High Blood Pressure Treatment

Lifestyle habits for High Blood Pressure Treatment

When we talk about high blood pressure or popularly referred to as hypertension, then your senses should send a shiver and know it’s nicknamed the “silent killer” for a reason. Generally, high blood pressure is described as the blood force against the blood carrying arteries from your heart to the body. The condition has no […]

asthma treatment

The Best Asthma Treatment and Remedies At Home

Have you ever wondered if there’s a cure for asthma? Well, this thought in question has attracted intriguing arguments from various quarters in recent years. “Asma itself is a fascinating condition”, argues Ann Schuchat, the deputy director at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Asthma is one of those conditions that cause swelling, […]


Home Remedies for Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes Safely and Efficiently

During the mosquito season, these home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes are the best line of defense against the annoying tiny pests… They may be small, but that doesn’t stop them from being annoying to no end. Even just the thought of something biting at you and sucking your blood cannot be pleasant. The […]

liposuction risks

Liposuction Risks

Liposuction, or popularly referred as ‘lipo’ is a procedural cosmetic therapy done to remove excess fat from body parts such as the arms, neck, thighs, abdomen, hips and contours through plastic surgery. Liposuction is usually not deemed as a weight-loss remedy but is considerate in areas that may not respond well to weight loss procedures. […]

boil remedies

Organic Home-Made Remedies For Boil

Boils usually start as red hot, bumpy small crumps forming under the skin. These are not your usual pimples; they are often painful, and they don’t drain easily. Boils start as an infection, ordinarily bacterial and undergo a quick life cycle and typically develop along the hair follicles and at time on oil glands. In […]

Back Pain Remedies

The Best Back Pain Remedies to Naturally Relieve the Ache

Check out down below what the best at-home back pain remedies are and how to prevent back pain in the future… There are no many things that can disable you as quickly and thoroughly as pain in your lower and middle back. Not only it makes heavy physical work impossible, but even just sitting at […]

High Cholesterol Treatments

Organic High Cholesterol Treatments That You Should Know

You’ve probably heard it said that cholesterol in your blood is not suitable for your health. Well, let’s filter the noise and look at the facts. Cholesterol is a vital fat component found in human blood, and everyone has it. The human liver makes it for the body;also, protein foods like eggs, fish, cheese, and […]

Dog Repellent

Homemade Dog Repellent Remedies That Work

Apart from being your best domestic friend, they can be a real pain for homeowners. They damage the lawn, feed from anywhere, dig holes around and have the potential to destroy property. We are not referring to wild raccoons and jitters; this time is the dogs. Whether lost or strolling around for new scenery, property […]

Diaper Rash Treatment

6 Natural Diaper Rash Treatment and Home Remedies

Diaper rash is quite a common condition with infants today, and it is essential for day caregivers, mothers, and parents, in general, to notice it once they occur and effectively treat it before the symptoms get out of hand. For them to know how to handle it, it means knowing why they occurred in the […]

Arthritis remedies

7 Must-Try Arthritis Remedies at Home

The philosophy that arthritis is only associated with the old folks alone is entirely misleading. Facts backed up by recent data from studies indicate the ratio of adults verses children is on the rise. In the survey, 50 million adult Americans, as compared to 300 thousand children are said to be affected by the condition. […]