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Organic Home-Made Remedies For Boil

Boils usually start as red hot, bumpy small crumps forming under the skin.

These are not your usual pimples; they are often painful, and they don’t drain easily.

Boils start as an infection, ordinarily bacterial and undergo a quick life cycle and typically develop along the hair follicles and at time on oil glands.

In the first phase, the infected skin area turns red as a tender bump forms under the skin. In a few days, the formed bump turns whitish with a jacket puss collection under the skin.

Boils can be picky, so that means they will be growing in specific areas. Such as the face, armpits, buttocks and along the neckline.

As a precautionary measure, boils should not be squeezed. If need be, your doctor will professionally drain them in a sterile environment since if poorly handled, they can spread the infection to the skin.

However, if multiple boils develop in a row, then you could have a severe condition ‘carbuncle’ due to staphylococcus aureus bacterial infection.

The best part is that boils can be managed at home through straightforward yet effective remedies. Here are the best:

Epsom Salt Rub Remedy

Epsom salt is one of the oldest known home remedies for various condition. When used as a bath ingredient, it is relaxing, but did you know the salt is supper effective in draining boils?

To benefit from this remedy, in slightly warm water, soak a salt compress and at intervals of three times a day for 15 minutes, gently rub the compress on the boil repeatedly for four days until the boil crump dissolves.

Castor Bean Oil Remedy

Castor oil has been in use from ancient days. It is popularly known to treat constipation conditions and effectively boost the immune system.

Apart from the fame, it is widely used by manufacturers in natural cosmetic products.

The oil is widely known for its ability to remedy skin ailments as it contains ricinoleic acid making it a perfect fit to wipe out skin infections like boils due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

To effectively utilize this oil, gently apply the oil directly to the boil consecutively until it dissolves.

Indian Lilac (Neem Oil) Remedy

Indian lilac, or popularly know as Neem oil contains antibacterial cum microbial properties that are used to treat skin ailments including boils.

Products used to treat skin conditions like bug repellents, soaps and shower gel shampoos contain this element.

For effectiveness, directly apply to the boils a few times a day till the boil dissolves away.

Neem oil is to be used for external purpose only, and due to its pervasive state, hands have to be sanitized before and after.

Raw Red Onion Ring Remedy

Apart from being an ingredient in the cuisine world, onions have numerous other benefits in the human body.

Allicin, an organic compound found in raw red onions, acts as an antibiotic and brings the strong scent in onions.

Its healing properties stir a rapid blood circulation when rubbed on the body; however, its absorption properties also would draw out any formed puss on the boil.

Apply repeatedly on the boil for better results until it disappears.

Garlic Squeeze Compress Remedy

Comparatively, garlic, also in the family of amaryllis contains allicin, a compound rich in antimicrobial properties.

Notwithstanding its flavored bulbs, garlic can effectively cure most skin ailments and suck out a boil.

For an effective combo, combine a garlic clove and raw onion to extract the cocktail, and rub it directly to the boil area.

Alternatively, use the garlic mince for a stronger poultice.

Turmeric Remedy

Turmeric is widely known for its dazzling color and flavor in continental cuisines.

Apart from the lovely curries, turmeric contains active compound curcumin, one with impeccable anti-inflammatory properties suitable for ailing skins and infections like boils.

Although powdered turmeric may not provide enough curcumin, you may want to consider the raw tuber or a pharmaceutical turmeric supplement for effectiveness.

To use this remedy, mince the fresh turmeric into a paste and rub it directly to the boil. In cases of the turmeric supplement, an oral method is highly useful to aid the body in absorbing more curcumin.

It’s always prudent to involve a doctor before engaging any supplements.

While the boil treatments work effectively, there is no guarantee that you may be immune to boils in the future.

So, taking precautionary measures and preventing them from often cropping up is purely advised.

Frequent hand washing, gauze all wounds, general body cleanness, avoiding sharing of sanitary items, and total avoidance to boil squeezing are some of the preventive measures that may get you to a boil free skin.

Further, any abnormal growth of boils, persistent pain and swelling, you are encouraged to discuss the matter also with a doctor (dermatologist), to help you rule out any possibilities of underlying conditions and the need for specialized treatment.

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