8 Best Gout Remedies: Naturally Control Gout Flare-Ups

If you’ve had Gout attacks in the past, you’re aware of how exhausting and painful these can get. Because there isn’t a cure for gout, at-home remedies could be the most effective option to reduce the symptoms. Below are eight of the best natural gout remedies to lower the amount of uric acid in your blood, as well as ease the inflammation and swelling in your joints.

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Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that creates pain and swelling in joints. It is caused by excess uric acids within the body. The excess uric acid may build up in joints and cause crystals of urine that result in gout-related symptoms like swelling and pain.

Gout typically affects joint joints in the large toe. The ankles and knees.

If you notice an intense, sudden pain in your joints, and you suspect it’s gout, the first step is seen your doctor. In the absence of treatment for gout, it could lead to a worsening of the symptoms and can also delay the attack.

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Although, since there’s an ineffective treatment for gout there are natural treatments for gout as well as changes in your lifestyle (after consultation with your doctor!) are a great way to keep flare-ups in check.

A key way to do this is to to cut down on the consumption of foods that can increase the levels of uric acids. This includes:

  • alcohol (especially beer)
  • Red meat
  • Organ meat (liver sweetbreads, kidneys, and liver)
  • certain kinds of fish (tuna, shellfish, anchovies, sardines, etc.)
  • sugar

Here’s the best method to use instead, to help in resolving the symptoms of gout:

8 of the best home remedies for gout

1. Gout Remedies with Water

Drinking plenty of fluids every day is a common recommendation to treat any kind of condition. When it comes to Gout, the benefits of drinking plenty of water are evident.

Drinking lots of drinking water assists the kidneys to rid themselves of excessive uric acid. In this way, water will help to reduce the causes of gout attacks, making attacks less frequent and the signs less difficult to manage.

Additionally, dehydration has been recognized as one of the factors that trigger acute gout attacks.

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2. Lemon juice gout remedies

A regular intake of lemon juice aids in reducing the signs of gout. It also can help to combat gout in those with excessive levels of uric acid in their blood.

According to research, drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice each day helps make the body alkaline. This helps to balance the levels of uric acid. To avoid flare-ups from the beginning and flare-ups, it is advised to take fresh juice of one or 2 lemons mixed with 2 liters of drinking water throughout the day.

The lemon juice also decreases the chance of developing kidney stones that can develop as the result of gout as a complication.

3. Cherries remedy for gout

Cherries are perhaps the most sought-after natural remedy for Gout, and for an excellent reason.

Two studies as well as years of clinical experience have demonstrated that cherry juice and cherries actually have a positive effect on the symptoms of gout. Cherries have high levels of anthocyanins that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the human body.

If you suffer from gout, it is suggested to consume a few cherries or consume an ounce of tart cherries every throughout the day, but the exact quantities may vary based on the severity of the symptoms.

4. Ginger remedy for gout

Ginger is also among the most effective natural remedies for gout due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is able to help treat swelling, pain, and inflammation, whether you consume it internally or apply it topically.

For making ginger-infused compresses, add 1 tablespoon of freshly cut ginger in boiling water. Remove the pot from the heat and soak an absorbent washcloth in the mixture. After it has cooled, then apply the washcloth to the affected area. (Patch-test first! Ginger can cause skin sensitivity.) Do not use it for 20-30 minutes.

You can also drink ginger tea to ease the swelling and pain. Consult your physician prior to taking large quantities of ginger, since it may interact with certain medications and can worsen some conditions.

5. Green tea for gout

Green tea is packed with amazing advantages for health. It is packed with powerful antioxidants that help protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals. It also has healing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

The numerous benefits of drinking green tea can aid in the prevention and control of Gout attacks. And if you take regular green tea regularly, this may help to lower the levels of Uric acid.

For those suffering from Gout symptoms, it is suggested that you consume 2 to 4 cups of tea with green every day.

6. Yogurt and milk for gout

Milk and yogurt are two of the most beneficial foods to add to your diet when you suffer from gout. Research has shown that the proteins in low-fat dairy products and milk help in the excretion of uric acids in urine.

Consuming low-fat milk can lower levels of uric acid in your blood. It also prevents Gout attacks. It is important to include this food in your regular menus.

7. Ice packs on gout

Similar to any case of inflammation and swelling, Ice packs can help alleviate pain and the symptoms.

You could also apply the frozen bag of vegetables or crushed frozen ice wrapped in a cloth or a thin towel. Apply the cream to the area that is painful for 20 minutes at least, times throughout the day.

Additionally, elevating your foot to a higher level than your body will help decrease swelling. Also, ensure that you elevate your foot on some pillows prior to applying an ice pack to it.

8. Reduce stress

One of the most effective ways to treat gout is to decrease stress levels and maintain an appropriate routine for your day. It’s been established that stress can cause and aggravate the symptoms of the condition.

It’s true that it’s not always easy to keep away from the triggers of stress. However, even minor changes in your daily routine can have significant changes to your flare-ups, and general health.

Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping an ideal body weight to a healthy level are among the most essential measures that will aid in both preventing attacks of gout and maintaining your stress levels in control.

Moderate exercise can also be helpful, however only as long as gout will allow it. Gout is known to cause pain and stiffness, and forcing joints into it can cause problems. A relaxing, long stroll can be a more effective alternative to a rigorous fitness routine.

And, of course, consistent good night’s sleep is essential for keeping stress levels at a minimum.

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