How to overcome poor circulation? 1

How to overcome poor circulation?

Have you ever had cold feet and palms, even though it is warm outside in the summer? Gloves are not helpful, and at night you need a double pair of socks. If your answer is positive, it is very likely that you suffer from poor circulation.

Blood vessels weaken over time. Gait is slowed down, and poor circulation also affects poor blood flow throughout the body. This entails a whole range of health problems, from drowsiness, decreased concentration, and senility can occur. Poor circulation is more pronounced in women, but it does not bypass men either.

Research shows that a larger number of patients who suffer from impaired circulation in the legs and arms also have impaired circulation in the blood vessels in the neck, head and heart.

Symptoms of poor circulation

The symptoms do not manifest immediately, but gradually, so it often happens that they do not even manifest in the first stages of the disease. Let’s mention the most common:

  • cold hands and feet
  • a headache
  • dizziness
  • feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • buzzing in my ears
  • impaired attention
  • sometimes both blue and blue skin occur
  • cramps and pain in the legs, etc

When does impaired circulation occur?

It happens due to the loss of elasticity of veins and arteries, which additionally slows down the blood flow in the body. Poor blood flow can be caused by genetics, insufficient physical activity, which is especially pronounced in people who spend most of their working time in the office or working in a standing position.

An unhealthy diet filled with fat that increases cholesterol, salty foods, daily stress, cigarettes and alcohol additionally affect this problem. Some other diseases can also affect the circulation, such as peripheral artery disease.

How to improve circulation?

Although many people turn to medication, there are other ways you can improve blood flow in the body. More physical activity!

In addition to regulating blood flow throughout the body, you will also improve your body weight. You will be in shape and your heart will work better. The body will function better as a whole.

Get out three stops before work and take a walk, you will see that you will work better, with more attention and with full concentration. Do the same after work.

Add some simple exercises. It doesn’t have to be strictly sports training, but something that will shake your body and help you get rid of stress. Every 10 minutes dedicated to exercise will have an effect, believe it or not.

Healthy diet for better circulation

Change your diet. Get rid of fatty and fast foods. Reduce your intake of carbonated juices and caffeinated beverages. If morning coffee is something you can’t live without, then make sure you at least drink tea or some natural juice from another cup of coffee during the day.

Eat more fruits and vegetables that will provide you with the necessary vitamins, which will nourish your body. This primarily refers to vitamin B. Regular intake of this vitamin will speed up blood circulation.

It is found in beans, lentils, and hot peppers. Chili or hot peppers can be taken in any form. Of course you need to be careful and be moderate. Excessive intake may have contraindications. A glass of red wine or berries can also help. The healing effects of ginger and cinnamon are also evident here. You can consume ginger in the form of tea.

What you must not allow is dehydration during the day, especially if you suffer from poor circulation. The recommended minimum is 8 glasses of drinking water or 2.5 liters. Of course, the more fluid the better.

Improve circulation naturally

Ginkgo biloba can be found today in the form of capsules and tablets. It stimulates and accelerates the flow of blood to the capillaries, especially those located in the area of the brain. In addition, it is used to improve memory.

Let’s also mention fish oil, which can be consumed in the form of capsules, if you are not a fan of fish meat. If taken once a week, the results will be seen very quickly. Why fish oil? Because it eliminates fat deposits from the walls of blood vessels and thus enables free blood flow.

Did you know that dressings soaked in dandelion tea can help treat poor circulation? And it especially gives an effect in improving the peripheral circulation. The best effect is achieved if it is used as a bath or foot wrap.

Essential oils for better circulation

Essential oils also help to improve circulation. Nutmeg oil stimulates the brain, eliminates fatigue and stress. It reduces joint pain, has a positive effect on concentration and increases circulation.

Rosemary oil is also recommended for better circulation. This oil can also be used for other ailments. It is good for hair growth, reduces cellulite and fatigue, and has proven to be an effective tool that has a positive effect on concentration.

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