Quick Remedy for Breast Tenderness And Various Causes

Breast tenderness or breast tightness is a painful experience for women. This problem can make them less attentive, less productive, and more vulnerable as they are experiencing pain in their body, and they can’t just ignore it. Our brain is made in such a way that it cannot ignore pain. That’s why we at home-remedy.org felt a need to write an article on this topic to help our women readers. This article will cover answers to several queries like-

  • What are the reasons for the breast tightness?
  • Who can face this problem?
  • How to tackle this problem?
  • Natural remedies for breast tenderness

This article is going to be a full guide for breast tenderness and will help our readers about women’s health.

So the question with which we should start is What is Breast Tenderness?

Many females experience pain in their breasts or simply say nipples hurt to touch. This pain can occur occasionally or constantly. It can vary from mild to severe. The place where this pain occurs is beneath the skin, and it occurs in breast tissue. Sometimes males or transgender can also experience this pain. Reasons for breast pain in people with different sexuality can be different, so we will cover it in another post.

Breast pain or tenderness occurs due to tissue in our body, and this tissue is non-cancerous. It is not related to breast cancer in any way. Usually, this pain goes away after one menstrual cycle. Most of the time it happens due to hormone changes in the body. Some females experience it only during menstrual periods. These women are experiencing cyclic pain and do not need to worry about it. However, some females have a very painful experience and these conditions last for several days. These women should consult a doctor.

When do you need to consult a doctor regarding breast tenderness?

If you are feeling the pain after two or three menstrual cycles, then this pain isn’t cyclic pain, and you must consult a doctor.
If you are experiencing pain even after your menopause, then you need to consult a doctor.
If you are experiencing very high pain, then you need to consult a doctor.

Reasons for breast tenderness in females

There can be several reasons for the breast pain that you are experiencing. A list of possible reasons is given below.

  • Breast pain due to tight fit bra
  • Sore breast during pregnancy
  • Sore breast before periods
  • Breast tenderness during breastfeeding
  • Sore breast due to exercise

Women’s breasts do not typically hurt, but sometimes a lady can experience a slight or high pain in her nipples, and the reason can be any one of the above. Sometimes young girls also experience a slight pain while their puberty, but that is nothing to worry about. It happens because of the hormones. It is very normal for a young lady to experience this kind of symptom.

Breast growth in females is due to the release of the Estrogen and Progesterone hormones during the stage of puberty. These hormones help breast tissues to grow. During this period of growth, the surrounding skin stretches and undergoes a lot of changes, and that is the prime reason why breasts hurt during puberty in young girls.

If your breast even hurts when touched, usually feels like small, firm, swollen lumps. However, lymph tissue may also change due to breast infection or other completely unrelated illnesses. A person should talk to a doctor about the changes so that they can identify a potential cause.

Breast tenderness, breast cancer awareness

How to check Breast Tenderness?

Touch your breast with your fingertips. If you have a lump in the area of pain that does not go away after your period, redness, swelling, drainage from the area, nipple discharge, or if your breast pain is not clearly associated with your menstrual cycle then there is a matter of concern. Breast pain that does not go away after your next period. The lumps that do not go away after your next period. They might be the symptoms of breast cancer.

The pain can be in one or both breasts, and it may last for several weeks, or even months. Breastfeeding can itself be a cause of nipple pain, and you may feel like a pinch. It can also cause your nipple to bleed. But this is normal, as most of the women experience this slight pain while breastfeeding. This is not a concern and sometimes can be a sign that your baby was hungrier than your thought.

How to know it’s not Breast Cancer?

According to Breast Cancer Awareness, a woman should touch herself in order to detect any kind of lump in her breast to get the early sign of breast cancer. This is the only way to know at an early stage without spending any money. Touch your breast with your fingertips and try to find a lump if possible. If not and still, you are experiencing pain when touching yourself. At least you are safe from breast cancer.

Detailed Causes of breast pain in females

  • After the birth of first child those women who prefer breastfeeding experiences pain in their breast, their breast may also swell.
  • Women who do not wear the right fitting bra, they also have breast pain. Bra when wore tight the skin and the muscles do not allow much blood flow through that area which leads to pain in the breast. Also, bra when wore loose leads to sagging of breast and causes more pain. So, whenever you have to choose within bra’s, choose a right bra of your size.
  • Menopause is also one of the reason for breast pain. During this period the body goes through many hormonal changes and due to this breast become very sensitive. Perimenopause breast pain in one side is a common issue many females faces during menopause period.
  • Irregularity in diet and changes in lifestyle can cause breast pain. For running and exercise, you must have to choose the right size bra. Right posture while you sleep. During periods, eating tart tasting food can also be the reason for the pain in the breast.
  • Those women who take tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol in more amount they experience pain in their breast. Caffeine and breast tenderness are somewhat related. Such women also feel heaviness in their breast. Their breasts become more sensitive.
  • Those women who take antidepressant pills for a long time, they also even feel pain in their breast.
  • Women who  have gone through an accident or got hurt when playing, they may feel breast pain. This pain can even long last after the accident.
  • Sometimes breast main pain due to the infection. It has been found that those women who do breastfeeding, they have higher chances of getting infected. If you have breast infection then we feel swelling, pain and redness.
remedies for breast tenderness

Quick Remedy for Breast Pain

Ice packs for Sore Breast

To get rid of breast pain, you should use an ice pack. From the ice pack, the breast pain and the swelling get reduced. Using this two to three times a day can reduce the pain and the redness too. For using this, take one cloth and wrap some ice cubes in it. Keep this for 10 minutes. You will feel relief.

Massage for Sore breast

Breast massage is also a good way when you are having pain in your breast. When the blood starts flowing all over the breast automatically, the pain gets reduced. During bathing, you can use liquid soap for breast massage.

Chaste berry for Sore nipples

Chaste berry is used in mastalgia which means pain and also for the irregularity of periods. The pituitary gland secretes prolactin, which is responsible for the symptoms of periods. Take twenty milligrams of dry chaste berry and squeeze it. Take chaste berry two to three times per day. And also so I am 40 drops of chaste berry in one glass of water, have this every morning. After three weeks you will see that the pain decreases.

Castor oil for Breast Tenderness

Castor oil is a time-tested remedy for sore breasts. When you apply castor oil to your breast tissue it improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the breast, improving the elimination of toxins and bringing more nutrition for repair, immune health, and maintenance. Saturate a clean cloth in castor oil and place it on the sore breast. Cover it with another clean dry cloth is a heating pad on top of that. Leave it for at least thirty minutes.

Dandelion for Sore breast

Dandelion also promotes lymph detoxification. Because mammary glands are lymph tissues, dandelion can heal them too. Because of these qualities and alien has the status in Ayurveda as a primary medication for sore breasts, cysts, assorted breast tumors, swollen breast lymph glands, and suppressed lactation. Dandelion is found in the mild climate of the Northern Hemisphere. Dandelion by mouth for heart failure, joint pain including arthritis.

About 15 minutes soak one spoon of dandelion. Then take one spoon of honey and mix it. Drink this mixture in 3 cups at least.

You can also take this as a supplement.

Apple cider vinegar for Breast pain

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for health. Apple cider vinegar has antioxidants and antiseptic properties, which helps in easing the pain. It helps in removing the toxins from the body, reduces water retention, and regulates hormones. Add one to two drops of apple cider vinegar to warm water and add half a spoon of honey in it mix it well and drink this mixture. Having this for a month can reduce the pain.

Magnesium for Sore nipples during periods

Magnesium supplements when taken in the second half of the menstrual cycle that means usually two weeks before the next period helps in relieving breast pain as well as premenstrual symptoms. During periods, the muscles stretch, and due to this breast pain. Magnesium is in green leafy vegetables, banana, dark chocolate contains a heavy amount of magnesium in it.

Vitamin e for Nipple pains in females

For getting relief from breast pain, you must take vitamin E and vitamin b6 in a very proper amount. During our periods, many vitamins and minerals get out of our bodies. So one must add food that contains vitamin E and vitamin b6. Vitamin e contains sunflower seeds, pumpkin, almonds, beetroot, etc. Foods that contain vitamin b6 are banana, salmon, egg, avocado, etc. I mean, you can also take vitamin E capsules.

What to do to get relief from Breast Tenderness?

Wear a sports bra.
Eat less salted food.
Take oral contraceptives so that the level of hormones get balanced.
You may take estrogen blockers.
Pain-killing medicines.

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