Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

The number of people suffering from urinary tract infection or UTI is increasing each day. The problem is becoming more prevalent and widespread.

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The causes vary, and every infection of this kind cause a variety of discomforts that need to be addressed.

While it is recommended to adhere to a treatment plan which is recommended by a physician These ailments can be treated using various very efficient remedies at home.

It is important to know that everyone is susceptible to contracting these diseases, regardless of gender or age.

According to research data, the incidence of urinary tract infections for women is greater than males in comparison.

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This is because female Uretethra is significantly smaller than the male urethra which makes it more susceptible to the build-up of bacteria.

The estimate is that over eight million women visit the doctor to be diagnosed with urinary tract infections.

It is also estimated that each year, 20 percent of these women may suffer an infection that is repeated. It is, however, an issue which has a cure.

No matter if you’re either gender, it is important to be aware of the factors that cause this disease, in order to be sure to avoid specific actions in the future.


Young women

The most prevalent reasons are an antecedent of UTIs in the mother, as well as using spermicides after sexual encounters.

Young men

Urinary tract infections are uncommon and if they occur they are due to sexual activities.

Aged 50 and over

The most frequently cited reason is a chronic infection of the bacterial prostate.

The majority of cases are caused by sexual activity where there was no specific hygiene precautions for example, washing hands.

While a urinary tract infection does not constitute an STI as such, in sexual contact, many bacteria could be infected, making their way into the urethra, causing infection.


Drink drinks that contain blackberries and blueberries.

Both black and blueberries have qualities that kill bacteria, which is to say, they perform the same role as an antibiotic.

It is strongly advised to drink juices which contain these fruit. Because it is the bacteria that causes these infections an antibiotic is the key in removing it.

Two glasses of fresh cranberry juice every day is recommended to treat these infections.

Sodium Bicarbonate

To prevent urinary tract infection or treat it, it’s recommended to apply baking soda to reduce the pH of urine, which will remove the harmful bacteria.

It is as simple as adding one teaspoon sodium bicarbonate to the water in a glass, and then mix it with a spoon until it’s been reduced.

It is recommended that you take 2 glasses of this every day.

Drink more fluids than usual.

This might be general guidance however, when it comes to treating urinary tract infections, it is vital to take note of.

In the event that you do not drink sufficient fluids each day, it’ll be more difficult to help your body rid the urinary tract from bacteria.

I would recommend drinking at least one cup of water every half an hour, to ensure that you’re adequately hydrated by the end of your day.

Try oregano essential oil for Urinary Tract Infection

Oregano oil is among the strongest and efficient natural antiseptics.

It will eliminate the fungi and bacteria to viruses and parasites with only the use of a few drops.

It also does not cause adverse effects or trigger mutations that cause resistance pathological strains, which is a typical side effect of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Utilize 2-3 drops. Do not use more as the taste is extremely intense, however this can be an excellent way to stop this irritating disease.

The active ingredient that provides those properties is known as carvacrol that is present in the plant at levels ranging between 30 and 87 percent.

Beware of drinks that could cause irritation to the bladder.

Coffee or alcohol as well as soft drinks can be too abrasive and acidic, which can not be a good thing while the person is being treated.

If you also consume these drinks while you are suffering from an infection this can make recovery process more difficult.

Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from drinking these beverages until the infection is completely gone from your body.

Enhance the intake of vitamin C.

Research has shown the fact that Vitamin C boosts the acidity in the urine, which can help to get rid of bacteria.

Take in fruits like oranges as well as kiwis and red pepper. One serving can provide the daily quantity of vitamin C.

Consume diuretics

Diuretics can be very helpful in cleaning your urinary tract as regular urination may aid in the removal of bacteria.

Avoid drinking coffeedrink tea such as red tea as well as horsetail tea.

In the end We have discovered that there are a variety of methods by which illnesses can be treated however, it is recommended to get medical approval before you apply these treatments.

If your symptoms are getting worse, We recommend stopping the treatments and visit your physician of choice.

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