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The Best Self-Made Toothache Remedies

A simple toothache can get quite intense, and identifying the sole course of such must be given the first priority. Just like any other health condition, and thereafter you can determine how best to diagnose the pain, swelling, or any other existing symptoms or otherwise.

Additionally, if you strive for healthy gums and teeth, then frequent lukewarm salty water mouth rinsing can entirely remedy occasional irritations. However, a dentist’s rule is always advised, and especially where a severe toothache is involved. In cases where the symptoms persist, then professional recourse from your dentist is vital to counter symptoms and relieve the pain.

Apart from the known medical diagnosis of toothache, there are way cooler ways to remedy a toothache, and a dentist should be sought before engaging in any to determine one’s body acceptance and especially where minors and expectant mothers are involved.

Lukewarm Salt Water Mouth Wash

A frequent salty water rinse is a quick fix and an effective remedy for an ordinary toothache.

Generally, salt helps the body heal naturally and is also a disinfectant that would create an environment unsuitable for bacterial growth in the mouth due to debris food particles remains in between the teeth.

Further, this simple remedy would flash out any oral sores and reduce inflammation that may have been caused by a bacterial infection or a particular type of toothpaste.

Listerine Mouth Rinse

Using Listerine for mouthwash is an effective way with instant guaranteed results for a toothache. Usually, Listerine contains sodium fluoride, eucalyptol, and natural menthol.

Moreover, Listerine helps keep healthy teeth, whitens, protects the teeth against germs and keeps your breath fresh with a menthol touch.

It is recommended a 20ml mouth rinse using Listerine for 30 seconds twice a day for better results.

However, it is not to be swallowed, and any accidentally swallowed sips should be quickly addressed through a medical department.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint is a natural herb commonly used as a culinary ingredient and medicinal purposes.

These leaves have a distinctive flavor, and can be used on an aching tooth as well. To use this effectively, grind to a paste and plaster or squeeze the liquid into the affected tooth.

Generally, it could also be chewed to release the soothing effect, and to the aching tooth.

Peppermint is not only a remedy for toothache but also a robust fresh breath booster and can effectively fight bacterial infections in the mouth.

Clove Oil Toothache Remedy

Cloves are still considered a traditional option for medicinal purposes. It is widely used to cut down inflammation in arthritis, as a stress reliever and more so the oil as a pain allay, especially in toothache situations since it contains eugenol, a natural compound considered as an anesthetic.

For ease and effectiveness, make a few drops of clove oil to the affected tooth, or application using a soaked cotton ball. Also, the oil can be mixed with slightly warm water in a glass for a daily mouthwash.

Guava Leaves Tea Remedy

From time immemorial, guava has been termed as a super fruit due to its richness in vital vitamins required for a healthy body.

According to Anshul Jaibharat, a New Delhi based nutritionist, guava leaves tea is a remarkably quick home remedy for occasional toothache, mouth ulcers, and swelling gums.

The fruit guava is rich in vitamins c and contains vital antioxidants responsible for a healthy body. However, the leaves of this magical tree can be quickly brewed into a one-minute tea to remedy toothaches.

Soak guava leaves into steamy hot water and use as a mouth wash, or simply drink up. Alternatively, grinding the young leaves of this plant to a paste and applying to the affected tooth is much more effective.

Cold Compress Remedy

You may consider a cold compress fixture for your toothache as a quick way of relieve. It works like a charm by causing the blood vessels in the affected area to compress and would work effectively, even for other pains, inflammation, and swellings.

Usually, an ice-cold towel wrap or ice-cold liquid fine chilled in the freezer is held against the area of effect. This remedy is highly effective and maybe periodically repeated throughout the day.

Garlic Remedy

Garlic is relatively common in most kitchens and also well known for its medicinal properties. For effectiveness, a fair mix of garlic powder, salt, and mill pepper will ease the pain in your toothache.

Apply directly to the tooth in question for better results. Similarly, chewing a clove would as much yield results.

Other simple yet effective home remedies may include vanilla extract application and wheat grass juice, among others.

Toothaches may occur due to different reasons, with others calling for a more professional examination due to their nature.

Therefore, besides the effectiveness of the above remedies, they should not be used to replace any existing dentist prescriptions but could rather work hand in hand with medication.

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