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Six Proven ways to Get Rid of The Mice From Home Naturally

Winters are around the corner and its time to protect your home from mice. The reason is, during these cold months they search for warm shelters.

Undoubtedly, our home is an ideal place to give them a safe, warm and nice shelter during winters. But as the weather changes and gets warmer in summer, these animals don’t leave their safe shelter easily. Moreover, they breed and multiply fast which makes it difficult for you to tackle them.

If you have kids or pets, having so many mice around you can lead you to additional trouble. Conventional ways like poisons or mice traps are effective, but there are various natural ways to get rid of the mice from home.

Small children sometimes can become victims of any harmful toxins which you intend to kill the mice. Avoid any such dangerous consequences by applying home-remedy tips to get rid of the mice from home naturally.

Six proven ways to get rid of the mice from home

Use Soda

Soda is a common ingredient available with every household. It is something that you must be having in your refrigerator. In case it’s unavailable in your home, get it from any nearby store or supermarket.

Although it is a common ingredient for our everyday use, it comes useful particularly to get rid of mice. You need to do some simple task that will help you to get rid of the mice from home naturally.

Empty the soda can in a bowl and place it in areas inside your house where you have identified more mice. Soda has carbonation that can kill mice naturally the moment they drink it.

So, buy a few bowls and place them in different areas of your house. But make sure to throw off the leftover soda, otherwise, it will attract pests.

Dry Cement

Dry Cement is the raw material used to create cement. It is an easy natural remedy to make your home free from mice. If you apply this home remedy, you don’t have to use any kind of toxic chemicals to kill mice.

Thus killing mice using dry cement is a proven way to get rid of them naturally. All you need to do is to mix it up with flour.

Mice will be naturally attracted towards this mixture and eat it up easily. After eating this mixture, they will feel thirsty and drink water. This mixture dries up inside their body and kills them naturally.

Simply make this mixture and place it in areas where you identify a lot of mouse droppings. Don’t forget keeping a bowl of water alongside. To attract the rodents, add a little bit of cocoa powder mix in case they don’t eat the normal mixture.

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are the most common form of vegetable available in every household. To get rid of mice naturally away from home, it acts as an important ingredient. But you need to use mashed potatoes in this case.

Potatoes are a rich source of sodium. The moment mice will eat them, and they will feel thirsty. The trick is, as they drink water the ingested potatoes will expand inside their stomach. This will kill them naturally without using any harmful chemicals or toxic elements.

Follow the same process as explained in the before to kill mice using dry cement. Keep the mashed potatoes plates and water together in areas where you expect mice to hover around. But ensure to clean the unused potato plates to avoid pests from feeding them.

Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil has amazing power to repel mice.

It is one of the best natural oils which has an excellent capacity to do so. Peppermint Oil acts as a natural mice repellent.

The reason is, this strong scent which is liked by us is the main cause behind the death of mice.

The process to get rid of mice from home naturally by using Peppermint Oil is simple. Take a few cotton balls and apply peppermint oil on them. Now spread these cotton balls on all mice-prone areas in your house.

The strong smell of peppermint will keep mice and even other insects like spiders, mites, etc. away.

Keep cats as a pet.

This is a quick-fix to get rid of mice from your home naturally. Mice are scared of cats as they prey on them.

The moment they will realise you have a cat in your house, they will steer away from your home.

Place a used kitty litter at certain points from where you suspect mice can enter your home.

The moment mice will get the smell of the cat’s urine, they will run away.

Dryer Sheets

Use dryer sheets if you face challenges to get rid of the mice out from your home. Generally, dryer sheets are available in almost every household.

In case you don’t have them, buy one from a nearby store or supermarket. Dryer sheets act as natural mice repellant to deter and get rid of the mice from home.

They emits a kind of scent which will keep the mice away from your home. However, you need to replace them as the scent fades gradually over a while.

Wrapping it up…

We have discussed six simple fixes to get rid of the mice from home naturally.

If you follow these tips, you can easily keep mice away from your home. At you will always find tips and suggestions about natural treatment and remedies.

What we wrote over here is one of them. All of these techniques act as natural mice repellent. So, follow these six proven ways to get rid of the mice from home naturally.

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