Avocado Benefits for Men, Hair and Skin

Avocado is very famous in the health department. It is also called “alligator pear”. Avocado fruits have greenish or yellowish flesh with a buttery consistency and a rich, nutty flavor.  This is called a superfood due to its many vitamins and minerals. There are many mysterious treasures found in avocado, which are ready to unveil. … Read more

Nail Growth Remedies, Nail Hygiene, DIY Beauty Hacks

A nail is a claw plate at the tip of the fingers and toes in most primates. It comprises highly specialized epithelial cells. Nail growth is a fashion statement these days. These nail growth remedies will surely help you when it comes to beautiful nails. In women’s when it comes to beauty, nails are one … Read more

Home Remedies For Bipolar Disorder You Should Know

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, manic episode, manic bipolar, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression). When you become depressed, you may feel sad or hopeless and lose interest or pleasure in more activities. That’s why we bring you home remedies … Read more

Know Everything about Breast Cancer and Mammography

Breast cancer can begin in different parts of the breast. According to studies and reports: Over 265,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed each year in women and men. Approximately 40,000 women and 480 men will die Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in Hispanic women. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. One in every … Read more

Home remedies for Bladder Infection

Bladder infections are also known as urinary tract infections. This condition is more common among women than in men. However, there are ways to avoid and treat it. Home remedies for Bladder infection that are efficient and proven. Check: Home remedy for UTI Bladder infection remedies include: Marshmallow This is a well-known effect in reducing … Read more