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6 Proven Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia or sleeping disorder is a common problem most of us are facing in today’s fast-pace life. Many of us ignore this as a problem, but, it has dangerous consequences on health. On average we must sleep at least seven to eight hours every day at night.

In case our body doesn’t get this adequate amount of sleep, it leads to various health issues. Excessive stress, anxiety, depression, eating an unhealthy diet, untimely sleeping habits are few of the other major reasons for people suffering from insomnia.

When this disease is identified, patients suffering from insomnia depend on medicines to aid sleep. However, taking these medicines over a period of time is not good for health. There are alternate ways available to cure this disease.

Insomnia can be treated naturally at home by bringing a few changes in your daily lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping patterns. Let’s dive deeper and learn in details about the six proven home remedies for Insomnia.

Tip: Nowadays, people from all over the world are relying more on home remedy and natural treatments to cure diseases. The more you can stay away from synthetic drugs, the better it is. Home – Remedy also encourages eating food that boosts your immune system. The moment you have a strong immune system, your body can naturally fight against many diseases.

The top 6 proven home remedy for Insomnia

Practice Meditation

Meditation is recognised as one of the best natural treatments for insomnia. Stress, anxiety, depressions, etc. are some of the prime reasons causing sleeping disorders among people.

All of these are the cause of various states of mind. You can come out from all these problems naturally if you practice meditation every day.

Meditation is actually an art of slow and steady breathing. Once you learn and practice this every day, you get tons of health benefits.

Scientific researches prove that if you practice meditation you can calm your mind, lower stress levels and strengthen your immune system.

People practising meditation every day can also control the secretion of the cortisol hormone which is primarily responsible for stress.

Stress is one of the primary causes of sleeping disorders or insomnia. Thus, if you practice meditation daily, you can reduce stress, anxiety and cure insomnia naturally.

Allocate daily ten to fifteen minutes to practice meditation and unlock its healing benefits. Thus, meditation is a proven home remedy for Insomnia.

Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga is the ancient science of healing and rejuvenation practised for ages. There are tons of benefits for practising Yoga.

Yoga takes care of your mind, body and overall health. It is the most effective natural form of exercise to improve your sleeping quality and overall health. The reason is Yoga teaches you the technique of controlled breathing.

These controlled breathing exercises increase the blood flow in the brain and keeps you relaxed. Yoga poses or postures have various kinds of body movements triggering different parts of your body.

You can easily practice them at home and all you need is the Yoga Mat. Initially, fifteen to twenty minutes of sessions are good enough to bring the desired result.

You can also sleep better as you remain calm and relaxed after practising Yoga every day. Thus, practicing yoga is a recommended home remedy for insomnia.

Exercise Everyday

Exercise has no substitute for improving your overall health condition. You must plan and exercise for at least thirty minutes every day.

There is no need for you to start with heavy exercise. Simple exercises like jogging and running are good enough to make your body tired, boost the immune system, increase metabolism and therefore triggering good sleep.

In case you are suffering from sleeping disorders or insomnia, start exercising regularly and cure this problem naturally.

Drink Warm Milk and Honey before bedtime

Tons of foods are available which can help you sleep better. If you have any habit of drinking coffee or wine before bedtime, give it up immediately.

Instead, replace the drinking habit by drinking a glass of warm milk with honey just before bedtime. For ages, honey’s medicinal properties are recognised. This food combination is one of the proven home remedies for Insomnia.

Milk contains amino acids like tryptophan which is a sleep booster and increases the secretion of serotonin hormone. When it’s combined with carbs like honey, this hormone gets transmitted to your brain faster inducing you to sleep.

So, start drinking a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey before bedtime and enjoy deep sleep. This is also a proven home remedy for insomnia, and it can be cured easily.

Increase Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is the most abundant minerals naturally available on Earth. It is easily found in fruits, vegetables, fishes and other foods that we eat daily. But so you know Magnesium is actually a natural sleep booster?

If you increase Magnesium intake it will have a positive impact on your sleeping quality. However, there is no need to eat food supplements. Just eat those foods with a high content of magnesium if you are suffering from sleeping disorders.

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and seafood have a high content of magnesium, so include them in your daily diet. Magnesium also regulates the melatonin production which controls the sleeping cycle in our body.

Thus, once you start intaking an adequate amount of Magnesium in your diet, you can treat the problem of sleeping disorder or insomnia.

Keep electronic gadgets away from you

If you are suffering from insomnia, make sure to keep all electronic gadgets away from your reach during bedtime. The main reason is these electronic gadgets emit blue light which disturbs sleep and your circadian rhythms. You have to keep a calm and relaxing environment all around you to get better sleep at night.

Final Verdict

Insomnia can be treated naturally with a few basic changes in your food habit and lifestyle. The most effective home remedies for insomnia are listed over here which can cure this sleeping disorder problem. So, start following these proven home remedies for insomnia and live a happy, healthy and stress-free life.

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