Home Remedy for Roaches: Safe and Effective

There are approximately 4600 species of cockroaches around the globe including approximately 30 species encounter in our own home. They are ancient creatures, dating back 320 million years. They’ve learned how to adapt and endure as well, and there is a claim that they could even be able to survive nuclear war. Furthermore, they’ve been linked to diseases, and even human allergic reactions. So, how can we ensure that they are not in our living spaces? Follow these simple tips for home remedy for Roaches.

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There are a variety of ways to use everyday things that will keep the roaches at your home in check. But before we discuss the methods, it’s essential to understand what draws the rodents to begin with.

Food and moisture are two of the main elements in the apprehension of roaches to your home. The leaky pipes or faucets or crumbs on your counter, food that is left on dishes that are dirty. These are all indicators for roaches if the lights are off. If you keep your counters free of food waste and repairing any leaky faucets or pipes you eliminate the factor that draws rodents into your home. If you’re confident that you’ve done everything you can to do on the surface and you are confident that everything is in order, it’s time to take on them using these natural remedies for roaches.

Grounds for Used Grounds for Coffee Grounds

There’s a new use for the filter you’ve been using to collect ground coffee. Roaches are attracted by coffee (aren’t we all?) and you could make a trap for them with the use of grounds and a container. The jar should be filled with grounds, and add some water. Even though the roaches are known to be terrible swimmers, they’re able to live for as long as 30 minutes in water. In the jar, capturing them can eventually cause death. If you spot one of these elusive creatures trying to escape, apply petroleum jelly on the inside of the jar, so they don’t get out.

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Baking Sugar and Soda

It is among the most commonly used treatments due to its simplicity. Baking soda, once consumed it will react with stomach acid from the roach, causing death. It is the sweetness is what draws insects to the traps. The method is as easy as:

  • Make a mixture of 1/4 Cup Sugar and 1/4 Cup baking Soda in one bowl
  • Sprinkle it in areas that you’ve witnessed the roaches
  • Repeat as necessary

It is necessary to take the bait on and reapply every time you need to. Easy, right?

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a poisonous powder that is present in many insecticides. It is frequently combined with sugar to attract rodents and insects. It is important to note that while it can take large doses to cause death for humans, it’s crucial to keep it away from children while using it to your home. The treatment for roaches is like the baking soda cure in that it only requires an understanding of the places the roaches have entered your kitchen.

When you have identified the problematic regions, you can apply a thin dusting of boric acid. Make sure you keep it dry in order to not lose its efficacy. When roaches come into proximity to the powder it is absorbed by their legs and antennae, and they will take it in when grooming.

Bay Leaves

There are probably some of them in your spice cabinet already. It’s not only used to make pasta sauce at home anymore. Roaches are attracted by the scent of bay leaves. Take advantage of this Asian spice all over your house whenever you notice the presence of roaches. Simply crush some bay leaves to make an extremely fine powder. Although the leaves will not kill roaches but can stop them from making an appearance. This is a more secure alternative to Boric acid when you have kids and are worried about your children’s fingers coming into contact with the dangerous poison.

There isn’t a better solution for roaches at home. They are adaptable animals who will find a way access to the food and water they require. Start by making sure your home is well-maintained and dry. Get rid of food waste from plates, repair leaky pipes and faucets and caulk any holes in cabinets and walls. When you are sure that your home is spotless then you can employ these remedies at home as your last protection against the seemingly invincible insects.

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