Natural Skin Care Oils

Essential and cold-pressed oils are applied in small quantities on skin that is damp because it helps in the absorption and useability of the oil.

Natural products work through the bioactive substances they contain, not in the quantity of them, therefore it’s sufficient to put just a few drops to the surface of the skin.

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The excess oil that isn’t taken up by the skin should be cleaned off using the help of a tissue.

Natural treatments can provide you with the best care possible and overall health.

When you use this oil, you can reduce the body’s exposure to different chemicals utilized in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

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Jojoba oil is suitable for all types of skin

Rejuvenates and hydrates damaged skin, restoring radiance, regulates sebum secretion, and restores hair’s shine and nourish the scalp. It does not leave traces of greasy. This oil prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria within the pores. There are no reported allergies or irritations with this oil.

Instructions: Twice each day, few drops of oil is applied gently to moist, clear skin.

Hazelnut oil – to treat combination and oily skin

It regulates the production of sebum. It also is beneficial to acne and oily skin. Improves skin regeneration, clears the pores, tightens and tone as well as slows down the aging process of skin. Ideal for hair wraps.

Instructions: 2 times every day, a couple of drops of oil are applied gently to moist, clear skin.

Incense oil is a great oil for the skin that is aging and for regeneration

Rejuvenates skin after the effects of scars, acne, and smallpox. The lifting effect helps tighten and rejuvenation of the skin that has aged. It’s also known as “divine oil” used by Cleopatra. A powerful anti-wrinkle treatment for the tiny wrinkles around the eye area.

Instructions: Mix the incense oils of 20-30 drops into 50ml of cold-pressed oils.

Anti-acne oil(tea tree oil + jojoba oil)

For skin that is prone to acne blackheads, oily or acne-prone skin. Repairs and regenerates damaged skin. Hydrates and stops the growth of microbes on skin.

Instructions: Twice every day, put some drops of oil to damp and clear skin.

Regeneration of the skin oil(incense, Jojoba, wheat germ)

For dry, mature and damaged skin that is dry, damaged and aging. It improves micro circulation and improves the appearance and radiance skin. It deeply hydrates it and smoothes wrinkles.

Instructions: 2 times every day, put some drops of oil to clean and moist skin.

Wheat germ oil is the secret ingredient to youth

The oil is safe for use in everyday life. It can have a positive effect on inflammation processes that occur on the skin, such as eczema or Psoriasis. Rejuvenates the skin after deep cuts and burns as well as after scars and burns.

Instructions: 2 times every day, put several drops of oil onto clean and damp skin.

Grape seed oil – great for older skin types and those who have oily or greasy skin

It tightens the skin and Hydrates. Skin that is oily absorbs this oil very well. It helps with acne issues. Helps reduce wrinkles that appear around the eye area. A fantastic sources of Vitamin C, E, beta carotene and flavonoids , which are beneficial to the skin.

Instructions: Twice every day, put some drops of oil to the skin that is clean and moist.

Apricot kernel oil is suitable for all types of skin

A unique oil suitable for any skin type. High in minerals and vitamins which nourish and nourish the skin. It tightens, rejuvenates, replenishes and helps to hydrate. It doesn’t leave oily marks on the skin. It helps prevent hair loss(rub oil through the hair’s roots, let it stay for about 30 minutes, then rinse the hair).

Instructions: Twice each day, rub several drops of oil to clean and damp skin.

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