Bronchitis Treatment You Can Apply at Home

Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the lower respiratory tract. It occurs mainly during or immediately after acute viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, usually during the winter months. Bronchitis treatment is possible in a natural way.

Acute bronchitis can be caused by various mineral or vegetable dust, vapors of strong acids, ammonia, tobacco smoke. Also, different types of viruses can cause this disease to occur, while bacteria are rare causative agents. Viral infections usually precede secondary bacterial infections.

Factors such as exposure to respiratory irritants, cold, fatigue, poor nutrition, lead to decreased immunity and contribute to the onset of infection. Infections are common in patients with chronic sinusitis, in children with enlarged tonsils, and the elderly.

Symptoms that predominate in bronchitis are coughing, wheezing and mild fever. During fever, it is necessary to rest, rest and intake a sufficient amount of fluid (3 to 4 liters per day). Analgesics and antipyretics are used for pain and fever. The decision to use antibiotics is made based on the duration of the disease symptoms, the characteristics of the sputum, and the patient’s previous medical condition..

Chronic bronchitis is characterized by a chronic or recurrent increase in the secretion of tracheobronchial mucus sufficient to cause coughing for at least three months a year for two consecutive years, with the exclusion of other pulmonary and cardiac causes of coughing and coughing.

Natural bronchitis treatment

First, you should do everything you can to help your body cope with the disease. The treatment of bronchitis essentially comes down to strengthening the body. This means that you need rest in case of bronchitis, as well as in case of cold or flu.

Also, hydrate your body by ingesting plenty of fluids, primarily water, but various teas can also help you achieve the same effect. In this way, the secretion is broken down and diluted which leads to its being readily excreted, which is one of the main prerequisites for the treatment of bronchitis.

Ginger can help treat bronchitis

The origin of ginger comes from Asia, but today it is grown in many parts of the world. Most commonly used is the root of the plant, which can be consumed both fresh and dry, in powder, as syrup, oil or in capsules.

Ginger is often used to treat colds, it can also help with bronchitis.

Contains essential oil, then gingerol, with an angry taste, odorless, with strong anti-inflammatory properties, water, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin…

The natural combination of ginger and honey has long been used to treat many health problems, such as bronchitis, influenza, respiratory inflammation, nausea, dizziness, and digestive problems. The combination of ginger and honey is an ideal means of coughing, strengthens the immune system and protects against colds.

Garlic is very useful for treating acute bronchitis

Garlic is one of the healthiest foods, known as a natural antibiotic and a cure for many diseases. Research confirms that regular consumption of garlic regulates blood pressurecholesterol, and sugar. The main ingredient is allicin, which has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity. Because of its anti-viral properties, garlic is very useful for treating bronchitis. It is most useful to eat raw garlic. To make a home remedy for bronchitis, you need to take three pieces of garlic, peel them and chop them, put them in a glass of milk and cook. Drink it in the evening before going to sleep.

Turmeric is good for treating coughs associated with bronchitis

Curcumin is a major constituent of turmeric, which is considered to be a powerful antioxidant and natural analgesic.

The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is good for treating coughs associated with bronchitis. Take this medicine to cough up excess mucus and you will soon see the effect.

It is also consumed as a bronchitis medicine by dissolving one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and boiling it. Drink two or three times a day.

Eucalyptus oil is very useful for people with bronchitis

The main constituent of eucalyptus, cineol, can reduce exacerbation (upsetting the disease as well as returning to a diseased state) and difficulty breathing, as well as improve pulmonary function.

The research also indicates that cineol is an active controller and reducer of airway inflammation. Eucalyptus oil is used against sneezing and colds, as a home antiseptic, against muscle pain…

You need to rub up to three drops of eucalyptus oil on your chest. The oil molecules will penetrate the skin into the bloodstream and dilate the blood vessels, thus accelerating the flow of oxygen to the lungs.

Saline water helps with respiratory diseases

Using saltwater several times a day is a great way to treat various symptoms of bronchitis. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to a glass of warm water and rinse your throat with this solution. Use the right amount of salt, since too much salt can cause a sore throat, while too little will be effective.

Honey as a natural remedy for bronchitis treatment

Honey is a natural cough medicine that accompanies bronchitis. The antiviral and antibacterial properties present in honey are soothing to the throat. At the same time, honey will strengthen your immune system.

Adding one teaspoon of honey to a cup of tea will help many in the bronchitis treatment.

The thyme is effective in the bronchitis treatment

Thyme is a natural antibiotic. The ingredient thymol and the essential oil of this plant effectively cure bronchitis and cough. Medicinal ingredients are found in flowers and leaves.

Plantago is a natural cure for expectoration and bronchitis

Since ancient times, the Plantago has been known as a cure for cough and bronchitis. The most medicinal ingredients are found in the root.

This herb is especially rich in Vitamin C, relieves lung pain and makes it easier to remove mucus from the bronchi.

Horseradish facilitates coughing

This plant is known to facilitate coughing and is successful in treating bronchitis. It contains glucosinolates, compounds that dilute dense secretion and facilitate its ejection.

If you have these problems make your own medicine — mix two cups of honey with half a cup of grated horseradish and half a cup of grated ginger. The mixture should be allowed to stand for two weeks and then eat one tablespoon daily each morning.

Wild oregano oil especially helps with breathing problems

Wild oregano oil is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics with no harmful side effects, which raises the body’s immunity and resistance to allergies and helps with colds and various infections.

It is also effective in the bronchitis treatment. The oil contains calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, boron, copper, vitamin A, B3, and C. It especially helps with breathing problems, since it makes it easier to cough. Drink 1-2 drops of oregano oil mixed in a tablespoon of olive oil four times a day to quickly feel relief.

Sesame has medicinal properties that are effective for bronchitis treatment

Sesame seeds are rich in oil containing vitamins A, B, and E, then protein and all essential amino acids, as well as sodium, potassium. For the treatment of bronchitis, one teaspoon of flax, sesame seeds, and honey should be mixed. Add some sea salt. Consume daily before bedtime. Sesame can also be used with plain water. Mix half a teaspoon of dried sesame powder in two teaspoons of water and consume it daily.

Spinach is an effective natural remedy for bronchitis

Spinach is a natural source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, manganese, phosphorus and iron, fiber and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It is available year-round and should be used to treat many ailments. Pour cup water into a blender and add one chopped apple, celery stalk and two cups of chopped fresh spinach. Pour in and squeeze half lemon juice. Combine all the ingredients well, drain the pulp and drink this healthy beverage.

Since ancient times, people have treated bronchitis and other diseases and conditions with the help of medicinal properties of herbs, healthy food and combinations of both, and since natural remedies in most cases do not have any side effects, today many people successfully using them instead of conventional medicines.

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