for voice loss that do not involve eating or drinking in starting few days. For example, You can take a hot shower if you face this issue. Try taking a hot shower for a few days and when you start feeling a bit comfortable try other remedies like eating honey later.
  • Acid reflux can also cause voice loss sometimes. The acid in your stomach is capable of dissolving several hard foods. This acid is also capable of affecting your muscles. However, the inside of your stomach is protected by other chemicals in the stomach, but acid reflux can be a reason for your voice loss. This state can last for a few weeks in general. You should monitor your eating habits. Try to avoid acidic food, soda, and alcohol for a few days.
  • Excessive consumption of Alcohol can be a cause of loss of voice. Alcohol is a hard drink, and it can affect your throat. Too much alcohol can make your throat sensitive. You need to avoid alcohol for a few weeks if you’re suffering from voice loss due to alcohol.

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Here are some home remedies for the loss of voice:

Taking a Hot Shower as a lost voice remedy

Taking a hot shower can help you in curing voice loss. According to Home-remedy.org, this should be the first solution you should take. If you just came back from singing class or event, delivering an energetic speech, from a sports event where you were cheering a lot for your favorite team, your favorite athlete, for cheering for your friends and family, and you suspect that you can suffer from voice loss. The First thing that you should do is to take a hot shower.

A hot shower will increase the amount of humidity while showering, which helps in breathing a lot of hot vapor and can decrease the possibility of voice loss. Hot water running down your neck can also help in recovering from any possibility.

Hot shower for lost voice remedy
Hot Shower to Relieve Throat

Note: Do not take a cold shower in any case, as it will increase the chances of voice loss.

Use a humidifier to gain your voice back

The throat can be relaxed with the humidity in the air. You can use natural air or use a personal spray as one of the lost voice remedies, It is possible to add a fresh essential oil like menthol or eucalyptus into the humidifier.

There isn’t much evidence that suggests that these scents may help ease the symptoms of loss of voice, Some people find the benefit. It is crucial to keep essential oils from the reach of children.

The addition of essential oils in the humidifier can be harmful to pets, sometimes only, such as dogs and cats. It is important to know about the oils before you use them, or talk to your veterinarian first.

Rest your voice

The most effective treatment for loss of voice is to reduce the amount of speech. In general, this allows the vocal cords sufficient time to heal.

You can always use an amplifier or a loudspeaker to make yourself more audible instead of using your loud voice.

Use apple cider vinegar as a voice loss remedy

Take apple cider vinegar for voice loss as it helps in killing the bacteria that are involved in mild infections.

It is mandatory to add 2 spoons of vinegar from apple cider that is uncooked and drink it either once or two times a day.

If you’re looking to taste delicious, add honey to it, and you will have a great taste.

Intake of high levels of fluid

Although it can be tempting to consume food or drink, especially if it causes pain when swallowing, it’s essential to drink enough water. Drinking warm or cold fluids can help hydrate the throat, and help to soothe vocal cords.

However, individuals should stay clear of drinks that can irritate their throats, including hot beverages or soft drinks. Milk and milk products can cause more discomfort and may cause increased production of mucus.

Drinking Warm fluid can help you a lot. Making a cup of Indian ginger tea or chai for yourself can provide a lot of relief to the throat. Drinking warm soup with a small amount of ginger in it can also help a lot. Drinking green tea is also an option for voice relief. Stay away from high caffeine, because high caffeine causes dehydration, and it will affect you more. So it is highly recommended not to use black tea or dark coffee while having a bad throat.

Try ginger root to recover your voice

The ginger root is another treatment that people can take to help heal voice loss. This is the case when there is an Upper respiratory tract infection as well as a sore throat.

Ginger is a well-known spice with antibacterial properties which help to ease inflammation.

You can drink ginger tea, or even add ginger root to hot water to reduce inflammation and sore throat. Ginger has tonnes of benefits when it comes to throat and cold. It helps in unblocking nasal congestion.

Drink honey for voice loss

Honey can be found as an ingredient in tea that is warm and can be used as a home remedy for voice loss. Honey can be used to treat sore throats.

Professional speakers and singers prefer taking honey directly by adding a small amount of lemon juice. However, others prefer lemon. Since lemon is acidic, it can cause irritation, hence it is not recommended for voice loss.

Speech loss due to singing
Voice loss due to Chores

Garlic is best to cure voice loss

Many people advocate garlic for relieving flu and cold symptoms. Garlic is antibacterial, consequently, it could help to treat the infection quickly. You can simply use garlic in meals, and it makes your dishes even tastier.

For those who aren’t a fan of the taste of garlic, there are supplements that offer similar benefits but with less flavor.

Beware of smoking and drinking alcohol.

If the loss of voice is acute or chronic, do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes to reduce inflammation. In essence, this is crucial in cases where the long-term consumption of cigarettes or alcohol can trigger loss of voice.

If they are required, patients may contact the physician who is treating them to stop the bleeding.

Think about the herb

Although there isn’t any research conducted in this field, many people have experienced success with various herbal treatments. Like eucalyptus, it is a remedy that can aid in soothing sore throats. It’s available in the form of cough tea, lozenges, and syrup.

Peppermint also helps relieve dry throat and cough. Licorice root can also be a herb that is utilized to treat vocal loss. Licorice interacts with various drugs, however, it should not be used in patients suffering from various ailments, such as heart kidney, liver, or liver disease and others.

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The loss of voice occurs when the larynx or voice box is inflamed or irritated. In many instances, home remedies for losing voice can be effective. If the problem doesn’t disappear within two weeks of these treatments then you should consult with a physician since the voice loss that is acute usually disappears within this time.

Chewing Gum for Speech Loss

Chewing gum is another fun method with can increase your chances to gain your voice back. While chewing gum, our mouth produces a lot of saliva, and this saliva can act as a lubricator as well as a humidifier for our throat. Saliva is used so often while a game of baseball in dry weather. It helps the player to keep their mouth wet, and they do not get an urge to drink a lot of water. The same thing can help you relax your throat and speed up your voice gain process.


When to see a doctor during a voice loss?

Try these remedies first and if you do not get relief within a week then consult a doctor.

What activities to avoid during voice loss?

1. Avoid taking cold showers.
2. Avoid chilled food like ice cream.
3. Avoid shouting or trying to use a high tone.
4. Avoid singing or chorus or cheering.

What food to avoid during voice loss?

1. Avoid ice creams.
2. Avoid cold beverages like cold drinks.
3. Avoid hard beverages like black tea and dark coffee.
4. Try not to eat food whose natural impression is cold, like orange or mandarin.

What activities to do while having voice loss?

1. Give, and relax your throat as much as you can.
2. Try to eat food that is Lukewarm (too warm can be painful).
3. Avoid everything mentioned above.

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